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The purpose of life is Life itself? This is something a bee knows. She stings the intruder to her hive knowing that she is committing suicide. But she does it to save the life of her hive. She sacrifices her own life for the well-being of her kind. Are we humans less than bees? Our life is important, but the life of mankind and this planet is far more important. Life with the capital L is more important than my life. The purpose of my life is to evolve and to contribute to the evolution of life.     

Compare yourself to a cell in a body. You canít be healthy and happy unless the entire body is healthy. But the body is made of many other cells just like you. So if you do your work and contribute to the heath of other cells, they will in turn provide an environment in which you can thrive.  

Understanding the oneness of mankind and its interrelatedness is crucial. One manís happiness depends on the happiness of all mankind and when the entire world is happy all its members will be happy too. This is divine. This is good. There is nothing satanic in this teaching.  

Now compare that to the teachings of Muhammad:

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. 8:12,

Slay them wherever ye catch them 2:191,

Fight them on until there is no more fitnah (opposition) 2:193,

Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike itÖ it is good for you  2:216,

Donít take the none Muslims as friends. 3:28

How can Muslims build their happiness over the ruins of the lives of others? When you study the history of Islam you can see that at no time Muslims have produced any wealth or anything good for that matter. They always lived like parasites as they do today. They made their money by looting. Islam is a marauding culture. It is an evil doctrine that produces evil people. If you could see the depravity of this cult you'd be filled with shame. That is what I want you, and all Muslims to feel. The so called Golden Age of Islam is a myth. For a short time Muslims became wealthy and heretic scientists thrived in Islamic countries. That was possible partly because of the wealth stolen from others and partly because the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphs were not religious. Their grandfathers Abu Sufyan and Abbass converted out of convenience, not conviction. Their children saw the opportunity and seized the power to establish their temporal rule. For Muslims to prosper, they have to invade the non-Muslims, loot them, pillage them and subdue them, making them pay the Jizyah and live off the labor of others. See what Umar reported:

According to the saying of the Prophet  Allah has placed truth upon Omar's tongue and heart. He fixed stipends for Muslims, and provided protection for the people of other religions by levying Jizya (poll-tax) on them, deducting no fifth from it, nor taking it as booty. [ Sunnan Abu Dawud 19, 2955]

Muslims canít generate wealth or knowledge. Islam is against science and as Khomeini said ďeconomy is for the donkeyĒ. Islam is also against democracy and freedom of thought. These are crucial if you want to have progress.  

Now let us talk about the purpose of life as taught in Islam. The Quran says: ďI have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.Ē So the purpose of life according to Islam is to worship Allah. In other words Allah, was feeling lonely, he created this universe and put on it humans in order to worship him. Now think about it. Isnít this psychopathological? This definition is so childish, so stupid that it is ludicrous.  

I can find faults in this explanation from every angle.  

a-      The claim that God created this world is a fallacy. This implies that God acted in time and therefore he must be subject to time and as such he can't be the creator of it.

b-     It also implies that the creation falls outside the creator and as the result he is limited in space and not the creator of it. Where the creation is, God canít be. This belies the claim of his omnipresence. A god limited by time and by space is in itself a limited being and not infinite.

c-      If there was a time that the universe did not exist, then prior to its creation, God could not have been called creator. He became a creator after he created, just as you are not a father until you conceive your child, or you are not a painter until you paint. This means that God is gaining attributes, he is improving. As the result he canít be perfect. If at anytime God existed without his creation, then prior to the creation he could not have been a creator.

d-     If the creation and the creator co-existed always and the existence is as old as its creator,  then the creator becomes superfluous.

e-      Why would God want to be worshipped at all? Let us say I feel lonely, and I create robots and program them to worship and praise me all the time. What this says about the state of my mind? Wouldnít you think I am nuts?

f-       This god as described by Muhammad is also needy and desperate. Not only he demands his own creation to worship him which is utterly foolish, he also punishes them for eternity if they fail to do that? Isnít this psychopathic? Isnít this sadistic?

g-     Allah is also a despot. I did not ask to be born. Why should I thank and worship someone for something I am forced to do? Furthermore why should I be punished if I donít thank him? This is like I force someone into my home and let him stay for sometimes without letting him go and demand payment from him and beat him to death if he refuses to pay. If this life is forced upon us, then we are not required to thank anyone for it. We have no choice but to live it so we must make it as painless as possible. Why should we thank anyone for a life we did not ask for? Furthermore Islam regards this life as prison, why should we thank God for putting us in this prison? He must be despised not worshipped. Not only Allah himself is mentally sick, he wants us to have Stockholm Syndrome too and love our jail keeper and tormentor.  

h-      Since this life is forced on us, it is Godís responsibility to provide for us and make us feel comfy and happy. But we see that he is failing to provide that happiness for everyone. He must be reprimanded not thanked. This is called abuse. Imagine being abducted by some aliens from outer space and then asked to worship them or be tortured. Does an insane god like that deserve our thanks?

i-        Love is the child of freedom. You canít force love on people. You canít threaten people to love you. You fall in love with someone because of his/her delightful attributes. If this person demands you to love him and threatens you with severe punishment if you donít love him; that is no longer love Ė that is fear. Fear and love are opposite of each other. Only a psychopath cannot distinguish the difference between love and fear. Muhammad was a psychopath. He wanted to dominate people through fear and hence his god is a fearsome god that has chambers of torture and is most unforgiving. His god is as sick as himself. 

j-       Muhammadís god is also unjust. The punishment must not exceed the sin. The Quran says that Allah punishes those who do not believe in him for eternity. That he will forgive all sins including genocide but will not forgive the sin of disbelief. That he would make the unbelievers wear garments of fire, pouring on them boiling water, and renewing their skin just to burn them again and again and make their suffering perpetual. This is sadistic. The punishment exceeds the alleged crime infinitely. Assuming not worshipping Allah is a sin, it is not a sin that hurts anyone. Why should we be burned in such an excruciating way for eternity because of it? It is clear that Allahís punishment exceeds the alleged sin. This is like putting to death by torture those who exceed the parking limit? This whole concept is insane and reveal Muhammad's low wits.  

I can go on, but this much should suffice to show you that Muhammad was insane. He, like all cult leaders, wanted to dominate through fear. Why do you think that the followers of Warren Jeffs, work for free for him, let him sleep with their teenager daughters and allow him to have this much control over them? Itís because, like Muhammad, he has managed to frighten them with hell fire if they disobey him. And he has promised them that they will be rewarded handsomely for their sacrifices in the other world. These charlatans are most generous in promising great rewards after life. If you think the followers of Jeffs are stupid, the followers of Muhammad are ten times more stupid.  

Let me tell you what hell is. Hell is living in stupidity. God gave us a brain. Hell is not using that brain. You not only suffer in this world, but if there is a life after death, you will regret for eternity for not using it. What do you think would be the reward of the foolish followers of Warren Jeffs, Jim Jones, Shoko Asahara, David Koresh or other cultists? Would they be rewarded because in this world they suffered? All they will get is eternal regret for throwing their only chance away, for not using their brains, for letting a crook mislead them with lies and for allowing their fears take control of their better judgment. Muslims will regret much more because Muhammad was far more evil than any one of these con artist cult leaders and his religion is way more stupid. Itís precisely because Islam is so stupid that makes the throes of regret more unbearable.  

The purpose of life for humans is to use their brains. Muslims are failing to fulfill that purpose.







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