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You seem to think that Violence and killing of non-believers is unique to Islam but fail to point out that Judaism, the forerunner to both Christianity and Islam, had similar commandments too.

I agree that the Bible recounts of terrible acts of violence committed by Moses and Joshua and most religions have violence in their annals. I am not a religious person and do not support any one of them. Even though not all of the religions call for killing the disbelievers like Islam does, they are all the cause of disunity and much bloodshed amongst humankind. We must not tolerate violence in one religion because  other religions also have violent histories. Two wrong does not make one right and tu quoque is not a valid argument. It is as if that the followers of different religions are vying with each other in bigotry and fundamentalism. As if each is encouraging the others to dig deeper into their ignorance. Muslims, when face the dismal status of women in their religion console themselves with the fact that other religions also have discriminatory teachings about women, and the Christians take comfort in the fact that woman in Islam are nothing but man's property. This is absurd. Other religions are not the standard. We have to compare the teachings of these religions to the modern humanistic concepts of equality and oneness of humankinds. We are not in competition with each other. The religionists are struggling to win at any cost. To win what? Winning to establish barbarity? There is nothing to win. It's all loss. This is a backward race to failure. We are racing towards the precipice. The winner is the one who gets out of this mad race sooner.  


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