Leaving Islam




  Is it right to be disrespectful towards any religion that we donít believe in and spit on the image of their founders? 

It is not right to be disrespectful towards people. But beliefs are not people. There is a difference between being disrespectful and slandering a person and being truthful and stating the facts that can offend someone who hold lies dear.

Cursing, insulting and being rude reveals our own lack of education, and character.  Muhammad himself used to invoke the curse of Allah on his enemies, sometimes for 30 consecutive days. He even cursed his own uncle and the dead people. We donít have to follow his example. We can do better. 

People have to be respected, beliefs don't have to. Beliefs have o be scrutinized and if found wanting, they should be abandoned.

Some beliefs are evil. It is absurd to respect them just because someone might get offended. If people are offended by the truth, let them be offended. Truth must be said whether the lovers of lies like it or not. 


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