Leaving Islam



If Islam is evil how comes cities like Cordoba , and Baghdad became places of enlightenment in science and math and medicine, and that Europeans were flocking to these places to learn from these Arabs

Yes I think Islam is evil but that does not mean I am blind to all the art, wisdom and beauty that the Muslims created. We are talking of two different things. You have to show me how Islam influenced men such as Ibn Rushd, Ibn Sina, Khayyam and Razi. We owe the greatness of what we call the Golden Age of Islam to men like these. Can you prove that these men became grand because they followed Islam?  What part of the Quran teaches Medicine, Algebra, Philosophy or Chemistry? Why should we credit Islam for the talent and genius of our people?  Do the Christians think Darwin , Newton and Galileo are the product of Christianity? Do the Jews attribute the genius of Einstein or Espinosa to Judaism? I think all this misunderstanding is the result of a deep sense of inferiority and a desperation of Muslims to cling to Islam. They either try to find miracles in the Quran or misappropriate the victories that has nothing to do with Islam.      








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