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28- There are some cases that seem extraordinary, like the Battle of Badr, the Muslims were only one third of the other group or the Battle of Ohod. Doesnít that prove that there was a divine force with the Prophet?

There is nothing extraordinary in looting and being a highway robber. Muhammad was defeated six times before he learned how to be a good thief. There is not much glory to attack an unarmed merchant caravan, kill innocent people and loot their belongings. What kind of god is this Allah that would order his followers to commit these crimes? Muhammadís men surrendered the Banu Quraiza; they cut the water supply to the entire quarter for 14 days. The whole population with children, infants, elderly, sick and all kind of people suffered for 14 days and when they surrendered without any fight the holy Prophet (s) killed all their men and sold as slaves their women and children. He kept Rayhana who was the most beautiful girl of that tribe as his own sex-slave. He never married her. Is there any glory in that? The Banu Quraiza never did anything against Muhammad. Their only fault was that they were artisans, goldsmiths and wealthy Jews. Muhammad needed their wealth.   

A person wrote that he has been a Muslim for sixty years and after reading that episode could not sleep for two nights. I have not made up anything. Everything that I write is backed by Sahih hadithes and by Quran.  

The fact that a few armed men can kill unarmed and untrained civilians many times their size is not the indication that God is with them. What kind of bloodthirsty god are we talking about? Primitive people used to think that might is right. The greatness of a person is in his or her compassion, wisdom, love and mercy not in his or her military prowess.

During the war of 1971 between Pakistan and Bangladesh, 90,000 of Pakistani soldiers managed to massacre 3,000,000 unarmed Bengali civilians and raped 250,000 Bengali women. Does that mean that these people had the hand of God behind them?


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