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23- If Muhammad was not the messenger of God, why would he pretend to be? If it was because of wealth and women, then was he that stupid to risk his life over and over just to have sex and get rich. Wasn't he already rich after marrying khadija?

One does not decide to become a Prophet overnight; it is usually a process. Only in the USA there are about 2500 new prophets every decade. What motivates these people to make such claims varies from person to person. Mental disease is often a factor. Many of these self proclaimed prophets are fanatical religious people themselves or are suddenly drawn to extreme religious vocations. The original motives are not necessarily wealth and sex. The desire to dominate the minds of others is far more exhilarating than the trivial pleasures of sex and money, although this too may not be a conscious decision that they make. However, often if these prophets are successful they celebrate their success with exclusive sexual privileges that they deny to their followers. Also the desire to amass wealth is something that comes later, when they have a fair number of devotees who are ready to do anything for them and would willingly hand them a good percentage of their wealth in exchange of heavenly rewards and being convinced of the virtues of giving and sacrificing in the cause of God. 


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