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22- How is it possible that this world has come to be without any intervention while one knows there has been a person walking on the snow when one sees his footprints? 

 It is true that footprints on the snow do not happen by themselves. There must have been someone who made them. But who made the snow? Primitive men and the less educated people used to think that gods make the snow. But now we know that the snow is the product of natural phenomena. It is formed by the effect of Sun on the oceans, the winds, the temperature etc. No one makes the snow. It is formed by natural laws. So are the mountains! Who made the mountains? Mountains are formed by earthquakes, winds, rains, eruptions, erosions and other natural factors. Who made the rivers? Did god design the course of the rivers? Or are they shaped by the topography of the land they pass through? The same happens in other planets. Also the planets themselves, the Sun and the stars, the galaxies and the entire universe are the product of natural laws. The same can be said about the living beings. Creatures evolve, in harmony with their environment. As Darwin found out, a single species would evolve into two distinct sub species that would eventually become completely different species when separated from each other for a long period of time by some geographic barrier. In evolution we can witness the law or the Principle underlying the creation but we cannot see any hand of god at work. So we can conclude that there is a law or a principle underlying the creation, but the assumption of a personal god as the creator is untenable.


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