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 17- Why do you only talk about Islam? What about Christianity and Judaism that are as illogical as Islam? 

The reason I focus mostly on Islam is because Christianity and Judaism are criticized already by many scholars born within Judaic and Christendoms. 

Furthermore my fight is not against faith but against hate. I have no issue with religions that do not preach hate. Christianity, Judaism and other religions teach their followers to love. Islam is the only doctrine that teaches hate.  

Most important of all, I have no business to criticize the religions of others, unless they become a danger to me. No one would pay attention anyway, because it is natural that the followers of different religions attack each other’s faiths. This kind of religious feuding has been going on since the beginning of the history of mankind. We have to see our own errors not the errors of others. We are responsible for ourselves not for others. If we find our own mistakes and bring them to the light, it is because we love our people. But if we point out the faults of others, they dismiss it, they become hostile and intensify their fanaticism. Christianity and Judaism represent no threat to the peace and security of the world.

Islam on the other hand, is a constant menace to the world peace and to the Muslims themselves who are capable to sacrifice their own lives in order to kill the "enemies" of Islam. A Persian proverb says: “Ze har tataf koshte shavad be naf’e Islam ast”. (No matter from which side people are killed it is a victory for Islam) The level of fanaticism is far greater amongst the average Muslims, than the average Christians or Jews.


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