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Human logic is fallible. It is not a reliable mean to know God.  


Yes human logic is fallible, but that is the only means we have to find the truth. What is perfect in this world or in us? Are our eyes perfect? No. There are animals that have a better vision than us? Is our hearing perfect? Is our sense of smell perfect? There is nothing perfect in us humans. But that is all we have. We have to see the world with our own eyes, even if they are inferior to the vision of an eagle or an owl. Human logic is also imperfect, but that is all we have and we have to use it.

 When I use logic I see that God does not stand a chance. I don’t say, “who am I to question God”. I say that I am a human being endowed with a brain and responsible to use it. If God is true, it must stand the test of reason. If it doesn’t, it is fanaticism. I am not suggesting that human logic is the only means to know God but the real God cannot be contrary to human logic either.  


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