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Iran: Support Hope Fighters Within & Without 

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.


 Since 1979, Iran has declared war on the USA. It's not a recent come upon. Iran's goal has always been Islam world rule, particularly overtaking the USA. Iranian Islamic fanatics never give up.

At present, Iran is run by a maniacal demonic messiah forerunner. He and scores of other Allah loyalists believe that when chaos envelopes the world, then Islam's messiah will appear. He as president of the legalistic killing cult will help usher in that reign.

Therefore, the egocentric, eccentric president listens to no one but the Koran's Allah. No UN Security Council. No European / American delegation. No one but Islam's deity. And that deity is laced in blood, murder and maiming.

Further, that chaos could involve dropping bombs here and there-particularly America and Israel, hence the build up of nuclear power in Iran.

Iran then will make and drop the bomb. It is in the will of Allah. Chaos must come to the planet. Only then can the messiah appear. Allah's will does not change, no matter the diplomatic discussions offered Iran. Iran goes to a higher power-Allah's declarations in the "holy book."

Iranian murder cultic leadership does not care at all about the UN, sanctions, or board room dialogue. Further, Iran is fourth in oil producers. Iran threatens that if free world leaders push Iran over the patience line, Iran will cut off the oil. Prices will soar through the free world roof.

Consequently, the rest of the world politic is wrestling with a murdering cult, not a politic. That is not realized by most free country leaders. They still think they are dealing with a politic, hence UN Security Council, sanctions, talks, etc. Not so, as well as not so in New Iraq. Likewise there the Islamic hellish theology will rule from Parliament to the grassroots; indeed New Iraq could develop into another Iran.

Is there any hope?

Yes. It is the God of the Bible. He has intervened to rescue His planet before-both in biblical literature and in the secular history books. He can do that again any time He so wisely desires. "The battle is the Lord's," the Bible states. Consequently, believers must intercede constantly to heaven's throne on behalf of the planet's safety and freedom's existence.

Yes, hope also is in mobilizing the freedom fighters within Iran and those in exile. There are those who are waiting desperately for the free world to realize their existence. Take for instance the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran.

The purpose of that organization is set forth as follows:

"It's to note that the members of our Movement consist of students inside and outside of Iran, as well as Iranian professionals who share the students' vision of a free, independent, democratic, secular and industrialized Iran.

"Although we have differing views for a post-theocracy Iran, we are united based on our shared beliefs in nonviolent resistance, secularism, peace, democracy and free markets.

"We believe the common objectives that unite those of us who oppose the theocracy are far greater than what divides us. Yet, we have allowed our differences to dictate our actions, permitting the theocracy to take advantage of our lack of unity.

"We need to come together and unite behind a set of principles and ideals, not an individual. No more individual worship. That time has long faded. How many times must we set up ourselves for disappointment by putting all of our hopes behind an individual?

"We need to look forward to the future and create a better life for our children, not waste time placing blame for past mistakes or constantly criticizing one another.

"We need a tangible, constructive and positive action plan. Let us unite behind implementing peace, democracy, free markets and a bill of rights in Iran, while trusting the Iranian people to decide as to which government or individual suits them best."

There are other organizations such as Regime Change in Iran. Its web site provides a daily briefing on Iranian happenings. The site also provides blogs for "a real democracy in Iran."

In order to get out the message of freedom fighters within and outside of Iran, "A Few Simple Shots" movie will premiere this week. It is a "first look into the untold stories of Iranian political prisoners," according to the producers.

The promoters state: "Three years in the making, acclaimed Iranian Director Joseph Akrami presents a documentary on the untold stories of Iranian political prisoners.

"A FEW SIMPLE SHOTS takes the audience on a behind the scenes look of the corrupt Iranian government with stories told from past political prisoners, United Nations Officials and human rights organizers.

"Through his movie, Akrami presents a world of unfair and restrictive laws that is oppressing a nation that is left with no voice.

The movie will be shown to a select audience at the Wehlstetter Conference Center, Twelfth Floor, AEI, 1150 Seventeenth Street, NW, Washington DC on Friday, January 20 at 7 PM. Registration is at 4:45 PM. Discussants will hold forth at 5 PM, featuring Joseph Akrami, Independent filmmaker. Guests will include Nina Shea, Center for Religious Freedom. Email: [email protected] or phone 202-862-4871.

Yes, there is hope. But it is limited. However, with God there is no limitation.

Read http://www.out2.com/copyroom/articles.asp?StoryKey=346357

Iraq: Another Iran?

Copyright 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.






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