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No ‘Humanitarian’ US Aid To PA. 2006/04/08

Death Penalty For Leaving Islam: Afghanistan  2006/03/20

Albania : Muslims Torch Churches , Hate Christ 2006/03/09

No Valentine's Love in Islam 2006/02/15

Iran, Theology & Messianic Apocalypse 2006/02/02

Islamic Killers Hamas Rule 2006/01/26

Iran : Closer to War / Messiah 2006/01/23

Iran Baits Nuclear Powers to War 2006/01/23

Iran : Support Hope Fighters Within & Without  2006/01/19

Iran: Muslims Hang Teen Girls, Plan Another Grant Swank 2006/01/08

Turkey : EU Says ‘Freedom of Religion’ Or Else 2006/01/05

Islam Female Kick-Butt: Ghada Jamshir 2006/01/03

Bloody New Year for Christians: Indonesia 2006/01/01

No Muslim Holiday Classes Off: Univ Of Albany 2005/12/27

I’m Comforted: Muslim Sites Searched 2005/12/24

Muslim Dad Sets up Sons to Murder Daughter's Boy Friend 2005/12/15

Police Netherlands : Muslims Threaten Vocals 2005/11/23

Muslim Murderers: Kill British Queen 2005/11/15

Now We’re Getting Somewhere: Angry Muslims Vs Muslim Killers 2005/11/13

Iran Pres: Kill the Jews 2005/10/29

EU: Say ‘NO’ To Muslim Turke 2005/10/03

Killing Cult Islam Wants Congress Stamp on Ramadan  2005/09/28

Hate Preachers Thrown Out of Britain  2005/08/26

Italy Is Doing It: Deporting Muslim Murderers Potential 2005/08/16

Blair Speaks Reality: “Exclude And Deport” : Muslim Murderers Grant Swank 2005/08/05

Blair Sees the Light Re Islam Finally 2005/07/18

Muslim Killer Camps Targets US Citizens? 2005/06/10

Bush Should Not Encourage Turkey to Join EN 2005/06/09

Will Muslim Turkey Sway Dutch Vote On EU? 2005/06/01

Islamophobia’ / Turkey Out Now That France Negates EU Constitution? 2005/05/30

Muslims Must Kill Christian -Associating Muslims 2005/05/21

EU Finally Backs Bush Efforts Vs. Iran 2005/05/13

Iran: Tied With N. Korea as Major Foe to Free World 2005/05/04 

Muslim Kills Adulterous Daughter. Man Goes Free  2005/04/24

Muslims: More Honor Killing 2005/04/17

CAIR Founder Charged For Supporting Hamas Killers 2005/04/15

Freedom Demands in Iran Continue 2005/04/13 

Muslim Women, With ID Cards, Undraped? 2004/03/15

Why Do Muslims Build English School For Females? 2005/03/13

Democracy Spreading to Egypt 2005/02/28

Muslim Murderers Threaten Iraqi Assyrians 2005/02/14

Abbas: Cut Out Bloddy TV 2005/02/09

Rejoicing Applauds Iraqi Elections 2005/01/30

Kill A Jew-Pig, Go To Heaven  2005/01/28

Afghanistan Liberty Moves Ahead In Only 3 Years 2005/01/26

Bombing Millions Of Muslims?  2005/01/13  

Brits Try to School Muslims: Don’t Kill Your Women 2005/01/02

Why Won't N.O.W. Defend Maligned Females Worldwide?  2004/12/26

Research: Americans Want To Restrict Muslims 2004/12/23

Female Stoned This Month: Iran : Muslim Madness 2004/12/16

To Muslims, 'Family' Means Killing Females  2004/12/15

Muslims Mad. . .Up Plan For Attacks  4/12/14

New Iraq Must Never Give In To Muslim Killers   4/12/12

Hizbulah: Muslim Hate Speech Continues Against Jews  4/12/11

The Enemy Can Be Just Down the Street  4/11/16

Muslim Leadership / Media Numb To Muslim Slaughtering Of Non-Muslims 4/11/14

Muslims Post Pro-Jesus Ad While Beheading Continues  4/11/13

Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., Pastor, New Hope Church

Graduate of accredited college (BA) and seminary (M Div) with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School .

Married for 44 years with 3 adult children.

Author of 5 books and thousands of articles in various Protestant and Catholic magazines, journals and newspapers. Web site columns appear on MichNews.com, BushCountry.org, TheConservativeVoice.com,  RaptureAlert.com, Republican and Proud, FaithFreedom.org, Conservative Posts, Common Conservative, Out2.com, MensNewsDaily.com, Magic City Morning Star, Right Wing Conservative, Mullenax News, Religious News Online, among others






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