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Bloody New Year for Christians: Indonesia

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


One Christian clergyman said Saturday he was losing patience.

"’Whenever an incident takes place, senior officials ask us to tell the people to remain unprovoked,’ said Rinaldy Damanik, leader of the Synod Churches of Central Sulawesi. ‘When will the authorities be able to reveal the barbaric perpetrators in the province?’"

Christians gathered at a market in central Indonesia . It is where they often go for meeting friends and doing some shopping.

Then on New Year’s Day, Islamic killers international let loose with a bomb that sent bodies flying into the air. Nails and ball bearings shot out at humans—vendors and shoppers—walking about the marketplace. The place was packed with those milling about for bargains and simply to meander with neighbors. Many were there to purchase some pork for the New Year’s festivities.

According to the AP from Palu, seven were slain, scores were wounded. It’s the continuing onslaught especially against Christians on the part of Muslim fanatics. Islam world rule is their aim. They have made Indonesia one of their prime points for targeting believers and their church buildings.

Recently three Christian teenage girls in Poso, on their way home from school, were beheaded by Islamic slayers who pounced at them from behind weeds. A fourth girl escaped with scars left on her head and neck.

Fierce battles have been waged against Christians in that during 2001 and 2002 over 1000 Christians were left dead. Last May two bombs in Tentena slaughtered 20 people, a predominately Christian area.

"’The explosion was so loud, I couldn't hear for a couple of seconds,’ Tega, a resident who lives nearby and uses only one name, described the New Year’s massacre. ‘I ran out of my house and saw bodies lying around.’"

Muslim murderers global announced over Christmastide that they were going to burn down Christian churches. Worshipers prayed in their sanctuaries during Christmas services that their properties would be safe.

AKI/Jakarta Post reported: "A cellphone text message has been sent to Suara Timor radio station in Kupang, West Timor , threatening to bomb 31 churches in the city on New Year's Eve."

There you have the religion of peace striking once again. This time, of course, against the Christians.

And why is the US President George W. Bush setting up a surveillance system to protect America ? Of course, it could have nothing to do with Muslim murderers global infiltrating our republic for the take, could it? Of course, it could have nothing to do with the daily fact in the news Islam shows itself not a religion but a killing cult, could it?

Civilized peoples shut down killing cults. So what’s with Muslim "religion" continuing to exist in America ?

Further, they slaughter their own, especially the female gender. Check this Picture of the Week: Visit http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ TheReligionOfPeace

However, in Indonesia staging attacks against Christians is daily fare. Could it become daily fare in the United States ? If the liberal press and liberal politicians—along of course with the ACLU—have anything to do with it, of course it could become daily fare.

The news release continues: "The message was sent by somebody claiming to be a leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah regional terrorist group. The Indonesian authorities have deployed police at Christian churches to thwart possible attacks during the 24 December - 4 January period."

I wonder if the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will send messages to Jemash Islamiyah regional terrorists, castigating them for making mayhem in the name of the Koran’s Allah.

I wonder if the Jordanian king, himself threatened with being beheaded by his own kind, will send messages of discipline to the Jemash Islamiyah.

And will Egypt ’s officialdom do likewise since the Muslim Brotherhood, like unto Jemash Islamiyah, has made life difficult for that nation.

Probably not on all counts. There continues an awesome silence blanketing the globe when it comes to Muslim leadership speaking out against the Allah fanatics. The silence is so thick that freedom-lovers could cut it with a reality knife.

Christians in Indonesia never know when walking into their houses of worship if they are going to exit alive. Clergy as well as laity are under 24 / 7 fear that their lives will be snuffed out.

At another Christmastide-New Year’s season 29 Indonesian churches were bombed, leaving 19 dead and more than a hundred wounded.

Further militant attacks from Islamic killers international have been upped recently by the al-Qaeda linked Jermash Islamiya. The targets have been varied in Indonesia and other Asian countries.

Closed-circuit television monitors have been placed in the larger church sanctuaries in metropolitan areas throughout Indonesia .

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