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Iím Comforted: Muslim Sites Searched

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


So Muslim sites were searched by the federal government. Makes sense to me.

Muslim sleeper cells. Four thousand Muslim web sites spewing forth hate against non-Muslims. A Muslim Koran that teaches how to hate Jews and slay both Jews and non-Muslims in order to satisfy Allah. Islamic killers international setting up schemes in every corner of the planet. Islamic suicide enthusiasts wiping themselves out to have eternal orgies with playboy bunnies.

London bombings by Muslims. Manhattan 9 / 11 crumbled by Muslims. Muslims threatening Jordanian kingís head being severed from his neck. Muslims demanding that religious symbols be removed from British official seals. Egypt overrun with Muslim Brotherhood extremists who declare that to commit suicide for Islam world rule is their chief aim for waking up in the morning.

Artist Theo van Gogh in broad daylight murdered by Muslims via slit throat and knife thrusts across his torso. The French writing up laws governing immigrants coming into the country, mostly since Muslim threats mounted against their culture. Muslim Turkey demanding that the European Union right into law statutes against "Islamophobia." That is, if anyone in Europe says anything negative about Islam he can be put in jail.

Muslim zealots blowing up New Iraq daily. Muslim zealots blowing up Israel daily. Muslim zealots winning municipality elections in Israel 's West Bank . Muslim Iranian president proclaiming there was no holocaust and that Israel should be wiped off the Earth. Muslim Palestinian Authority unable to quell its own murdering crew. Muslim Syria willing to hide Iranian nuclear and chemical materials so that UN inspectors can't find them.

Now with all that going on would there be any reason for the US federal government searching Muslim areas for possible malcontents? I would think so.

So US Newsí David E. Kaplan gives us the detail: "In search of a terrorist nuclear bomb, the federal government since 9 / 11 has run a far-reaching, top secret program to monitor radiation levels at over a hundred Muslim sites in the Washington, DC, area, including mosques, homes, business, and warehouses, plus similar sites in at least five other cities."

Thank you, federal officialdom. Thank you for taking seriously my safety in the USA . Thank you for not sitting on your hands. Thank you for doing what we people at the grassroots were hoping was taking place: vigilance 24 / 7 in order to secure our country.

With illegals pouring in totaling 11 million, many being criminals or criminal-wannabes. With many of them having Islamic killer intentions, tied to training schools elsewhere where they learned techniques in how to undo our society, itís comforting to know that a watchful eye is probing about the dark corners. And why should not some of those corners entail Muslims in America ?

I have not heard of any Argentine immigrants planning sleeper cells lately. Have you? Or Brazilian immigrants? Or Nigerian immigrants? Or Greeks immigrants? But I have been hearing a lot about Muslims doing a lot to unravel the planetís civility.

Now thereís all this fuss about legality. The federal officials say that what they did was within the law. Some professors on egghead campuses disagree. Of course they would disagree. Theyíre into their library files and not out in the streets where the illegals have swamped neighborhoods so that local police canít nab them soon enough. In fact, local police departments have complained about the inrush of illegals raping, robbing and murdering to such a high degree that in some locales the law has been torn to shreds.

It is a comfort for me to know that there has been surveillance going on since 9 / 11. If there were not, Iíd be the first to want to know why not. But now at least the periodical informs me that secret agents have been doing their job. And quite well, it appears from the reports.

I propose that they keep on keeping on. Add to their forces. Give them more equipment, whatever is necessary. If we donít do that the Islamic killers international will in fact undo the campus professors and their families as well as the human rights committees having fits this weekend because the government is doing its job.

Copyright © 2005 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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