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Muslim Dad Sets up Sons to Murder Daughter's Boy Friend 

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.


She had his child. The boy friend then was killed by her father. In other words, the family was "dishonored."

Dishonoring a Muslim family can yield a killing. Whoever did the dishonoring is to be slain. Sometimes it's by bullet or knife or whatever. But the dishonoring must be vindicated. Therefore, Allah is satisfied. This goes on every day. It is happening while I type.

Such devilish customs are frightening cultures not used to such barbarism. Therefore, as Muslims move to non-Muslim societies, they keep their traditions such as "honor killing." That of course cuts through the civility of cultures that do not tolerate such devilment.

Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, 19, was cut through with a knife 46 times. He had been seated in an automobile in Oxford in November 2004.

The reason he was slain is because he was accused of impregnating Manna Begum, his girl friend. With that, her two brothers slaughtered the boy friend.

Her father, Chomir Ali, 44, set it all up. He convinced the brother to slay the girl's boy friend. "It's just the way Muslims are," Cheherazad Jmil reported to the press. In other words, such doings are common place. It is expected from the Muslims in certain communities.

When honor killing takes place, often the press does not report it. Often the police do nothing. Often even the females in the Muslim community shield the murderer. If anyone protests the honor killing, he is turned upon by Muslim males in particular.

Females are not considered worth that much by Islamics. The women are possessions of the clan's males. If they get out of line, they may find themselves killed. In this case, it was the boy who was accused of impregnating the girl who was slain in order to retrieve the honor of the clan.

The girl would walk through the neighborhood holding the boy's hand. That is not permitted by Muslims who are legalistic in adhering to their customs. Therefore, the boy had to be gotten rid of.

A friend warned the girl not to hold hands in public. Nevertheless, she continued. "It's shameful for the family," a friend to the girl informed the media.

According to the Guardian: "A father and his two sons were today found guilty of the murder of a university student 'to vindicate the family's honor.'

"A jury at Oxford Crown Court ruled that 44-year-old Bangladeshi waiter Chomir Ali ordered his two sons Mohammed Mujibar Rahman, aged 19, and Mamnoor Rahman, aged 16, to kill Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, a 19-year-old university student who was in a long-term relationship with Ali's daughter, Manna Begum, on November 20 last year.

"The three will be jailed for life.

"The body of Mr. Ghorbani-Zarin - an Iranian Muslim studying electronic engineering at Oxford Brookes University - was found in his car in Spencer Crescent, Rosehill - an Oxford suburb. He had been stabbed 46 times, mostly in the chest."

With Muslims moving increasingly throughout Europe and Africa as well as North America, concern from non-Muslims is rising. The non-Muslims are coming to realize that the chief aim of fanatic Muslims is Islamic world rule. There are 4000 web sites spewing forth hatred against non-Muslims. Jews in particular are hated, being called "Jew-pigs." All non-Muslims must be slain, according to Allah's dictates in the Koran.

There are sleeper cells throughout the free countries. These could explode at any time, thus imploding the culture. There are schools where Islamic teachers instruct boys and girls how to hate and kill for Allah's sake. There are TV programs in the Middle East instructing the same.

Females who do not follow the legalistic Islamic customs are in danger of being wiped out. For instance, "Ms. Begum's close friend Cheherazad Jmil described her as a 'strong character' who never wore a head scarf or Muslim clothes, but opted instead for jeans and hooded tops.

"She said she had warned Ms. Begum her actions would cause embarrassment to her family."

Many Muslim communities expect their females to cover their bodies from head to toe. In some cases, if a Muslim female shows her ankles she will be beaten by her husband. She may even be slain. There are cases where a brother slays his sister because in some fashion she has dishonored her clan. Then the brother will take the dead body, hugging it and crying, for he did not want to slay his sister. Nevertheless, "honor killing" demanded it.

In non-Muslim cultures this sort of behavior is anathema. National non-Muslim leaders are slowly coming to realize that this infusion of such carnage cannot be tolerated in a non-Muslim society.

Muslim leaders in Muslim countries usually turn their backs on such horrible customs. It has become so ingrained in such countries as Pakistan, that it is difficult to get villages and rural areas to change to a civil manner of living.

Copyright 2005 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.






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