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Now Weíre Getting Somewhere: Angry Muslims Vs Muslim Killers

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Itís about time.

But now is the time because Muslim murderers global have now set loose upon their own kind in a most obvious measure. When Islamic killers international set their blow-ups upon Jordanian Muslims, particularly at a wedding festivity, then we come upon pay dirt. Itís not a time to rejoice over the dead. Itís surely not a celebration of the killersí brazen timing. But it is pay dirt in that now Muslim slaughterers have blown to bits Muslims partying, innocent Muslims gathering, smiling and laughing Muslims commemorating a gala occasion.

With that, Muslims angry to the teeth are now turning upon their own killing kind. That means that Muslims carrying the Koran have turned on other Muslims killing by the Koran. That means that Muslims attending mosques are crying out for the necks of Muslim slayers at the mosque.

The freedom-based nations have been waiting for a long, long time for Muslims to scream out at killing Muslims. The silence to date has been awesome if not frightening. Yet this time Jordan is getting some of its streets bloodied by its own killing cultists turned insane upon Muslims meeting for a nuptial.

With that the Jordanian government heads have come out lashing and blasting, kicking and screeching. With that the Jordanian citizenry has taken to the streets, waving banners and yelling to the skies that the murderers and accomplices must be strangled in the city square. With that we liberty-breathing mortals who have been defending democracy planting thither and yon are most pleased to be getting some real-life real-time support from Muslims themselves.

It is hoped that this kind of endorsement will continue. Too bad that it has to happen because humans have had their limbs scattered around the hotel rooms. But if thatís what it takes to shake up the stupefied Muslims who simply sit on their hands, then I guess thatís what itís going to take.

Enough freedom-loving peoples have laid down their lives for Muslims in New Iraq to come upon a democracy with constitution. Then let the Muslims in other parts of the globe lay down their tongues in protest against the Muslims murderers global.

Itís then with delight that I read that Jordan welcomes Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun Duleimi as he spoke to media about promising to rid the planet of terrorism. Of course there was ready applause from other Muslims living in Jordan.

So now Iraqi Muslims and Jordanian Muslims can set up their own war camps to defeat the Muslims with knives and suicide belts. It surely is a long time coming, but at least it does seem to be a present-tense reality, bolstering the rest of us.








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