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Italy Is Doing It: Deporting Muslim Murderers Potential

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


It will become absolutely imperative worldwide. Nations that stand for liberties personal will have to rid their geographies of Muslim murderers global who are intent on slaughtering non-Muslims and so-called "moderate" Muslims.

First, non-Muslims are "infidels" who must be slain. Secondly, "moderate" Muslims are cowards who must be slain. That leaves only Islamic killers international alive to rule the planet.

Italy already knows this baseline to the Koran adherents. Therefore, Italy is proceeding as other freedom-based nations will have to proceed. Italy is getting rid of Muslim murderers potential before they become Muslim murderers actual. Smart move. In other words, Italy is taking up measures to realize that Italy has been drawn into World War III. Other national leaders: take warning.

Therefore, according to Rachel Sanderson of Reuters, Italy has put behind bars 141 persons believed to be anarchists for Allah. Expulsion proceedings are in the works against 701 more.

So the number will increase as investigations become more pervasive. Italian leadership has been warned that much data is being uncovered regarding the 4000 web sites in particular that instruct Muslims in how to do in all non-Muslims. Itís just a matter of time until more liberty nations will be under siege by the Koran disciplines.

This is all in keeping with Islam being not so much a world religion among religions but a killing cult. Now those in authority are taking steps to rid the national environs of the cult, no longer regarding Islam as a "religion of peace." National leaders were naÔve at first in giving such accolades to Muslims; however, in recent months that phrase has not been used by responsible leadership.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair refers to Islam as an "evil ideology," despite the fact that he gave commendable remarks to Islam in years past. US President George W. Bush refers to Islam as "an ideology of hate," despite having previously nodded to Islam as a "peace religion." Christian theologians all the while knew quite differently; but it took awhile for the politicians to wake up to the truth.

Italy realizes now that there is a "high risk" label on the country with an ever-present possibility of a terrorist attack, according to the governmental ministry for security. Parliament has been informed of detail.






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