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Will Muslim Turkey Sway Dutch Vote On EU?

The Dutch are fearful of too much, too soon.

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


According to Associated Press' Toby Sterling reporting from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Turkey intrusion upon the European Union could pose as a strong negative with voters regarding the new EU constitution.

It is expected that the Netherlands will go along with France in saying a resounding NO to the EU constitution. Many have not even read it; nevertheless, they have already made up their minds against it.

The Dutch are fearful of too much, too soon. Things are moving along too quickly for some of them. They fear that their little country may be taken over by the more powerful nations in the proposed EU.

But it's Turkey - Muslim country - that brings looming fears in some Dutch minds. They have heard that Turkey broadcasts itself to be a totally secular nation. However, they know that Turkey is also Islamic spread maximum.

Turkey also has sought to include in EU proceedings a law stating that any criticism of Muslim religion can lead to jail or worse. Such a law does not equal freedom of speech to many Dutch citizens.

Sterling writes: ". . .voters will say no to voice their discontent with the unpopular Dutch government. Many here are angry about price increases that followed the introduction of the euro in 2002, and some fear that Turkey will soon be admitted to the union, worsening tensions between Dutch Muslims and the non-Muslim majority."

Muslims are swarming over the Netherlands, as far as many Dutch read it these days. Muslims are amassing their strength to override Dutch traditions and even kill non-Muslims. Dutch are very much aware that the Koran stipulates that non-Muslims are regarded by Allah as infidels; therefore, they must be slain. Those Muslims who do not join in the killing of infidels are themselves to be slain.

The Dutch don't want blood in the streets by an increasing tension between the Muslims and non-Muslims. They have lived with enough headlines regarding fears looming between the two groups. The Dutch, liberal themselves, are not liberal to the extent of having themselves extinguished by a killing cult regarding itself as a world religion. They know that it is not really a religion as much as it is a murdering based cult.

With Turkey admitted to the EU, Dutch conclude they will be intimidated mercilessly by Islamic rule. They have had their fill of that and want the EU to turn back Islamic immigration-infiltration.

Therefore, it is expected that the anti-Turkey, anti-Muslim presence will aid in dousing the approval of the proposed EU constitution.





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