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Islamophobia’ / Turkey Out Now That France Negates EU Constitution?

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

In the last several days, the EU Council of 46 concluded to establish a law that made criticizing Islam a crime throughout Europe . The Council referred to "Islamophobia" as being criminal activity.

All this was initiated by Turkey .

Turkey prides itself on being a totally secular nation, though it is in fact very much a Muslim nation. Yet it downplays its Muslim religion because of the bad press Islam is getting? Therefore, Turkey tries to have the world conclude that it is not really a rabid Islamic country; instead it is a secular country to the core.

However, obviously it is very much a Muslim power seeking to infiltrate the European Union. Already it has convinced the EU Council that to state anything critical about Islam could land one in jail or worse. Does that make Turkey a totally secular nation? Or does not that make Turkey an Islamic state seeking to overcome the world for Allah?

But now that the French have negated the EU constitution, Turkey may be in limbo.

According to The Washington Times report, "Analysts and voters said yesterday that the treaty's defeat in France had to do more with (the) potential membership for Turkey . . ."

That in itself is revealing. The defeat of the EU constitution by French voters had to do with "potential membership for Turkey "? How very, very interesting.

Then there is an awareness that Turkey in the EU is a bad thing. Then there is a fear that Turkey being a part of the EU would bring havoc to the continent? Then there is a grassroots knowledge that Turkey is in fact a prop for worldwide Muslim takeover and not just a benign nation with totally secular intentions?

Could the French negative be God’s positive in saving Europe — irreligious as it is — from the Islamic blood bath planned for all infidels? Could God be protecting the Christian community from the global rule of Muslim might? Could genuine believers’ prayers be answered by this French NO to the EU constitution?

It is all a most intriguing event that occurred within the last hours. The French may be more of a divine tool that they ever envisioned






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