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EU Finally Backs Bush Efforts Vs. Iran

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

US President George W. Bush has been at the front of world leadership when it comes to upping democracy while at the same time warning killers international to put down their weaponry.

At times, Mr. Bush has stood alone. At times, he’s been joined by a few other nations. Now it appears that Mr. Bush’s position is catching on for other countries are coming to realize that America cannot carry the warning banners solo. There has to be a concerted effort from all freedom nations in order to halt aggressive destructive forces.

Therefore, when the European Union waged verbal war against Iranian nuclear build-up, it must have been particularly encouraging to the US President. Finally, he’s hearing echoes from abroad. Finally there’s a team effort developing rather than the US presence standing atop the planet’s mountain range, giving forth warning signals pretty much by itself.

There is a real danger out there. It’s lodged present-tense in both North Korea and Iran. Mr. Bush and his administration have reiterated America’s caution to both countries to put down their arms.

Personally I felt quite sad for the US leadership on days when the rest of the free world seemed to slide on the US coattails, letting Mr. Bush take the heat for warning vehemently or letting Mr. Bush carry through with diplomatic language to appease.

Enough is enough, however, when it comes to riding coattails. Now other liberty nations’ powers are getting the stark message that unless the decent countries stand alongside one another with might that speaks reality in-your-face, both North Korea and Iran could be on the doorsteps of all our dwellings, intent to destroy.

Now we have British Prime Minister Tony Blair taking a lead part, a position he is accustomed to when backing up Mr. Bush’s logic. Now he continues to continue with European leadership chiming in. Thank you, Mr. Blair.

According to the Chicago Tribune’s Tom Hundley, "A showdown over Iran's nuclear weapons program loomed Thursday after British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that he was prepared to refer the Islamic republic to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions if it proceeds with plans to resume uranium reprocessing.

"The Bush administration has long favored such sanctions.

"’We certainly will support referral to the U.N. Security Council if Iran breaches its undertakings and obligations,’ Blair said at his first news conference since his re-election to a third term last week."

Next the world heard from France and Germany. Those countries’ foreign ministers sent a "sharply worded letter to the Iranians" stating forthrightly that Iran’s "attempt to restart its nuclear program ‘would bring the negotiating process to an end.’"







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