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Brits Try to School Muslims: Donít Kill Your Women

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

In Islam, women are worse off than dogs.

Honor killing is common in Pakistan , Bangladesh , Turkey , eastern Europe and West Africa . Now thatís a lot of turf by which to spill femalesí blood in the middle of a goblin spooked night.

If a woman displeases a family, the so-called family, using the term demonically loosely, does the honorable act. The family kills the female. The father may kill his daughter. The brother may kill his sister. And so forth. In other words, males win. Females lose.

Donít expect to find the NOW fighting for the Muslim females. NOW, after all, is into its own killing agenda: killing off babies, masculinity, traditional families, morality.

Nevertheless, Brits are into saving the females within Muslim confines.

So United Kingdom police have gone to Pakistan , for instance, to help local cops survey communities to bob to the top "honor killings." You see, killing off females is a cultural, Islamic thing; itís not supposed to be politically correct in Pakistan , according to the books. However, Muslim nations have long turned a male deaf ear and male blind eye to this practice from hell. So the brash killing of females has long become daily practice in Islamic countries.

According to PA News reporter Andrew Barrow, "In 2000 it was estimated that up to 5,000 women a year Ė more than 13 a day Ė died worldwide because they were deemed to have brought shame on their families or communities."

Of course, there are more than that number; stats donít tell truth for killings often are hidden. Donít ask. Donít tell. Hide the body. Murder at nighttime. Fear gag other females so they keep their mouths shut when witnessing a female killing.

Allah demands it. Devout Muslims see it through. After all, "God is great." As far as Allah-God being kind and loving, forget it. As far as Allah-God being forgiving and redemptive, forget it. Allah is great ó monstrous-Beelzebub, in other words, and best expresses his deity through males killing off females who get in the way.

For practical example, if a Muslim woman is accused of flirting or looking longingly at a non-Muslim male, stone her. A person can go on from there with oneís most cruel imagination to reach conclusions horrific.

Brits are going to hold training seminars for the Pakistani police, hoping to bring them into civility. Pakistan ís president is all in favor. Now will the local villagers be in favor? Thatís another question. And what about those local cops who go for the Brit workshops but then are looked down upon as traitors from the bloodthirsty males hiding hatchets inside flowing robes?

Honor killing is common in Pakistan , Bangladesh , Turkey , eastern Europe and West Africa . Now thatís a lot of turf by which to spill femalesí blood in the middle of a goblin spooked night.

Regarding the Brit training, it was reported that "this style of policing can often create a hostile and confrontational environment that breeds a lack of trust within local communities, which makes people more reluctant to get the police involved."

So goes the tussle: police recruiting males to police their own but their own turning on the newly recruited police who patrol communities to snuff out the murdering of females. Christian God help the recruits! Christian God protect the recruits! Christian God watch over the women!

In fact, because Brits will have trained Muslim men to go counter to their Islamic killing ways, will then the murdering of women increase in retaliation?

The PA reports: "The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 5,000 women and girls are murdered by family members each year in so-called honour killings. In western Europe, the killings are escalating in countries where there are large, close-knit immigrant communities, such as Sweden , Italy , the Netherlands and the UK .

"Earlier last month, the Crown Prosecution Service said 117 deaths and disappearances of Asian women, spanning a decade, were being reinvestigated to ensure they were not victims of honour killings (sic).

"The suicide rate of Asian women aged 16 to 24 is nearly three times higher than the national average Ė possibly driven by fear of dishonour and their familiesí reaction."








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