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Research: Americans Want To Restrict Muslims

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Finally the country is getting the message that Muslims may be a danger to the nation. Furthermore, more citizens are educating themselves regarding Islam as, not a religion of peace, but a religion of murder and hate.

At first the US was opening its hearts to Muslims carte blanche. In a high school nearby, the authorities even opened up a prayer room for Muslim students to go there daily. Was there a corresponding prayer room for those of other religions? No, of course not.

But the naïve response of Americans to Muslim immigration is slowly being stripped away. Reality is starting to take hold.

Therefore, almost half of all US citizens are informing media that they want Muslim-Americans’ civil liberties "restricted."

The research was conducted by Cornell University. In that study, Republicans are more in favor of Muslim-American restrictions than Democrats. Also, those citizens who claim to be religious register that they want Muslim-Americans restricted. In short, there is needed a "curtailing (of) Muslims’ civil liberties," the press released today.

The study related that those who are more in tune with current world events are appealing for restrictions. Those not into informing themselves about current happenings nationwide and worldwide are more nonchalant about the issue.

Forty-four percent favor "at least some restrictions on the civil liberties of Muslim Americans," the Associated Press reports. Moreover, 27 percent in the survey said that Muslim-Americans should be put on a government roster indicating where they live.

In addition, there are those — 29 percent — who endorse government infiltration of Muslim-American organizations in order to find out if terrorist activities are going on there. Also, they want those organizations monitored as to what funds they are receiving and who is providing such moneys.

Gradually the nation is coming to its common senses on the Muslim threat to the country and global community. This is one religion that will not tolerate any adherents but its own. All others are considered infidels and must die.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Shintoism, and Christianity never propagate the doctrine that non-adherents be slain. However, Islam dictates just that, according to their deity, Allah.

Some have stated that if a religious cult having such a dogma were existing in America the government would shut it down immediately. Islam is such a cult. It just does not bear the title "cult" but instead is tolerated because it carries the label "religion."

Yet religion or cult, its primary aim is to engulf the world for Muslims and Islamic teachings. All others must be obliterated.






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