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To Muslims, 'Family' Means Killing Females  

J. Grant Swank, Jr

There are those who are trying to pass laws to get family members from killing female family members. It's known as keeping "the family honor." Men kill daughters or sisters. It's going on as I type.

Some want the murders to stop. But there are those more into realism who say that it's not a matter of passing a more stringent law. The whole custom dating years back within Islamic tradition has to be stopped. That will take changing Muslims' ideas about their allegiance to the Koran, to Allah.

"I decided to kill her because our honor was dirtied," the newspaper Sabah quoted the father as saying. "I didn't listen to her pleas, I wrapped the wire around her neck and pulled at it until she died." He said he buried her body beneath a chicken coop, which upset his other children, and later reburied her in a forest.

Suzan Fraser, AP writer, headlines her April 29 piece with "Turkey Man Kills 14-Year-Old Daughter." So the details are spilled out. Another tragedy in the name of "family." In the name of "religion." In the name of "God."

"Ignoring the pleas of his 14-year-old daughter to spare her life, Mehmet Halitogullari pulled on a wire wrapped around her neck and strangled her - supposedly to restore the family's honor after she was kidnapped and raped.

"Nuran Halitogullari, buried Thursday in a ceremony attended by women's rights advocates, is the latest victim in a long history of so-called 'honor killings, which Turkey's government is struggling to curb.

"Each year, dozens of girls are killed in Turkey by their relatives for allegedly disgracing their families - some for merely being seen speaking to men. The practice is especially common in the more traditional southeast and among families who have migrated to big cities from the region.

"Honor killings also occur in Pakistan and some countries of the Middle East and among immigrant families in EU countries like Britain and Sweden . The European Union, which Turkey aspires to join, is pressing the country to take steps to curb a practice it says is a violation of women's rights."

However, Parliament passing legal dictums will not reach the grassroots unless the grassroots wants the law to reach the grassroots. So it continues - bloodletting of the innocent under the faith called "Islam."

Two brothers even went into the hospital, shooting their sister in the head as she laid in the bed. She was admitted because of an attempt upon her life by her brothers which proved unsuccessful. But the brothers saw to its conclusion in complete order when they pulled the trigger.

So what is the penalty? Would you believe perhaps eight years? But there's a loophole in the law. Of course. It pertains to family. Was there a "provoking" that brought on the justice of the murder? Don't ask me to explain that one. Crazy is in the system, in the religion, in the grassroots and no amount of explaining logically will suffice. It's all horrific to the nth degree.

There should be a Muslim outcry from every mosque's cleric. There should be an outcry from every Muslim politic. There should be an outcry across Europe, across Africa , from everywhere.

And surely there should be an outcry from Americans who are being populated increasingly by Muslims. So the nuthouse contingency continues to mushroom before our eyes. Yet the blindness of Americans is alarming in itself. There are those "nice" Americans who are utterly nave about the "peace religion" called Muslim. So they open America 's doors to a killing religion! Don' think the "family honor" custom will stop at our borders. It won't.

"Guldal Aksit, the minister in charge of women's issues, added that attitudes are what really need to be addressed to stop the deeply entrenched practice. 'These are not problems that we can solve on paper by changing laws. . .We need to educate society,' she said.

"Women's groups believe that a number of suicides among young women in the southeast are actually murders by relatives who believe they are saving the family honor. Often the youngest member of the family is forced to carry out the killings in the belief that a youth would get a less-stringent punishment.

"Last year, a pregnant woman was reportedly stoned to death by her family after having an affair and buried in a pauper's grave after her family refused to hold a funeral."






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