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Muslims Mad. . .Up Plan For Attacks

J. Grant Swank, Jr 

Because President Bush heads the nation most ardent against terrorists, he must all the more stay the course to ward off the murderers. This is a prime season for attack against the United States in particular.

The end of this year would be perfect timing for the Muslim murderers global. It would coincide with Christmas celebrations worldwide as well as the close of another calendar year. This would give major thrust to the Islamic hatred against Christ as God, Christmas as the holy season, and devout Christians who honor Christ as God.

Muslim killing enthusiasts in particular are increasing in number. This is so in such geographies as the Persian Gulf and Russia ’s Far East , according to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin’s Yoram East.

Furthermore, Muslims have been riled by anti-Muslim sentiment in such nations as France , Holland and Germany . The Muslims tell media that they are not pleased with various regulations superimposed upon their communities by these countries.

In addition, when nations’ security personnel do increase safe guards against the Muslim attackers, that all the more ups their urge to do in the security measures.

Also, the more that free nations come to realize that Islam is not a religion of peace but a religion of war, the more the Muslims realize that they’re losing their cover. Therefore, they are the more intent on squashing those who have come into the truth about their religion of murder and hate.

In addition, though certain Muslim organizations have tried to appear friendly in liberty-based nations, the truth has come to be known that they are not freedom-friendly at all. Instead, there is growing suspicion that such agencies are in fact Muslim attack potentials.

Muslim mosque clerics are also looked upon as enemies to the community. That is because the educating of the public has increased due to Internet messages and newspaper articles dealing with the subject of Muslims immigrating to more countries.

It would be a super encouragement to grassroots Muslims to see the free world come under attack during the jubilation of Christmas festivities. They hate Christ as deity. They despise the Christian Church. They want to wipe out all non-Muslims, considering them as infidels and thereby enemies of Allah.

The Koran dictates that Muslims do away with non-Muslims. So-called moderate Muslims are considered by zealous Muslims as cowards. Further, Muslim countries’ despots do nothing to persuade their own not to attack democracies. Muslim dictators know that if democracies flourish in heretofore Muslim countries, their own dictatorships will be in danger of collapse by attack from freedom fighters.

Also, at this time of year when there are many travelers worldwide, it is easy for murderers international to hide out in the masses. Consequently, just the challenge of blocking out all security systems rages within killers global.

Israel is being targeted especially at this time of year. Israel , a friend to Christian nations, is considered prime enemy by Muslims and has been since Israel was established as a legitimate nation on May 14, 1948. Therefore, Hezbollah murderers continue to research the most advantageous means by which to slay more Jews, particularly in the Middle East .

"A slight increase in overall terror activity during 2004, both operational and logistical, with the possibility of terror hits anticipated in the U.S. , are known to be in the making. Jihadi groups regard the U.S. more than ever before, as a legitimate target for her role and own admission, as leader of the world war on terrorism."







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