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New Iraq Must Never Give In To Muslim Killers

J. Grant Swank, Jr 

There are those who say we should gather in Washington DC on January 20 to shout Quit Iraqi Freedom Operation. In other words, bring home the troops and shut down New Iraq.

They say that we in America are hurting ourselves by staying in Iraq . They say that we are not hurting ourselves like the Iraqis are being hurt, that is, some of them coming under fire. But we are hurting ourselves by being so presumptuous as to maintain our presence there.

So we are to leave New Iraq. We are to abandon Iraqi Freedom Operation -- not an occupation but a liberation. We are to forget that Saddam Hussein, the bloody, was ousted. We are to give up on a democracy planting in that land. We are to give in to the Muslim despots elsewhere who hate a freedom base in New Iraq. We are to turn our backs on the Iraqis who prize the US-Coalition presence for they believe that in time it will pay off with new-found liberties.


Those who are into a panacea on this bit have to be brought back to reality for they are just that -- panacea marketers.

When will these mortals realize that we are not in nirvana. We are not inhabiting perfect Heaven. We are citizens of a spiritually damaged sphere -- Earth. Therefore, there will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be the need to sacrifice our lives for the freedom of others and the preservation of liberties in the free nations of the planet?

Instead, these wishful thinkers appear pious in their platitudes -- for that is all they have -- platitudes. They have no hold on reality. They don't deal with facts in this world as it is.

But for the rest of us who do have a hold onto reality, this Christmas we pray for the furtherance of peace in New Iraq. We ask the good Lord to bring into that Muslim country liberties that those citizens have never heretofore experienced. We ask the free countries of the globe to continue to sacrifice in order that others may not be ruled by dictators merciless.

So with Christ born in Bethlehem -- all the while His parents watching vigilantly for the swords of Herod -- we too take on the vigilance. We too take on the reality quotient. We too take on the fact that this world is not perfect and never will be until the King of Kings rules upon it in His millennial reign.

At this Christmas we laud those who sing JOY TO THE WORLD for we stand in the gap that others may know freedom's joy.

There is no need then to traipse to Washington DC to demand of US President George W. Bush that he declare a loss in New Iraq. No need at all. Instead, that kind of doing is only feeding the Muslim murderers global. It is standing alongside the Islamic killers international.

Yes. Though those so-called peace-defenders are marching to DC this December with banners waving that they are for peace, they in fact are for bolstering the Muslim enemies' win. They then are not on "our side" -- the side of democracy, freedom, liberty and peace. They stand with the foes. They are in reality on the side of giving up that which we cherish freedom for others and for ourselves.

Don't let it happen.


J. Grant Swank, Jr.


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