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Hizbulah: Muslim Hate Speech Continues Against Jews 

J. Grant Swank, Jr 

Therefore, when a TV program continues to rant against non-Muslims, particularly Jews, it's time for the government to move in.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004 -- Much of Europe is legitimately quite concerned about immigrants moving in to take over. Muslims in particular are in that category.

Therefore, when a TV program continues to rant against non-Muslims, particularly Jews, it's time for the government to move in. If the authorities do nothing under the guise of freedom of speech, Muslims will continue to take over one segment of culture after another.

Right now Lebanon 's Hizbullah spreads its madness via French TV, especially targeting Jews. The French power structure would be wise to heed the call of Chief Rabbi Joseph Sitruk as he calls on the authorities to do something. Doing is necessary; ignoring will only prolong the eventual moment when something will be forced to be done - perhaps too late.

The rabbi goes so far as to state that the French government should shut down the telecasts. There does come the moment of decision-making when something exists in toto or it exits in toto. The French leading Jewish leader is logically correct in informing the public that the Arab media presence must make exit in toto; any wedge will open the broadcasting of derision against the Jewish population in France .

The rabbi claims that French officialdom "has understood that there was (a) danger and that they were going against history" by permitting the telecast.

Even French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has sided with the rabbi's sentiments. He stated to media that Al-Manar's airing was not compatible with French thinking.

In fact, he spoke more forcefully when proclaiming that if the Muslims continue with their propaganda spread, "these programs will lead to the termination of the agreement" between Muslim telecasters and the "audiovisual authorities."

An example of the hate spiel includes Muslims informing the public that Jews are going to spread diseases such as AIDS-HIV to Muslim nations. It was presented by a so-called Muslim expert in the field. It was under the label of "Zionist attempts" to kill off Muslims.


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