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 Sina's Discussion with 
the 'risen' Al-Imam al-Mahdi,
 The Messiah

Dear Terence,

Thank you for responding. Faithfreedom.org does not preach anything. We are a group of people dedicated to demonstrate that the world is facing a great danger akin or perhaps worse than what happened six decades ago that destroyed sixty million lives. This time the danger comes from Islam. We have also demonstrated that Muhammad was a false prophet and Allah, whom you claim to represent, is not the real God.  That is basically where we stand. There is not a particular ideology that we subscribe to. In fact the contributors to faithfreedom.org come from a variety of beliefs. Some are Christians (of various denominations), some are Hindus,  some are Buddhists, Jews, agnostics and even atheists. We respect people and their rights to believe in the religion of their choice. This does not mean that I necessarily agree with all these diverse beliefs, but I do not see it as my business to tell people what to believe.     

It is my conviction that no matter what faith we profess, we the humanity, have one tiny planet to share with each other and not only can, but must live in harmony and peace.   

Regrettably not all the so called religions preach peace. Some of them, and especially Islam, promote hate. And when they do that, innocent lives are lost and senseless wars are waged. These are religions of deception. They talk about peace to lure the foolhardy but then fill him with hate and convert him into killer zombies.  These self righteous religions despise the rest of mankind and call them "sinners". They carry their hatred as the badge of their moral superiority. They are indoctrinated to such extent that for the establishment of their perceived "absolute truth" they consider ordinary lives to be dispensable. No one is more dangerous than those who believe to be absolutely right.

You say "God's command of Peace...is within every religion but has been 'mis-placed' by the 'Mullahs - Priests Ė etcĒ. I made my own independent research and found out that this is a clichť and especially in the case of Islam it is not true. Anyone who reads the Quran can see that this book does not promote peace but hate and war. So there is an obvious mistake in your statement.  

A thousand years ago someone could claim to be a messenger of God and tell people this is what God says and you must believe me or youíll be roasted in hellfire. But in this day and age, people are used to scientific investigation. They have become sophisticated. They are not going to believe people who make such claims. You have to do better than that if you really want to attract their attention. You have to demonstrate your claim with facts and evidence. By claiming that Muhammad was a messenger of God who preached peace and stating that Allah is God, you already made your biggest mistake. I have proven that Muhammad was not a true messenger of God but a charlatan and a liar. So, unless you prove me wrong, what you say about him discredits you.  

To give you the benefit of the doubt and prove that I am not being unreasonable, I let you show that Muhammad was indeed a messenger of God. You can go over my claims against him and disprove me.  

Now let me warn you that so far none of the Muslim scholars have been able to do that and some of them do not even dare to try it. However, since you claim to be a messenger of God I suppose you can do what others canít. Remember, I am not asking you to do miracles. All I am asking is that you present arguments stronger than mine. Since you claim to have direct communication with God and I donít, you must be able to disprove me easily. What kind of god cannot defeat a simple mortal in the logical arena? Are you up to it?  

To whet your appetite let me remind you that 1.2 billion Muslims are on the run. They have not been able to disprove any of those charges. This is a shameful embarrassment for them. If you mange to prove me wrong on those charges, this is the sure indication that you can do what 1.2 billion Muslims canít and this is proof that you are indeed a prophet or at least a prodigy. But if you fail to do that, it shows you are just another pretender.  What do you say? Isnít that fair? I am providing a platform for you to shine and let the world know who you are. If you are not lying, then youíd be jumping on this offer.  

You wrote: "It is regrettable that what you teach appears to be the 'condemnation of people that are 'proven' by you or 'history' to be bad or warmongers or evil etc" 

May I ask why it is regrettable? Shouldn't we condemn evil and evildoers? Shouldn't we condemn Hitler, Stalin or Osama Bin Laden? Aren't serial killers and mass murderer condemnable? Are you saying that these monsters are not to be condemned but people who do not believe in you and pay taxes are condemnable? 

You wrote: ďthere IS an invisible CREATOR that can and does speak through ME and, - - - that this FACT is to be PROVEN by the CREATOR that does speak through me.Ē  

Let us assume that this invisible creator is speaking through you. But as you say yourself this is yet to be proven. In that case isnít it prudent for us not to believe in you until you can prove your claim? You are not the only one who has laid the claim to speak to God. There are thousands. Some have been successful and have managed to build a huge following and others have not been that lucky. So why should we believe in you and not in other impostors when neither of you have the proof for your claims? What sets you apart from other false prophets? Donít you think it is kind of silly for God to send a messenger without any proof and demand obedience?     

Next time God talks to you, tell him that you are quitting unless he gives you the necessary proof. This is not fair to you and it is not fair to us. God is expecting us to believe in you without any proof. How do we know that you are not an impostor, or just a lunatic? How can we distinguish you from so many false prophets? It is also unfair to you because while you do your best to reach out, intelligent people mock you because God has left you without proof.  

Let me make an example. If someone knocks at your door and says he is an agent of the government and has a court order to search your house, would you let him in? You would want to see his credentials first. How do you know he is not a burglar? I am sure you wonít let anyone into your house unless he shows you his credentials. You want some proof that this guy is who he claims to be. Could anyone blame you if you do not let him in and shut the door on him? Of course not! It is his fault for not having his badge and the order with him.  If he tells you, ďmy badge is at home and I will show it to you laterĒ, youíll tell him, ďgo and bring your badge because without that I am not going to let you into my houseĒ.  You canít be blamed for not trusting this stranger and not letting him into your house without any credentials. If you do you are a fool.  

So my dear Terence, if you want us to believe in you; prove to us that you are a prophet. Show your credentials first. If as you say, the proof will come later, we will wait. Any God who has any sense into his head knows what I am asking is fair and logical and will not punish us for using our brain.   

Now, imagine the guy at the door does not produce any credentials but pulls out a gun and demands to come in. At this point you have no choice. He has the gun and whoever has the gun is "right". So you submit and obey. But what does that prove? Isnít that proof that this man is indeed a thief and not a cup? Ye shall know them by their deeds. The very fact that he is unable to produce any proof to his identity and resorts to violence is evidence that he is a criminal. Legitimate law enforcement officers do not act that way.  

Now, compare that to what Muhammad did. He did not bring forth a single proof to his claim of being a prophet, I am asking Muslims to show me one solid proof that I canít refute logically and they are unable to do that. But he forced people to believe in him by raiding them and killing those who did not agree with him. He furthermore, looted them, enslaved them, raped their wives and did other despicable things. Isnít this proof enough that he was an impostor and a criminal and not a prophet of God?  

You also say things that sound strange. You say that government is religion with dark and evil ideology  and ďthat every person voting or condoning or funding ANY government system by paying taxes or licence fee etc is 'COMPLICIT' to the DARK punitive control and actions of that 'ideological STATE and thus all are to now receive and equal 'return' of pain.Ē  

You know that everyone is forced to pay taxes. This is not voluntary. In democratic countries, those taxes go to fund schools, health care, old age pension, roads, safety of our food and houses, water to our homes, defense and many other necessary things. In other words, part of what I earn goes to finance the education of children of my neighbor, the heart surgery of the guy across the street, and make life better for all of us. My kids also go to school thanks to the taxes that my neighbors pays and if something happens to me all my fellow countrymen have made it possible that I receive good medical attention and my kids continue to have their fathers for many more years. Is there anything wrong in that?   

But you say we will be all punished because we pay our taxes and support out governments!  What kind of god is this god you are taking about? Are you sure you are not talking to Satan? You know that Satan is very deceptive. He can fool many people. He fooled Muhammad  alright! How can we be sure that he is not fooling you too? He is telling you that Muhammad was a prophet when we know that he was not and we have proof of that. He is telling you that Allah is God when that is very dubious indeed. Now he is telling you the weirdest things, like those who pay taxes will go to hell.  

You said that Christ was a messenger of God. Didnít he say pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar? Obviously the god of Jesus and this god you are talking about are two different entities. They seem to contradict each other completely. Which one is the real God? If your god is the real one you said Christ was a true messenger. Since you contradict each other, both of you can't be right. Therefore you must have lied about Christ being a true messenger. A god that lies cannot be the true god.  Whether Christ was from the real God or not I can't say, but it is obvious that your god is not the real one.  

Do you see how easy it is to find the truth? All you have to do is use your brain. You canít just claim to have the truth. You must be able to prove it. Do you have any proof about your claim?  

You wrote: ďIf you FIGHT terrorism, you are using Dark energy and IT will return to terrorise you at the hands of others equally ignorant. I tell all to NOT fight, but to BE merciful & compassionate and forgiving and to THEMSELVES walk in PEACE and do their best to educate the 'offensive' ones as to the reason and need to conform to the Command of the Creator.Ē  

So if a bunch of terrorists take our children as hostage, make them go thirsty for days until some of them are forced to drink their own urine and then shoot and kill hundreds of them you say we should not fight them, be merciful and compassionate with them and forgive them? And that by fighting them we are using "Dark energy"? Which side your god is standing dear Terence? Is he on the side of the terrorists? How can we not fight Evil?  You talk about peace. But making peace with Evil is evil. How can you be a friend of evil  and good at the same time?  Sixty years ago we fought against evil and that is why we are free today. Sometimes fighting is necessary. Evil can triumph only when good people do nothing. If I really believed in Satan, Iíd be inclined to think it is Satan that is talking to you and fooling you. Whatever you said so far is very satanic and wrong.  

However, my dear Terence, I do not believe in Satan. I think your problem can be solves if you visit a psychiatrist. Muhammadís claim also had to do with his mental disorders. He too was not a messenger of Satan but  a very sick man.     

No dear Terence, the real maker of this universe (if there is any) will not persecute people. He will not torture them or burn them in hellfire. If God exists, he surely would want us to use our brain and not fall prey to every charlatan and crazed man. This is the truth that will set us free. Truth is not a whimsical declaration of some obscure character claiming to be a messenger of Allah and saying the proof will come later. Truth is backed by facts and evidence. Truth can be demonstrated on its own. It is almost mathematical. 2 + 2 =4 and this is the truth. Anyone can discover this truth on his own and there is no need for someone coming from God telling us what we all can know.  

No, I am not saying faithfreedom.org has the truth. No one can have the monopoly on  truth, just as no one can have the monopoly on sunlight. Truth shines everywhere and on everybody just like the sun shines everywhere and on everything. You donít have to go anywhere or follow anyone to find the truth. As Krishnamurthi said: ďTruth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect.Ē  Just as there is no path on Earth that can take you to Sun, there is no path that can take you to Truth. Truth is found in love,  in our relationships and in our good deeds. Whatever binds us together is truth and whatever divides us is falsehood. Truth is everywhere and it belongs to everyone. You do not have to follow anyone to find the truth, because it is within you. The compass to find the truth is the Golden Rule not a self proclaimed prophet who can't produce any proof to back up his claim. ABSOLUTE truth is unattainable for finite humans. It is a dangerous thought not only because it is a fallacy but also because it induces moral superiority, which results in hatred of those who do not possess that fallacious "truth". The moment you think you have found the truth, is the moment that you have lost it. No one can be more mistaken than the one who thinks he has found the truth. And the one who thinks he has found the absolute truth is the one who is absolutely wrong.  

At the end I invite Muslims to submit to you at once and believe and obey you. If they donít they are hypocrites

Why you Muslims accept Muhammad and reject Terence? What proof you have that Muhammad was a messenger of God that Terence has not give you?  

But there is a difference between Terence and Muhammad. Terence has not killed anyone. He has not looted people, has not raped women, is not sleeping with a 9 year old girl and has not committed any of the heinous crimes that Muhammad committed. Why you follow Muhammad and not Terence?  Isnít that hypocrisy? 

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