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A debate with a follower of Terence the self proclaimed Messiah  


Kamal Mahasan <[email protected]> wrote:

Greetings Brother Ali. I like your website and I understand what you say about the quran. However, I think it could be possible that there were 2 Mohamads as 1 was definitely a prophet. The other clearly was not. You'll discover why if you visit my friend's 2 websites.http://www.dar-es-salaam.org http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com/ Keep up
the good work Brother and may Allah Mother/Father God love you for who and what you are and for the work you do. My salams to you and my universal love
Brother. Yours in Brotherhood, Brother Amin Abdullah. PS: All your universal Brothers and Sisters including our true Mother/Father God loves you to.


 Are you a follower of Terence?


Kamal Mahasan <[email protected]> wrote:

Greetings Brother Ali. Yes I am a follower of Brother Terence and I know what he teaches may seem a little different from the 'norm' but believe me, it is the best! Of course if you already know of Brother Terence then you've guessed this already but as I'm not 'normal' from society's point of vew and as I don't intend to become 'normal', I'm happy to believe in what is 'normal' to Allah.

I was braught up as a Muslim refering to the Islam in the distorted quran but I was always rebellious. I probably wanted to be rebellious before I incarnated into this physical body so that I could find the truth. Fortunately, the testament of truth provided the truth for me. The dar-es-salaam website I discovered when Brother Terence pointed it out to me in his latest Emails and it to reflected the testament of truth even though it's from a very slightly different slant to the testament of truth. The slant was to make it easier for Muslims following the quran to understand where Brother Terence is coming from. Yes the quran and all the old Hadiths are clearly dark and evel but Brother Terence has rectified that in his teachings. It's up to you whether you want to believe me or not but either way, I'll still look upon you as a Brother. Yes the Bible and the subsequent Christianity is a fairytale but Jesus's Christianity is different. Unfortunately, Jesus never wrote the Bible and those who wrote it distorted the truth in fear of losing their earthly lives. Now Brother Terence has
rectified that to.

Please let me know of any more followers of http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com/ http://www.dar-es-salaam.org and
http://www.faithfreedom.org/ and let's join in unity, friendship,
Brother/Sisterhood and most importantly love!!! Let's love each other with the universal love, the love of the light sovereign power Allah Mother/Father God. Let's dispose of the Islam in the Quran that was written by the evil Mohamad and let's embrace the true Islam in the testament of truth and the dar-es-salaam websites that were taught by the real prophet Mohamad peace be upon him and upon Brother Terence.

God speed my Brother, we love you with the universal love and so does Mother/Father God. Inshaallah.



Can you tell me with honesty, how many followers Terence has?  

Kamal Mahasan <[email protected]> wrote:

Greetings Brother Ali. I cannot tell you how many followers Brother Terence has because I honestly don't know. However, it matters not to me how many followers he has and even if I'm alone in this, I am happy to follow him. As you said only truth will set us free and it will happen one way or another. I totally agree with you that we shouldn't keep our heads in the sand. To me it doesn't matter if you and I see his teachings differently as I still look upon you as a Brother. It is not for me or anyone else to try to force you into believing or doing/saying anything you don't want to. That is the way of the dark. However, it is up to us to just love all, be peaceful and to never disterbe the peace of others.

What I'm trying to say is, you don't have to do what anyone tells you to do irrespective of what we think. However, we should love all irrespective of what they say and do and what they think. Blessings to you Brother and our universal love!!! PS: Mother/Father God awaits to embrace you in his/her
loving arms!!!



Can you give me one objective proof that Terence is a messenger of God? Make sure your proof is objective and not subjective. “I feel in my heart that he is from God”, or “His words are so profound” or “His words are full of truth” etc, are all subjective. I want to see what objective proof you have that he is a messenger of God that no one can refute. For example if I tell you I am a physician, I must be able to produce a document showing I am a physician and also I must be able to heal you by making the right diagnosis and prescribing the right medicine. If I threaten you that you better believe I am a physician or you will die is not going to make it.  

So, can you please give me one objective proof that he is a prophet?  How can I be sure that he is not mentally disturbed or he is not lying? Anyone can claim to be a prophet. You won’t believe them all. You want to know what their proof is. So can you give me one proof that may convince me and everyone else?  


Greetings Brother Ali! No I cannot give any objective proof that Brother Terence is a prophet nor can I give any objective proof to disprove that. I cannot prove that there is an afterlife and I cannot prove that the spirit soul can and does work independently from the physical body. I can't prove that there is a spirit soul or even a superconscious spirit mind and I cannot prove that there is a spirit world. That doesn't in any way mean that I disbelieve that Brother Terence is a prophet and of course I believe that there is a spirit world and that we are spirit souls incarnated into physical bodys etc. If you want proof, actual physical proof then you'll have to wait untill you discarnate.  

As I said, it is up to you whether you want to believe or not but although I can't prove anything objectively, I don't feel the need to do so to myself. I don't feel the need to put Brother Terence on the spot because I don't care about doing so. I don't care if he's lieing or telling the truth. I like/love his teachings and I'm believing him because I want to not because he says that this is right and this is wrong. Brother Terence in no way what so ever told me or forced me to believe him, I'm believing him of my own free will.  

Who's to say that I'm right and you're not? Who's to say you're right and I'm not? Who's to say that either of us are right or wrong? What I do know is that we'll find out sooner or later and no I can't prove that either. Let Brother Terence and I believe in the testament of truth. After all, what harm are we doing to anyone by believing? If I believe that a freezer is hot and an uven is cold and if I'm not forcing anyone to believe me then what harm am I doing anyone just by thinking/believing? If I want to sing lalala or ladida then nobody can tell me that lalala or ladida is right or wrong. It's the same with me following Brother Terence and believing that he is a prophet.  

Our universal love to you and Mother/Father God also loves you!!!



David Koresh also did not have any proof that he was a prophet. Also Jim Jones did not have any proof and so Charles Manson and thousands of others who claimed to be prophets. All their followers reasoned in exact the same way that you do. They said this is something you will find out after you die and that they did not need any proof to believe. Can you tell me why I should not believe in any of these thousands of self proclaimed prophets and should believe in Terence? What sets him apart?  

This is not the same as believing in spirits, other world or even God. You don’t have an objective proof for any of these things but you lose nothing by believing in them even if they are lies. You lose a lot by following an impostor who claims to be a prophet. You do evil because these charlatans tell you evil is good. The followers of most of these self proclaimed prophets commit murder, assassination and even suicide because they believe in lies. This is not the same as believing in fairy tales. This is to believe in evil and do evil. Most of these false prophets who have no proof for their claim are psychopaths. They are crazy people. They get high by manipulating the foolhardy. You provide their narcissistic supply. You lose a lot by following them. You lose your sanity and your humanity.  

Suppose there is a paradise and hell and you follow an impostor who makes you do evil things. You go to hell. Is this the risk you want to take?  Muslims kill innocent people believing this will allow them to enter paradise and have sex with multiple whores. Their foolish belief make them commit horrendous crime.

I had a debates with Terence. I do not find this man sane. He is nuts. You are responsible for your life. You pay the price of your stupidity. Would you let your 9 year old daughter to be raped? Terence says it is okay.
You might actually do that. Abu Bakr was just another fool who believed in Muhammad’s lies and allowed him to screw his little daughter. David Koresh slept with daughters of his followers, Jim Jones slept with the wives of his followers. John de Ruiter sleeps with young daughters of his followers. Terence sees nothing wrong in that. He says "children must consent, That their flesh to another be lent". How can children consent? Agree to a thing or dissent? When you surrender your intelligence to a crazy man you do crazy things willingly. You have given up your own God given brain and have decided to follow this crazy man blindly. You think whatever this loon says is from God. What if one day he ask you to "lend" to him your 9 year old daughter? Would you say no? How can you? You have already decided that he is the prophet of God. How can you say no to him? Yes there is harm in your stupidity. This is just one example. You pay a hefty price for your stupidity, your family pays and the world pays. We are all paying for the stupidity of Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and other nuts who believed in the crazy Muhammad and supported him.

This man can’t prove anything and yet the burden of poof is on the one who makes positive assertion. God is not a cynic to send one as the guidance to mankind without any proof. He would not play such prank on us humans. That would be utterly cruel for God to do such thing. Terence is a charlatan.  Muhammad was a charlatan too.

Here is my debate with this impostor. Make sure you click on the “comment here” at the bottom of the page and read the follow up of that debate in the forum.  

You wrote: “Our universal love to you and Mother/Father God also loves you!!!”. These are empty clichés used virtually in all cults. This is the feel good factor used as bait for the gullible, the lonely and the lost.    

As for you, you can fool yourself as much as you like. You are not alone.

You ask “what harm are we doing to anyone by believing?”  

Why do you think there are so many wars, genocides and hatred going on in the world? It is all based on false beliefs. Most of the wars and killings have been stemmed out of false beliefs. Yes there is harm in believing in lies. Everyone must ask himself, what proof I have to believe in what I believe. Rational people don’t make war. It is irrationality and stupidity derived from religious and/or ideological beliefs that divide mankind, instill hate in them and make them wage war.

Kind regards 

Ali Sina 






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