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By Ali Sina



 first of all i would like to introduce myself. i am waqas ahmed 22 from karachi pakistan . i got the link of your website from a hindu friend. i read almost all articles from your website and i thought i will quit islam just then ramzan started and when i went for prayer i asked the questions which you aksed in front of all my frineds (and you saying anything against islam in from of mullah means death) and the cheif mullah of our masjid.he answer my questions very satisfactory and i would like to clear your misconceptions too 

 1st you said about quran that is

Dont kill un believing friend and what quran says about dis believers..

By the word disbeliever allah means those ppls who dont believe in truth,the ppls who lie.the evil and those who do not want peace. if you are a non-muslim but believe that there is one god whatever name you call him and whatever way you worship doent matter. And if you are a honest person then you dont have any danger from any muslims. muslims hate ONLY those ppls who lie and do injustice to others. so we dont hate non-muslims we hate liers and ppls who kill inncent ppls. now you will ask my opinion on islamic terrorist so those are ppls who choose the way to violence to fight against injustice. we muslims will be more than happy to die than to kill an innocent non-muslim  


Dear Waqas  

So Islam allows Muslims to kill those who do not believe in Allah and in truth!

This includes five out of six people in the world. Only Muslims believe in Allah, the rest donít. Christians and Jews have their own God and despite the fact that Muslims insist he is the same god of Muslims, he certainly is not. Furthermore Christians believe in trinity. Therefore according to Islam they are Mushrik and deserve to be killed. Hindus also believe in various deities or avatars therefore they are also Mushrik. They too have to be put to death. Since according to Muslims only Islam is the true religion all those who are not Muslims do not believe in the truth, are liars and have to be killed. 

Among Muslims there is no consensus. So Sunnis kill the Shiites, the Shiites kill the Sunnis and everyone kills the Ahmadis. The fact is that since the beginning of Islam, even during the time of Muhammad Muslims have been killing Muslims because one group did not accept the faith of other group. Muhammad ordered some Muslims be burned in their mosque because someone said they have gone astray. Ali massacred four thousand unarmed Khawarejites who had sat in the mosque in protest in one day. So if you allow yourself to kill those who do not believe in the truth, you give license to yourself to kill anyone you want. Of course your version of truth is different from mine, so should I kill you or should you kill me?  

Here is the problem with Islam. This is called intolerance. Muhammad said kill those who do not believe in Allah and in truth. However since each person understands the truth differently, any Muslims feels entitled to kill anyone who disagrees with him.  

It is normal for humans to disagree. The point is should we kill each other for that? That is what Islam teaches.  

Now, as for the truth that Islam teaches, is it really the truth? If it is then Muslims should be able to prove it. Where is that proof? I have been asking this very question for years from Muslims and the only answer I heard is that it is true because Muhammad said so. What if Muhammad lied? Isnít it pathetic that so many Muslims are ready to kill anyone who disagrees with their version of the truth when they canít even prove that their religion is indeed the truth? Truth is demonstrable. 2+2=4 This, you can prove. The Earth is round. This, although not so obvious at first, still you can prove it. Which one of the claims of Muhammad you can prove? Can you prove that he received his message from Gabriel? How do you know it was not Satan who disguised himself as Gabriel and seduced him? How do you know he did not make a pact with Devil to become the absolute ruler of Arabia in exchange of selling his soul? Why Satan would want to seduce people with a false religion? Because through this he can divide mankind and make one group kill the others.  How do you know that Muhammad was not a mentally sick man just having hallucinations? How do you know that he was not lying? I can prove that the Quran contains tons of gross and ridiculous mistakes. This is enough to see that this book is not from God. Where is the proof that it is? Since I can prove that the Quran is not from God, I donít believe in it, but since you canít prove that it is, shouldnít you at least doubt and stop advocating killing people who disagree with this book until you find out the truth?  

You say the terrorist fight against injustice. What injustice? All the injustices that Muslims describe are imaginary and are based on lies, calumnies and exaggerations. What injustices the Shiite have done in Pakistan to deserve death? What injustices the Sunnis have done to the Shiites in Iran to deserve persecution? What injustices the Ahamdis have done, or the Bahais have done that they have to be put to death? Injustices must be dealt with in a court of law where the accused is given opportunity to defend himself and it is up to the accuser to prove the guilt. You canít just kill people who do not agree with your version of the truth and call them oppressors. You can't  bomb innocent people in subways, restaurants and office buildings simply because your mullah has filled you with lies and hate. Let us say I believe Muslims have abused me, would it be okay if I bomb a few Muslims to do ďjusticeĒ? What kind of insanity is this? Muslims in Bangladesh, in Pakistan and in Indonesia hate the Jews. Have they seen one Jew in their lives?


Now mohammed married a 6 yr old girl bcoz at that time child marriage was quite popular and it was not considered bad to marry a 6-yr old girl.and in quran its not written that you MUST marry an infant..  

First of all marrying 6 years old children was at no time popular in any place in the world. Psychologically healthy men, do not get aroused by children. The thought of that is even disgusting. It is not natural. You donít have to be moral to know this. Even an immoral person, who loves to sleep around with lots of woman, canít get sexual feelings for little girls 6 years old, 9 years old or even 12 years old. Those who are aroused by little children are psychologically sick. They are called pedophiles and need psychiatric treatment. In the past we had many despots who had harems of even a thousand or more women, but we never read any of their sex partners were little children, unless these rulers, like Muhammad were also pedophiles. I can go to menís locker room and see other men nude. But I do not get any feelings because I am not homosexual. This is not a question of morality, it's because I am not gay and I donít get aroused by seeing naked men. You must be a homosexual to get that feeling. The same is true with pedophilia. I am not trying to compare homosexuality with pedophilia. There is a world of difference between the two. In the case of pedophilia an innocent child is involved who because she is not old enough to know what is being done to her becomes the victim of sexual molestation. The point I want to make is that, unless one is a pedophile, one cannot get aroused or have sex with little girls. It is a lie that in those days every body did it. Everybody did not do it. Only Muhammad did it because he was a pervert and had fooled everyone that whatever he did was okay. Even today, most Muslim men who approve of whatever Muhammad did donít marry 9 years old girls because although they think it is okay, they do not get sexual feelings for little girls, so they go for older girls who have developed femininity. However, because Muhammad committed this crime and sanctioned it, other pedophiles can abuse little girls and instead of going to jail are respectable members of the society. This is what happens when a society follows a pedophile.  

Even if we assume that this or any disgusting practice was prevalent at the time of Muhammad, why should he do it? Didnít he come to bring new laws and set things straight? Didnít he call the people of his time ďignorantĒ? (jahil) Then, why instead of setting good examples he followed their evil ways? Was he the guide or was he the follower? Isn't this circular reasoning? He told everyone to follow him while he followed the customs of the people whom he called ignorant! Donít you see that by doing so those evil practices were perpetuated and every Muslim thinks it is okay to do them because Muhammad did them? Why if he was going to follow the bad practices of the ďignorantĒ people, he said follow my example, I am a moral man and an honorable prophet? His actions show that he was not a good example, moral or honorable.


Sir, i told about your website and about your challenge to my local cleric and he wants to debate you but we dont want your money but we want that you should become muslim if you are defeated. as because our maulavi donít know how to use net so please send one question everyday i will consult him and the next day i will send you a satisfactory answer but sir please donít use any language which is offendable like"mohammed was fool". 

respected sir if you like my challenge then please reply with one accusition on islam 

May allah bless you and you lead a happy life 

your well wisher


The reason your cleric has accepted to debate is because he  has not read this site. Those clerics, who read this site, stay away from it. Nonetheless, I am more than happy to comply. Would you invite all your friends to read and watch how this debate proceeds? If at one point your cleric decides to pull out and warn you not to contact me, and you know the reason is because he does not have proper answers what would you do? Remember that if you take my side you could be in trouble. I am surprised you can see this site. I was told it is banned in Pakistan. Or maybe in some areas it isn't! My recommendation is just act as the interpreter but donít comment. If he notices you are shaking in your faith and asking too many impertinent questions, he could become very abusive. Of course each person is different. One girl wrote that after she took her questions to her imam, he read some of the articles of this site and then he said, this is truth, I knew it for a long time. Run, run my daughter. It is too late for me but you are young, run from Islam. Here is that testimony.  

As for the questions to ask your imam, make him read what I wrote in this email and tell him to comment. Let us do it one step at a time.  

Good luck and best wishes.  

Ali Sina

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