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Has Aljazeera asked the Baha’is to see how Muslims insult their faith and persecute them? Why Aljazeera does not protest when Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran says he will stop Christianity in Iran ?  Islam does not respect any other belief. This claim is hypocritical and a patent lie.  

First things first!    

Before we can establish democracy in any country we must lay its foundation. First we have to fight the censorship of thought. You can’t have democracy without freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means freedom to criticize any belief. Beliefs do not have to be protected. It’s the right to criticize them that has to be protected. Beliefs must be scrutinized and if found wanting discarded. True beliefs don't need protection and fallacious beliefs don't have to be protected.   

How can you respect the faith of someone who believes it is his God given duty to kill you because your faith is not "right"? Should you respect the belief of one who thinks God has rendered your wife and property halal to him? The very notion of respecting beliefs is absurd. Belief means acceptance of a postulate as true without evidence. Why should such a fallacy be respected?  

Muslims threaten the Media when a journalist or a broadcaster casts doubt on the “peacefulness” of Islam. They demand apologies and resignation. Often they get what want and the “offending” journalists are forced to apologize or lose their jobs. Sadly the public, like sheep, watches this violation of rights and does not intervene or protest. What they don't know is that this is an attack on THEIR freedom. 

Say NO to the appeasers and the useful idiots  

We are destroying our own democracy by our own hands. Our own misguided politicians are hard at work chipping away our democracy. It is regrettable, to put it mildly, that the Council of Europe (CoE) should criticize the Danish Government for its refusal to impose a ban on freedom of speech in Demark in order to appease the Muslims. They said:  

Denmark has a tradition for tolerance and respect for others. Notwithstanding this tradition, a strong seam of intolerance has developed in Danish society, particularly towards immigrants and also Muslims.”  

Shouldn't the CoE demand tolerance from Muslims and condemn them for bullying Denmark to violate the freedom of speech?  

The CoE has become so dhimmi (servile to Muslims) that they even condemned Denmark for prosecuting Muslims who incite hate. That is unbelievable!  

This council even organized a seminar to condemn the criticism of Islam and equated it to anti-Semitism. In another place they called criticism of Islam “islamophobia” and said it is a “dangerous inclination”.    

How can they be more wrong? Semites are people; Islam is a belief system. This is comparing apples to oranges. Shouldn't people in such high positions be intelligent enough to know the difference between a race and a creed?   

People have to be protected, not beliefs.    

You can’t change your race and ethnicity but you can change your belief. Destructive beliefs that preach hate and discrimination must not be protected. They must be criticized and banned. Prohibiting the criticism of such beliefs, or any belief, is insane! Are the Christians or the Jews demanding the ban on criticism of Christianity and Judaism? Has anyone suggested that the books of Bertrand Russell or Thomas Paine who were critical of Judeo- Christianity be banned? The believers of no other religion demand apologies or threaten to boycott you or kill you if you slight their religion. Why should the word apologize to Muslims when it is they who have to explain the violence and the hate that is in their holy book and the crimes committed by their prophet and apologize?    

Before taking democracy to Islamic countries, let us save our own democracy at home. Our own democracy is under attack. We are afraid to talk in our own “democratic countries”.  Most Media are scared to publish articles critical of Islam. Those who do publish them deserve praise. If you speak the truth, the way you see it, you can loose our job like Michael Graham or the editor Jacques Lefranc of France . Or you’ll be forced to apologize like Paul Harvey and Lowell Greene, face lawsuits like Oriana Fallaci, or be stabbed to death like Theo Van Gogh. Where is our democracy? Where is our freedom of speech?    

Why spend so much money and sacrifice the lives of our young men and women to bring democracy to a people who have no appreciation for it and are not grateful of our sacrifices? "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs.” 

Get rid of those despots who threaten our world and let the Muslims sort their own problems. They must learn democracy on their own. Often democracies are born out of bloodshed. If that is the rout they want to take, let them. We have a model of democracy that works and they are welcome to use if they want, and yes it was born out of bloodshed too. But if they want to have it their way, who are we to stop them? We must protect our own freedom, which is in grave danger.   

Today, we must stand by Denmark that is hurting because of the boycotts imposed on it by the Muslims. Stop feeding the Pedestrians who bite your hand a billion dollars a year. Use that money to save Denmark and the other victims of Islamic bullishness. Say no to Islamofascism and defend our own freedom of speech and our democracy.   

Ali Sina is the founder of www.faithfreedom.org the organ of ex-Muslims striving against political Islam.

Permission is given to reprint this article. 


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