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Abul Taher:
Are a lot of the people that write for you actually Muslims, or militant Christians or Jews masquerading behind Muslim names?  

Ali Sina:
Actually Muslims don't write for Faith Freedom International . Most of the writes of FFI are ex-Muslims. I don't have any reason to believe they are Jews masquerading as Muslims. Many Muslims have said the same thing about me. I tell them, suppose that is the case. Can you prove me wrong? Would our arguments become automatically invalid if we are Jews and Christians masquerading  as Muslims?  I also publish articles about Islam written by Christians, Jews, Hindus and others. Muslims are waging Jihad against all mankind and hence all mankind should unite to expel this common threat.    

Abul Taher:
You did not explain why you became an apostate, and your criticism of Islam as a religion.  

Ali Sina:
I wrote two testimonies about my apostasy, explaining how and why and the tremendous ordeal that I went through before becoming enlightened and accepting the fact that Muhammad was no prophet of God but a charlatan cult leader no different from Jim Jones, David Koresh or Shoko Asahara. You can find my testimonies here: http://faithfreedom.org/testimonials.htm  

In nutshell, one day I decided to read the Arabic Quran from cover to cover using an English translation as dictionary. It was then that the stupidity of this book became manifest to me and I realized we are dealing with a dangerous and evil cult. This was, about 11 years ago and I started my online campaign of helping Muslims see the truth and leave Islam about seven years ago.    

Abul Taher:
Would the same criticisms not be valid for other religions as well? Are there no falsities in the Bible, etc?  

Ali Sina:
Yes of course. All religions are based on faith and faith means acceptance of postulates as truth without evidence. All faiths are irrational. If they were rational and you could prove them, they would be called "facts" not "faiths". There can be no harmony between faith and reason. Some newer religions promote this as part of their tenets. But that is oxymoronic and demagogic.  Harmony of science and faith is a logical fallacy and makes as much sense as a spherical cube does. 

So why single out Islam? It is because Islam is evil. It preaches hate, violence and terror. Jesus says love thy neighbor. Let us say Jesus was a liar. So what? What is so bad about loving our neighbors, forgiving others' sins or turning the other cheek instead of tit for tat and retaliation? Turning the other cheek may not be practical and I do not subscribe to it, but it is not an evil teaching. It is not FAITH that I am fighting against. It is HATE that I am fighting against. Islam is a cult of hate created by a psychopath and that is why it is dangerous.  

Muhammad was a pathological narcissist and now a billion people who follow him evince symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. This is the danger. It is the narcissism of a billion Muslims that makes their lives a living hell and the world an unsafe place, not the lies that they believe. 

As narcissists, Muslims are paranoid, have victim mentalities, feel humiliated, have explosive personalities, are vengeful, lack empathy, are oblivious of the pain that they cause to others, lack conscience, consider themselves superior to others, demand preferential treatments while they deny the basic human rights of others, are scornful and abusive of others but expect respect and undeserving recognition. They lack self- esteem but are most concerned about their image. It is not that they love themselves, in fact they don't, they are ashamed of themselves but they are in love with their own reflections. What matters to them most is not how they are and how they feel inside but how others see them. The image is more important than true self. Their world is in shambles but they are most concerned to protect the image of Islam. It's all about keeping the appearances. 

A few years ago, when criticism of Islam was still a novelty and Muslims had the Internet all to themselves, a Muslim wrote to me and complained that I should not have revealed the fact that Muhammad had slept with a 9-year-old child and ended his email saying ruefully, "the damage is already done". What surprised me was that this Muslim was not bothered by the fact that Muhammad had sex with a 9-year-old child but was disturbed that this news had leaked out to the Internet. For narcissists truth is irrelevant, it is the image that must be preserved. 

When their faith is defied and the asininity of their belief becomes manifest; Muslims display supercilious imperturbability and nonchalantly claim, “their faith is strengthened”. Although deeply hurt, they remain unimpressed and cold.  This is a typical narcissistic response. Narcissists try to hide their vulnerability and their anger by feigning insouciance, aloofness and remain disimpassioned when criticized and humiliated and when an outburst of violence is not an option. I have receive countless emails from Muslims who "thank me for making their faith in Islam grow". 

Muslims do not value personal integrity and do not respect the rights of other people. None of the so-called "Islamic human rights" organizations are concerned about the abysmal rights of non-Muslims in Islamic countries and not even about the human rights abuses of nominal Muslims in Islamic countries. They pop up only in non-Muslim democracies and their sole mission is to wreak havoc when someone criticizes Islam, demand apologies and resignations and make sure that Muslims are treated preferentially. 

Muslims have a grandiose sense of self-importance and expect to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements. They are envious of others and believe that others are envious of them. They are arrogant and show haughty behaviors and attitudes. They suffer from a chronic lack of confidence and are fundamentally dissatisfied, but mask this with violence and a ruthless explosive personality, victimizing often those who are most vulnerable and can't retaliate. These were traditionally their wives and children, but now with terrorism, they can victimize everyone and enjoy the sensation of power that this gives them. They seek respect and importance by instilling fear. Their brazen and reckless behavior covers up for a depressive, anxious interior. Their souls are barren landscapes of misery and fears. You may find individual Muslims who do not fall into this mold. But we are talking about general traits and not exceptions. 

Muslims are walking scar tissues. They collectively suffer from narcissistic personality disorder because they have entered into Muhammad's psychotic bubble universe, think like him and behave like him. The more they emulate their role model and are influenced by his psychotic mind, the more pathological they become. Living with one narcissist is like living in hell. Imagine having to share this planet with a billion of them. However, since the narcissistic personality disorder of Muslims is a reflection of Muhammad's psychosis, once they leave Islam and are no more influenced by its nefarious effect, they can recover, albeit it requires effort and self-awareness. Likewise, those who convert to Islam, and to the extent that they follow Muhammad, acquire his disorder, become narcissists and even dangerous. 

The transformation is gradual and incremental and often unnoticeable to the victims but it starts with their first flirt with Islam. They subconsciously and mechanically side with the Islamic cause and in one way or another become sympathetic to the Islamic terrorists in Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, etc. They rationalize and even condone the butcheries of Muslim terrorists. They take the side of the Muslims blindly and without investigating the facts wherever there is a conflict between Muslims and others. They deceive themselves by deliberately ignoring the disturbing facts about Muhammad's immoral and indecent life and instead strive to look in that elusive "big picture" that exists in nowhere but their fantasies to justify all his evil acts. They think the critics of Islam make too much ado about Muhammad's lust for little girls and his sexual immorality, rapes, theft, assassination, and even genocide. They justify his killings, first because they are lied to and genuinely believe that he fought in self defense, but eventually, as the truth becomes clear to them their conscience is so numbed that they approve his crimes, convincing themselves that his victims deserved their cruel fate because they opposed Allah and his messenger. The dehumanization is gradual and incremental, to the extent that the converts become entirely narcissistic, bereft of any decency, conscience or humanity, capable of betraying their own country and even capable of killing their own parents. Yes, even their own parents. I received an email from an American mom who confided that her son converted to Islam and one day told her that he would not hesitate to kill her if America becomes part of the Islamic Khilafat and the order comes to kill the infidels. No surprise here. In the time of Muhammad, the young son of Abdullah ibn Obay, the disaffected leader of Medina, approached Muhammad and told him that if it is the prophet's wish to assassinate his father, he should be given the honor of fulfilling his wish.      

Abul Taher:
Just recently the evangelist Pat Robertson went on TV to say that he endorses the assassination of the President of Venezuela. Some Christians also assassinated health workers in abortion clinics. Terrorism is common to all religions. Why you single out only Islam?     

Ali Sina:
Yes there are nutcases in all religions. Voltaire said, those who make you believe in absurdities make you commit atrocities. The greater is your acceptance of irrational beliefs the bigger is the chance of you behaving insanely. However we are not talking about the conduct of the believers but the teachings of the founders. The core of Christianity is not violent. It is love and forgiveness. This does not mean that Christians have always lived up to that standard. People have done horrendous things in the name of all religions. But when you look at Islam you see that violence and terrorism is part of the teaching. Muhammad himself was a ruthless terrorist. He set the example. The life of Jesus, (which I believe is all mythical) is full of saintly examples. Jesus, as portrayed in the Bible, is the paragon of goodness. Muhammad, as portrayed by the early Muslims, was truly a demonic personage. There is no comparison between Jesus and Muhammad. It is like comparing apple and dog poop. If you believe in the lies of Christianity and follow it, you can become a holy person. If you believe in the lies of Islam and follow it, you'll become a terrorist, a monster.    

Abul Taher:
You not only became an apostate but seem to have a mission to disprove Islam, can you explain why? Is it from a bitter experience, etc?  

Ali Sina:
No, fortunately I did not experience any bitterness in my personal life. However, I saw many lives shattered by Islam. I witnessed the Islamic Revolution in Iran and saw how in the name of God the most heinous barbarities were committed. Young girls were raped before execution, dissidents were tortured, thousands and thousands of innocent people were just killed with no compunction accused of defying Allah and his representatives on Earth. At the time I dismissed all those savageries as “un-Islamic”. Later, when my knowledge of Islam increased, I realized what the Mullahs in Iran did was very Islamic. These thugs were following the examples of their prophet and doing his biddings.  

Why I have dedicated my life to disprove Islam and eradicate it? It is because now I know Muslims are victims of a huge lie. This lie is the cause of terrorism, upheavals, barbarity, much bloodshed, dictatorship, misogyny, discrimination, human rights violations, poverty, backwardness and misery of a billion people and fear and terror for the rest. How many more reasons you need? Once you come to this realization, it is impossible for you to sit quiet. You want to shout to the world and let everyone see the truth. The world is heading towards disaster. The apocalyptic end of the world is near. If we don’t do something, we will be destroyed. Billions of lives could perish and certainly all Muslims will be annihilated. This is going to happen. I can see this happening with the same clarity that an insightful economist can see the coming of the market crash. But we can stop this from happening. How? By telling the truth! By reaching to Muslims and telling them Islam is false and Muhammad was a liar and a very evil man. Islam is not a religion. It is insanity. It is a dangerous cult. Leave it. 

Once Muslims start leaving their cult in huge numbers terrorism will end. Terrorists take their moral support and confirmation from the masses of Muslims. Unlike common criminals terrorists do not kill for financial gain. They kill and die for their faith, out of hate, and the promise of an afterlife reward. If we make it clear that this faith is false, that whatever Muhammad said about paradise and hell were lies, that he shamelessly concocted these lies to scare people into accepting him as a prophet, wage war for him, sacrifice their lives for him and make him the potentate of the land, that he personally benefited from those lies, the young gullible potential suicide bomber will think twice before blowing up his own body in the bogus hope of going to paradise and having orgies with celestial whores.  

How can this be done? It is by convincing Muslims that Islam is false, or even casting doubt on their faith. I am offering $50,000 dollars to anyone who can prove Muhammad was a messenger of God. Let me better it. You don't have to prove that he was a prophet to get this money. I even give it to anyone who can prove that Muhammad was not a criminal. I have proven that Muhammad was a thief, an assassin, a lecher, a plunderer, a pedophile, a rapist, a treacherous liar who broke his treaties and committed other crimes. Far from being a saintly prophet, he was a monster. These are not light charges. Prove me wrong and I will remove my site. I will announce publicly that I was wrong and I will give you $50,000 dollars as reward. This is my challenge. There are over a billion Muslims and not a single one of them has been able to take this challenge and win. What this tells you?  

Now you see why I do this. It is because the future of mankind is at stake. It is because on the success and failure of this cause depend the lives of millions or even billions of people. Can you find any cause more important than saving mankind from another world war? We are talking about a nuclear war. We are talking about cities going up in flames and hot mushrooms from hell rising over them.  

Why?  Why this should happen?

It is because of one mans’ insanity and the sheer stupidity of a billion gullible idiots who follow this psychopath brainlessly and unquestioningly. A great portion of mankind is about to perish for a lie. Isn’t this nuts?    

And you ask me why I do this?  It is I who should ask you, why you don't do this? We are a few people who do this. Why don't you join us?

Telling the truth is such a simple act, yet it has such a great effect. Mankind is victim of a lie and only truth can save us. Why not tell the truth? As individuals we can’t do much but what we can do is tell the truth and truth will change everything. It will save our lives and our world. I am telling the truth and I urge everyone to tell the truth. This is a simple act with great upshot. Once falsehood is replaced by the truth, the wars will end, the hatreds will vanish, and the divisive “us vs. them” mentality that the narcissist Muhammad has instilled in his foolhardy followers will give way to: all mankind are members of one family and we are all brothers and sisters to each other. A new day of peace and happiness of humankind will dawn; peace and joy will replace wars and hatreds.  

In this terror story, Muslims are the bad guys. They are the villains. They are following an evil man and therefore do evil. Every man, woman and child who follows Muhammad, without questioning his faith and without investigating the truth is part of this evil army and is guilty. Ignorance is not an excuse. When the Nazis ruled, not all the Germans were involved in ethnic cleansing, gassing and cremating innocent people, but they were guilty because they supported a regime that did all those things. Whether ignorant of what their government was doing or not, they contributed to it. The same can be said about Muslims. Not all the Muslims are engaged in acts of terrorism, but they are all guilty for being part of Islam which is the same organization the terrorists belong to.    

Muhammad laid siege on the quarter of the Bani Quraiza. His brain dead followers surrounded the fortress and cut the water to its inhabitants. Prior to Muhammad coming to their town, these people were friends and allies. The Jews stayed inside their fortress for 25 days. Eventually hunger and thirst and the cries of their children forced them to surrender and submit to the tyrant’s judgment. He ordered all the men including boys who had grown pubic hair to be beheaded and dumped their bodies in ditches. He then took the women and children as slaves and sex slaves, gave the young and pretty ones to his cronies, kept Rayhanah for himself and sold the rest to equip his army. He took possession of their entire wealth and gave some to those whom he chose to favor. His explanation was that no war was fought and therefore his foolish followers who assisted him in the siege did not have to be rewarded. Can we say the stupid followers of Muhammad were innocent? Would the Jews have surrendered if they were not besieged by the masses of brainless Muslims rallying around Muhammad brandishing their scimitars and casting fear into their hearts? Yes the Medinans did not kill the Jews, but it was thanks to their support of Muhammad that the Jews capitulated and were executed in cold blood.  

Today not all the Muslims are terrorists. But would the terrorists continue with their dastardly acts if there were no Muslims cheering for them and finding justification for their terror?  No. my dear Mr. Taher, Muslims can’t wash their hands and say it is not our fault. Every Muslim has blood on his or her hand. Every Muslim is indirectly supporting and validating the terrorists by simply being part of the Islamic terror network. Every Muslim is evil because he has embraced an evil cause and worships a terrorist. More guilty are those idiots who convert to Islam and those "useful idiots" who defend this cult and try to appease Muslims even though they are not Muslims themselves.    

Talking about the false prophets, Jesus said, you will recognize them by their fruits. I tasted the fruits of Muhammad and found them bitter and poisonous. I read his biography and his words and determined he was not a prophet but a mentally deranged psychopath no different from Hitler. All Islamic countries are wastelands of miseries. How many more proofs you need? I invite all Muslims to do what I did. Don't rely on what you are told. Investigate the truth on your own. Read the Quran; read the Sira and Hadith and use your brain. That is easier said than done. How can brainwash people use their brain? Have conscience and evaluate Muhammad according to the Golden Rule. That too is a cliché, narcissists have no conscience. As a Muslim you are hopeless! Ask yourself, is it right to be treated the way Muhammad treated the unbelievers of his time? How would you feel if a group of barbarians raid your home with no warning, kill you, rape your wife, take your children as slaves and then ask them to worship their savage leader. Would you say such savages are from God? And yet that is exactly what you are doing, whether you are Arab, Persian, Egyptian, Turk or Pakistani, your ancestors were forced to accept Islam after their parents were butchered at the orders of Muhammad, and now you worship that savage man and have become an instrument of his madness doing the same to others. How much stupidity is enough? If you don't like to be treated that way, then know that what Muhammad did was evil. Be smart. Dare to doubt! You won't go to paradise for being stupid. I know it is difficult for you to think, I know you are incapable of rational thought, I know you are a brain-dead zombie,  but try it. Damn it, try it! It was hard for me too, but I did it. I did it because I had conscience. You can do it too. Just have some conscience.   

Muslims must leave Islam. The alternative is war and destruction of mankind. If your terrorist brothers start the nuclear war, you will die, all of you will die and will go to hell for being stupid and for being the follower of a psychopath devil. This insanity must end. Have mercy on yourself and your children. Come to your senses and stop this madness. You are at the brink of destroying the world. Why? all for a lie! A lie that your learned scholars are stuck like donkey in mud unable to prove. This is stupid, stupid, stupid. 


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