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Islamic Killers Hamas Rule 

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Jan 26, 2006

Islamic killers international are gradually taking over the New Jersey-sized nation, Israel. Theyíve already taken Gaza. Itís turned into a Muslim-killing-Muslim bloodlet.

Now Palestinian territories will vote in Hamas power today. Mahmoud Abbasí Fatah will slink into the shadows. Hamasí legalistic murder spree will spread and thereby strangle hold Israel all the more.

In the meantime, Abbas, who has encouraged his own to get out to vote, playing the democracy clone, will lose all around.

He has already lost in the eyes of many Muslims for not being efficient in government organization, not being aggressive enough like unto Yasser Arafat, and being too logical in his diplomatic efforts. Abbas is not Arafat. Abbas is toned-down, philosophical and given to reconciliation. Therefore, as he sends forth his own to the polls, he could be burying himself with his own finesse.

No doubt that will ensure within a short time frame Hamas gathering its killing crew for the slaughter extended.

Hamas has played on occasion the public relations game of being for peace. Hamas lies. Hamas lives to slay. Hamas has committed itself to the killing cult, Islam, and none other. Hamas heeds the Koranís Allah dictates to slaughter and maim, particularly the "Jew-pigs," as Middle East Muslims delight in referring to Jews.

Therefore, the can is opening wider and wider to let loose carnage maximum. The canís lid has slid off and now will spill forth the unthinkable.

Abbas will be lost in the dust. The Roadmap for Peace will have shredded into worn strips. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is ill. Again, Gaza is a hell pit. Now Palestinian territories will endure more of the same.

It reminds me of New Iraq. Free peoples were elated that Iraqis got their democracy vote at the polls. But what has the election given us? Has it opened up a quasi-three-nation within one border: Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, the latter set for gunning one another in civil war as presently exists in Gaza? And will New Iraq Iraqi security forces / militia use their state-of-the-art training from multinational forces to turn on the democracy plant?

Elections donít necessarily mean everything civil, even free elections. Itís what results after those elections. In other words, it takes a lot of wit and patience and time to educate a public in the meaning of "democracy." This is particularly so when base lining the culture with the killing cult, Islam. Islam even turns on its own in the name of Allah. So the one with the gun wins.

Yes, Abbas could be watching his own political funeral this week. It just could happen.

And with the celebration will come Hamas delighting in shooting up the skiesóand humans wherever they be. Remember that many in Hamas are youth who simply donít care about much of anything but shoot-em-up in the streets. To hell with politics, dialogue boardroom tables, and treaties.

Itís more fun just to open up the gunfire and watch the bleeding troughs overflow.

Copyright © 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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