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  Iran: Muslims Hang Teen Girls, Plan Another

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


She had no lawyer. She tried to defend herself. In the end the government took her to the noose. She was hung. The 16-year-old body was accused of committing "acts incompatible with chastity."

Her family tried to defend her. The court would have none of it.

Atefeh Rajabi was put to death after a "sham trial," according to Iran Focus.

She said in her report to the Islamic legalistic radical judge that "he should punish those who force women into adultery, not the victims." Her words fell on deaf ears, as if often the case in Muslim countries where women are worse than dung.

She was taken to the gallows, hung in public in the northern town of Neka .

Such is life and death in Iran .

In another case involving Delara Darabi, she was charged with murder. She, a teen-ager, will hang according to the courtís decision in Rasht , northern Iran . She denied the charges.

In still another incident, Nazanin, the victim of an attack, tried to defend herself against rapists. The Muslim males also tried to rape her niece who was with her at the time.

Etemaad, the state-run newspaper, reported that the 18-year-old "confessed to stabbing one of three men who had attacked the pair along with their boyfriends while they were spending some time in a park west of the Iranian capital in March 2005."

In the fracas, the boy friends got on their motorbikes and fled, leaving the two girls defenseless. With that, rapists proceeded with their attacks.

Three Muslims "pushed her and her 16-year-old niece Somayeh onto the ground and tried to rape them." She then took a knife, stabbing one of the menís hand. The men continued with the attack.

As the girls attempted to run from the park, the men bodily got hold of them again. Nazanin then stabbed one of the men in the chest. "The teenage girl broke down in tears in court as she explained that she had no intention of killing the man but was merely defending herself and her younger niece from rape."

The decision of the court? Nazanin will be hanged to death.

Such is life and death in Iran .

Please act to save Nazanin 


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