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Muslim Murderers: Kill British Queen

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


The Queen of England is "an enemy of Islam," according to Al-Qaeda. She, like all other infidels, must be slain.

According to "Mohammad Sidique Khan, ringleader of the London bombings that killed 52 commuters from Mohammad Sidique Khan, ringleader of the London bombings that killed 52 commuters," all non-Muslims must be slaughtered. That is reported by Abul Taher in Times On Line.

Khan states: "’It is very clear, brothers and sisters, that the path of jihad and the desire for martyrdom is embedded in the holy prophet and his beloved companions.

"’By preparing ourselves for this kind of work, we are guaranteeing ourselves for paradise and gaining the pleasure of Allah.

"’And by turning our back on this work, we are guaranteeing ourselves humiliation and the anger of Allah. Jihad is an obligation on every single one of us, men and women.’"

There you have it. It is the Islamic call to worldwide rule in the name of the Koran’s Allah. In order to rule, Muslims must have no planetary inhabitants but themselves, cowardly Muslims excluded by being executed along with the non-Muslims.

This Khan mandate is stated in the context of cowardly Muslims in England giving allegiance to the Queen rather than bowing down solely to the Islamic deity. That is abhorrent to the likes of Khan; therefore, the Muslims now residing in England must be taught a lesson. They must fall in line with killing off non-Muslims, which would include the Queen, and thus set up Islamic rule in all of England . The Queen must go. Allah must rule from her throne in her place.

Al-Qaeda has gone so far as to state that the Queen is the "severest enemy of Islam." This is broadcast in a video message "justifying the July bombings in London ."

Here and there across the globe, insane Muslims are corralling their own cultists into killing off the masses. These crazies then move into such Muslim nations as Jordan to press the point. They move into a Muslim wedding feast to underline their ambition as being supreme.

This is World War III. It is held in various unpredictable locales. It is seen through by warriors dressed in wedding attendees’ garb. It is a whole different mode of combat. Nevertheless, it is just as real and deadly.

Finally, with the Jordanian massacre, the Muslims leaders such as the Jordanian King are castigating their own. It is time, long overdue time. Far past real-time in real-life. Nevertheless, peace-peoples are happy that at last somebody belonging to the Islamic clique is speaking out against Islamic killers international. Time will tell if their voices increase in volume and number. Don’t count on it being a wild surge for peace. Nevertheless, in these confusing times anything is possible.

Obviously with the Queen of England under attack, every democracy leader of every freedom-based country is under attack. It is merely a matter of time until there is an assassination and then a number of them dominoing the hellish craze of Islamic slaughterers who thrill at blood in the streets.

That is why France is wise to inform the public that Muslim rioters will be deported promptly. The British lawmakers were amiss in not supporting British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his efforts to corral the social destroyers by putting them away for at least a 90-day period while investigations were undergoing.

The United States has been walking the fine line in not wanting to incite Muslim riots and at the same time having the President refer to Islam as "an ideology of hate." Blair has called it an "evil ideology." Yet on the other hand, Mr. Bush placed the Koran in the White House library for the first time at which time he invited Muslims to a dinner in the White House. Laura Bush met in another room with Muslim women to celebrate the occasion.

So it appears that national leaders don’t know what to do to stave off the Muslim killers. They placate them. They threaten them. They deport them. They tolerate them. They pat them on the back. They smile at them. They scowl at them.

All the while the Queen sits upon her throne — in danger.








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