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Blair Speaks Reality: “Exclude And Deport” : Muslim Murderers

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


Finally a freedom-based national leader is speaking reality concerning the truth that the civilized world is already waging World War III. It is the Muslim murderers global versus the non-Muslims.  

In order to win this war, leaders have to quit rhetoric staging for news feeds and start acting. We’ve had enough speeches on national resolve. Now it’s time to get rid of the killers international by hoisting them out of our countries. It’s either that or corralling them into internment camps.  

Now British Prime Minister Tony Blair states that it’s imperative that liberty nations “exclude and deport” immigrants who intend on slaughtering the innocent. As far as England is concerned, new policies are going to put into action.  

“Exclude” should mean internment. “Deport” should mean deportation.  

“The rules of the game are changing,” Blair said. In fact, the rules of the game have needed changing for some time now, at least since 9/11.  

Freedom-based republics are far too lenient with personages within their borders who disagree with the basic freedom postulates of the republics. Freedom means having the right to spout off, disagree, be contentious and go to the streets shouting all sorts of disputing remarks.  

With that kind of open season for doing-one’s-own-thing, Muslim murderers global have schemed to take over the open fields of liberty nations. They are going far beyond the rants and raves of biased speakers in the parks.  

Their plan is to kill off every non-Muslim so that Islam rules the planet. Blair is finally realizing that that is the nub of the enemy’s plot. There is no other agenda with Islamic slayers. They will kill even their own if their own get in the way of Allah’s command to wipe out all non-Muslims.  

Blair has already called the Muslim killing cult an “evil ideology.” US President George W. Bush has now moved from referring to Islam as a “peace religion” to calling it “an ideology of hate.”  

With the change in vernacular and definition regarding Islam, Blair is now providing his citizenry with ousting plans. He said it could come about via the Human Rights Act being amended.  

Blair has even gone so far as to state that his own nation’s security forces can prosecute “preachers of hate” who are located near and in mosques. That means that Blair’s target for change is indeed the Islamic killing cult.  

Again, Islam is not really a world religion among world religions; it is a killing cult. No other world religion espouses killing those who disagree with its tenets; Islam does have that as its baseline.  

Blair now adds to his statement that Muslims are a part of an “evil ideology” that they are also led by mosque clerics and others who are “preachers of hate.”  

Blair goes further to state that anyone wanting to house in Britain will not be permitted across the borders if they are discovered to be a part of the worldwide takeover for Islam.  

Knowing that there are Muslims in Britain who regard themselves as honorable, Blair did state a footnote informing the public that such individuals would not be categorized with the Muslim murderers global.  

However, the reality is that there are no truly peace-oriented Muslims in the world. All Muslims are bound to the Koran’s Allah who has dictated that every Muslim see through the slaughter of every non-Muslim.  

Therefore, every Koran disciple is bound to be a potential killer or be killed by a Muslim who is in fact a killer.  

Blair is then caught with a dilemma when he opens the door for so-called peace-oriented Muslims to remain in Britain for no one can guarantee any Muslim dweller as being totally for peace. No one.  

There are sleeper cells in all freedom-based countries. These cells are waiting to explode, such initiated by so-called peace-oriented Muslims. Therefore, we live alongside the enemy every day everywhere.  

What Blair is coming to is what Mr. Bush must come to. I envision that as soon as the United States experiences a London-type bombing, Mr. Bush will be dittoing the same words as Blair.  

What is needed is for Mr. Bush to make such declarations now. Americans cannot wait for more carnage. We have already had our London bombing in the horrific scenes of 9/11. What then are we waiting for?  

Deport the Muslims or place them in internment camps. There are those who oppose these measures. But the time will come when there will be no alternatives. With that, we must make that “time will come” to be present-tense.







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