Leaving Islam



Blair Sees the Light Re Islam Finally

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


We are slowly moving from deception planted to enlightenment. It was not too many months ago that political leaders, including US President George W. Bush, were speaking of the Muslim clot as a "religion of peace."

Now Mr. Bush speaks of Islam as an "ideology of hate."

Just in the past few hours, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has referred to the same disease an "evil ideology." Finally the facts are coming to the fore. Truth is having its twilight. Islam = "hate" and "evil." Yes!

When these two men come to the light regarding the killing cult, then surely others will. The question is if those within the Muslim conclave of power clutch will own up to the reality that they are a part of the murdering cult. Hardly. If they confess such to the media, they are due to being slain by their own.

Islam facts: the Koran Allah states that all Muslims must kill non-Muslims. Those Muslims who donít must themselves be killed. In the end, only Muslims inhabit the planet. Thatís it ó plain and horrific.

Now Blair has come to the press microphones to state that he no longer regards the Islamics are devotees of a nice hold on deity. They have blown up parts of London and sliced through innocent lives. They sent their own bones into the air for gaining a playboy orgy in Allahland, such promised in the unholy treatise known as "The Koran."

I presume that Mr. Bush will no longer refer to that publication as a "holy book." I presume none of his cabinet members likewise will refer to that book as a "holy book." Heretofore, they have done just that as we who know the facts about Islam have winced and grimaced.

As the world community for peace gets deeper into the Islamic hell canyons, the peace lovers will shout that Muslims must go. Islam must be shut down, just as any killing cult is shut down. At least this must occur in the freedom nations. If the Muslims continue to provide for "honor killing" and such atrocities in the name of Allah, then there is little freedom peoples can do about it.

But at least within the liberty countries, we must snuff out the sleeper cells where mosque clerics teach hate and slaughter. We must broadcast worldwide that such Islamic web sites as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are fostering slicing through every non-Muslim alive.

There must be an exceptionally concerted effort on the part of every non-Muslim to wipe this scourge from the Earth.

Right now we are twiddling. We are playing the fiddles. This cannot continue. An all out attack must be made by all peace peoples against the enemy that would level everyone non-Islamic into the dust. 






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