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Bush Should Not Encourage Turkey to Join EU

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


US President George W. Bush and Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan talked with one another in Washington DC in the last hours.

According to Reuters, Mr. Bush encouraged Turkey to continue pursuits to become a part of the European Union, a measure particularly important to Erdogan’s leadership.

"Bush told Erdogan, who leads the largest Islamic party in Turkey, that he continued to support his bid to join the European Union, although an EU crisis over adoption of a constitution for the 25-member bloc has raised doubts about expansion.

"French and Dutch voters rejected the proposed EU constitution in referendums last week -- decisions motivated partly by fears that Muslim Turkey may eventually join the bloc.

"Turkey is due to start EU entry talks in October."

When French and Dutch voters said NO to the newly written EU constitution, one of the main reasons for that response was that they fear Turkey’s membership in the EU. They don’t want it. Turkey’s presence is not healthy, not good, not sane.

Though Turkey continues its public relations program of broadcasting that it is a totally secular nation with merely a Muslim backdrop, it is not just that simple a secular society. It is very much Islamic. Very much so. In fact, so much so that Turkey convinced EU’s Council of 46 to pass a law that anyone criticizing Islam throughout Europe could be jailed or worse.

Is that a totally secular Turkey? Or is that Muslim-based Turkey intent on overtaking the world for Allah, just as the Koran dictates?

Therefore, understanding this, it is unfortunate that Mr. Bush encouraged Turkey to continue with EU involvement, let alone another attempt to join the EU. It is hoped that the European voters will continue then to ward off Turkey. Admitting Turkey into the European community is exceptionally dangerous. The continued immigration of Muslims into European countries is bringing havoc.

It is the same anywhere Muslims are spreading themselves, and that they are indeed doing daily, especially now in Mexico and throughout South America.

Wherever there are poverty and governmental corruption, Islam flourishes. This means that more and more zealot Muslims are gearing up to slay all "infidels," that is, non-Muslims. Those Muslims not courageous enough to slay the non-Muslims will themselves be slain by the devout Allah worshipers.

Mr. Bush should not have given the nod to Turkey’s Prime Minister regarding EU membership. Instead, he should have warned Turkey leadership that any more teachings of killing off non-Muslims will not be tolerated by civilized countries.






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