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Muslims: More Honor Killing

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


Who killed her? Her brother is accused of slaying her.  

Why did he kill her? If it is proven that he did in fact kill her, it would be to see through the Muslim custom of doing away with a female who has brought dishonor to the household. Itís known as "honor killing."  

Males do away with females who defame the family. They shoot them. They slice their throats. One way or another, the offending female must be put out.  

And all this happened where? In Amsterdam .  

It happens elsewhere around the globe wherever there are those who follow Allahís dictate to get rid of women who are considered less worthy than house pets. These males who look down on their women consider them females under a demonic curse from conception.  

The males actually believe that these women are ten exposures of the genitals. When and if the female marries, her husband expunges one of the curses. But nine still remain.  

Therefore, obviously the female hardly stands a chance for surviving an entire normal expectant lifetime. Somewhere along the years she is bound to defame the family, even though she is covered with fabric from head to toe. Nevertheless, if she does not in fact offend, a male may have an illusion that she offends. Whatever ó she is done away with.  

Sometimes when this occurs, the male then may cling to the slain female for he has been torn between murdering her and still loving her as sister or niece or whomever. Itís all insane and yet it goes on according to Islamic custom. Most of the time in Muslim cultures it does not make the press. Itís a murder hidden, even from neighbors, that is, unless Muslim neighbors agree that the woman deserved the killing.  

Some Muslims oppose such reporting as this for they claim that it does not exist. These Muslims who claim that honor killing does not exist are sheltered Muslims. There are those who are sheltered from the horrific truth of their own religion. Nevertheless, sheltered or not, honor killing has existed. Honor killing still exists. Sometimes it is reported in the Muslim media; other times it is not reported. Reported or not, it goes on.  

In Amsterdam , "An Iraqi-Kurdish man, 21, is suspected of murdering his sister, 18, to protect the honor of the family, a court in Arnhem heard on Friday.  

"During a pre-trial hearing, the presiding judge indicated the court wanted to question the victim's foster mother and aunt to establish if the killing was ordered by her family in Iraq ."  

Now another female is in fear. That is the foster mother. She has gone into hiding for fear that her clan in Iraq may seek her death. The crazy situation spreads. This is not the only case in which the spread has occurred.  

"The foster mother is in hiding because she fears the family in Iraq wants to punish her for giving the victim too much freedom.  

"The victim was a non-practicing Muslim and had a child in 2004 by her non-Muslim boyfriend. She was killed 15 days after the birth of the baby.  

"Her brother had allegedly regularly threatened the victim, and she had made a complaint to police in November 2004, shortly before her death," according to Expatica News.  







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