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Freedom Demands in Iran Continue

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Apr 13, 2005

The freedom spread has not missed Iran.

Iranians knowledgeable of the New Iraq progress are now demanding that Iran become a democracy. They want freedoms like unto those in a democratic politic. They are deluging Iranian cities with clamor and protests, informing officialdom that itís time for a dramatic change.

The result has been "violent clashes," according to SMCCDI Information Service. Throughout recent hours these clashes have increased in western Iranian metropolitan areas in particular. These include Mahabad, Baneh and Piranshahr.

The streets have been clogged with protesters screaming out for a "democratic change in Iran." Islamic dictatorial forces have upped their presence in opposition to the mob gatherings.

In Mahabad especially there has been reported a death as well as numerous citizens injured due to the conflict between those calling for a political change and Iranian security forces. When additional militia were ordered into Marivan, they were not able to control the masses. Accesses to thoroughfares are being blocked by "enflamed tires."

When United States President George W. Bush began his call for liberties throughout the world, citizens in dictatorially controlled nations got hold of the challenge and are now letting their angst known to the powers-that-be. Mr. Bush continues his litany of liberties for all.

Those who are worn down by despots are echoing his beliefs within their own borders. It is a yearning of every human being to breathe free air. America has been blessed by its liberty milieu; others want that same opportunity.

There is now New Iraq planting its democracy. Afghanistan bravely continues with its liberties established. Ukraine has come forth as no longer tied to Russia but more in league with the United States lifestyle, even to registering to become a member of NATO. Egypt has promised free elections forthcoming. Therefore, there are those in Iran who conclude they are due like chances for democracy in their time.

"Violent clashes continued, yesterday and this evening, in several western Iranian cities, such as, Mahabad, Baneh and Piranshahr. Hundreds of protesters came, again, into streets in order to call for a democratic change in Iran, despite the heavy presence of Islamic regime's forces.

"Slogans against the Islamic regime and its leadership are consistently shouted by protesters in chase and run actions. Several security agents have been also injured in the clashes by armed masked individuals.

"Several official buildings and banks have been heavily damaged by fire. Protesters have been energized, since Wednesday, by the events in Iraq and its electoral process having lead to the election of the new Iraqi executive."






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