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Afghanistan Liberty Moves Ahead In Only 3 Years

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Jan 26, 2005

Itís amazing. But liberal press seems to treat the marvel as ho-hum or nonexistent. Typical. Thatís why so many Americans turned against the entrenched liberal reportage, voting down anti-Bush anchors in mainstream media to return George W. Bush to the White House.

So we daily go to the Bush news releases to find the truth about Afghanistan, for instance. There we read the words of one despised by the liberals ó press and politic. Heís Donald H. Rumsfeld, US Defense Secretary. Heís the one, after all, who led us to victory in a three-week-win war: Iraqi Freedom Operation. Yet now that Dems have lost so as to be near graveside, they want to trash Rumsfeld, the liberal reportage giving them all the ammunition they want.

However, Mr. Bush highly regards Rumsfeld, honoring him with accolades and of course keeping him as an integral part of his cabinet. Hurrah for the sane and fair moves of the present administration. Three cheers for the Red States that back up a reasonable executive branch of government.

Therefore, when scanning detail regarding Afghanistan advancements, who better to hear out than Rumsfeld: "A little over three years ago, al Qaeda was already a growing danger. The leader, Osama bin Laden, was safe and sheltered in Afghanistan. His network was dispersed throughout the world and had been attacking American interests for much of the 1990s.

"Three years later, more than three-quarters of al Qaeda's key members and associates have been detained or killed. Osama bin Laden is on the run, many of his key associates are behind bars or dead, his financial lines have been reduced.

"Once controlled by extremists, Afghanistan today is led by Hamid Karzai, a moderate leader who opposes terrorism and supports democracy. Soccer stadiums once used for public executions under the Taliban are today used ... for soccer.

"Over 10 million Afghans, 40 percent of them women, have registered to vote in the country's first national election on Oct. 9."

The Afghan presidential ballot tally in itself was one major dimension of the nationís come-upon to democracy planting. The citizenry, not used to casting votes, cast their votes. So they themselves elected their own president. They withstood the threats of Muslim murderers global in order to see through their own liberties. Freedom is an alluring bait ó legitimate at that.

Therefore, killers are thinking twice, thrice before loading up their guns for another slaying. Gradually, freedom will supplant them so that that bloody history will fade into a dim past. More than 10 million Afghans registered to vote in free elections. Thatís a miracle first class.

The Afghan militia and police saw through the protection of their own people. Turning against Taliban, they turned in favor of their own families. Coalition troops stood at the ready to assist locals. Put them all together for victory in elections reality: Joint Electoral Management Body, the International Security and Assistance Force and coalition forces.

"There are so many election day anecdotes demonstrating the Afghan people's commitment to peace, whether it was people across the country wearing their best clothes to vote, or the women of Konduz who refused to move when a rocket landed 200 meters from where they were waiting to vote," one official stated to media. "To leave, they said, would mean the rockets, and the people who fired them, would win. These women would defeat them by staying and voting."

Thatís the tenacity of the Afghans who thirst for liberty more than anything else. They will not soon take their newfound freedoms for granted.

If only the Americans discouraging democracy plantings in Afghanistan and New Iraq would realize how hungry those citizens are for the liberties realized daily in North America. If only Democrats who fought the President would understand that patriotism only has its worth when shared with countries once overruled by dictators.

"Witnesses saw elderly people walking and being ferried in goat carts, amputees on crutches in droves moving towards the polling booths and then, late in the evening, more elderly adults running to beat the poll closing deadline to cast their vote.

"It is clear that the Afghan people are winning the struggle against the extremists, and that the promise for Afghanistan's future is bright," Rumsfeld told media.







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