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May It Not Come To This: 
Bombing Millions Of Muslims?

By Joseph Grant Swank

Sam Harris’ book, THE END OF FAITH (W. W. Norton, $16.95), puts forth a "militant critique," according to reviewer Alan Wolfe, professor of political science and director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College.

"Harris is on — no other word will do — a crusade. Religion in general, and Islam in particular, hold to beliefs that any mind searching for evidentiary proof would have to dismiss as absurd," Wolfe writes.

With that admitted, author Harris then hammers away specifically at the insanity of Islam in this recent publication. He sizes up realistically that the Allah-is-great religion is a killing force to undo the planet’s population. In that, Harris is correct. That’s exactly what the Koran demands of its devotees. There are no moderate Muslims in the light of the Koran; they are but cowards if they will not slaughter every "infidel," that is, the non-Muslim, the Jew in particular.

Therefore, realizing that Islam is abhorrent, Harris warns the planet that it might have to set loose drastic measures in order to insure the ongoing safety of non-Muslims. Understanding how crazy the Muslim "faith" is, the reader’s one side of the brain could very well agree with Harris’ thesis. On the other hand, most of us would hope for an alternative.

Wolfe writes in his review of Harris’ book: "Comparisons between Harris and the fundamentalists he opposes are strengthened by the fact that he, like they, have a taste for the apocalyptic. Since Islam by its very nature cannot live with the West, and since Islamic states are acquiring nuclear weapons, we might have to just take them out through ‘a nuclear first strike of our own.’ Killing tens of millions of people may seem like ‘an unthinkable crime,’ Harris acknowledges, ‘but it may be the only course of action available to us, given what Islamists believe.’"

Wipe them out with a nuclear blow? That’s what Harris concludes might be the only realistic solution to bringing closure to the Muslim murderers global.


Unfortunately bombing millions of innocent people for the sole reason that they are Muslims is not only disgustingly inhumane, it is also not going to eliminate the danger of nuclear bombing of our cities but rather justify it. Those who are after the nuclear bomb are the Islamic terrorists such as the Iranian Mullahs and al Qaeda. How by killing millions of innocent people in Iran or Saudi Arabia can we stop these terrorists from blowing up our cities?

Isn’t removing the thugs in Tehran a much easier and more humane way of dealing with this threat?

Also isn’t educating Muslims so they can see that Islam is a satanic cult and not a religion of God a much better way for fighting terrorism?

It makes no sense protecting Islam, this ideology of hate and terror on one hand and then kill by millions its adherents. If we want to stop Islamic terrorism and end the threat of a nuclear war, we have to eradicate its ideology. Sites such as FFI are the only answer, not a preemptive nuclear strike. So far this site has been growing, thanks to the word of mouth. I expect the number of visitors this month (Jan 2005)  reach 180,000. But this is nothing when we have a billion Muslims to reach and educate. Education is giving its fruit. This site is effective. Why think of weapons of mass destruction when we can do much more with weapons of mass instruction?

Ali Sina







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