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Female Stoned This Month: Iran : Muslim Madness

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

How many females have been stoned in Allahís name? How many women have had their bodies crushed to death because the Koran says thatís what is to be? How many mothers and daughters have been dragged into the public place while men lift rocks to pound into their flesh until their bodies quit moving?

This is what goes on in Iran , for example.

When I read of this I think that an Iranian representative sits in a chair at the esteemed United National building in New York City . There he is honored. There he gets his perks. There he is wined and dined in Western Hemisphere fashion. There he is bowed to, mannerly treated, called by titles and so forth and so forth.

All the while he represents a back-alley country. He sits in a chair to stand in for a thug nation. He is dressed in the clothes of a gentleman; but he represents males who climb all over women with rocks and stones until those women lie as limp rags in the Iranian dust.

How many others are such thugs in nice threads in the UN building? Many. Many. Too many. And these are the power clutches that hold sway. These are the mad hatters that order the US around on one issue or another. These are the ones addressed by the US President during his last visit to the UN, appealing for freedom in all countries of the planet.

No wonder those alley thugs sat glum faced, starring down the President, giving him only slight applause at the close of his delivery. These are the men of the world ó particularly the Muslim madhouse world ó who donít know manners let alone civility. For example, they destroy their women at the drop of a notion.

So this particular woman is going to be stoned in December. She is accused of having had sex outside marriage. If that is indeed true, then produce the MALE. Have him stoned as well.

When Jesus was on Earth, some males brought a woman caught in adultery. They wanted her stoned. Jesus refused. Instead, he asked for the males to produce the male who was partner to the woman. They could not produce the adulterous male. So Jesus said to the woman, "Go and sin no more." In other words, Jesus extended His hope in grace.

But the Muslims donít know of any grace nor hope nor civility nor kindness. They surely donít know anything about justice.

Therefore, unless the sane world protests, this woman will be crushed into the earth this month. Hajiyeh Esmaelvand will breathe her last. The Islamic law demands it. The males are salivating to see it through because they are filled with the devil of the Muslim religion of hatred and murder.

Faithfreedom.org appeals to the levelheaded world to write to the Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to tell him that the woman must not be killed. Write him via email at [email protected] or fax him at 0098 21 649 5880.  


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