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Muslim Leadership / Media Numb To Muslim Slaughtering Of Non-Muslims

J. Grant Swank, Jr 

As Paul Martin of the Washington Times puts it this week, the Muslim leadership, and Muslim media in particular, is simply numb to Muslim slaughtering of non-Muslims. They sit on their hands. They cover their eyes. They donít open their mouths in protest. Itís just as if the international killers on behalf of Islam did not exist.

So it goes per usual with the killing-texted Koran which dictates to devotees to get rid of all non-Muslims ó wiping them off the planet. Therefore, the enthusiasts continue in the killing while the leadership continues drinking whatever they are drinking. But it surely does not produce an outrage at the barbaric acts performed in the name of Allah.

No doubt one of the reasons is because Islam followers have for so long crippled their women, set fire to Christian churches and put away non-Muslims whenever convenient. In other words, that which has become a way of life need not be changed. Further, though protests come from other parts of the world, there is no imperative that the Muslim leadership, including the so-called spiritual heads known as "clerics," say one word in discipline. After all, the Muslims doing the killing are simply following the expected. Therefore, instead of being castigated, they are to be praised.

Thatís what has been the stagnant state in the Middle East . It has gone on for so long because of Yasser Arafat and Company setting the example of killing off non-Muslims. When it comes to Israel , of course, it is the slaughter of the Jews, every last Jew ó all since May 14, 1984, when Israel was established as a legitimate nation by the United Nations.

So it is that Paul Martin sets forth in his editorial that "the beheadings of two Americans in Iraq this week have been treated as unwelcome developments in the Arab press, but the concern has been more for the image of Muslims than for the victims.

"Most organizations continued to cast the outrage as a small part of a wider conflict in which the United States is seen as the prime culprit.

"A survey of the Arabic press in the past few days found that almost all reported the kidnappings of two Americans and a Briton and the Internet posting of statements and videotapes depicting the grisly killings of the two Americans. Appeals for mercy from the family of British hostage Kenneth Bigley also were widely reported.

"But in most cases, the stories were quickly overtaken by extensive and colorful reports of bloodshed elsewhere in Iraq or in the Palestinian territories."

Therefore, when the Muslim killing-of-others is reported in the Muslim press, it is as a cold fact. The result then can very well be that Muslim enthusiasts see the report as a stimulus to keep on keeping on with the slicing and dicing. No discipline called for. No protest measured by the Muslim leadership. No labeling the "faith" acts as from hell. Just a simple, cold-set report.

"Al Jazeera, the most widely watched Arabic television channel, conducted a telephone poll during its top debating program, the Other Direction. In it, 93 percent of viewers said they approved of kidnapping foreigners in Iraq ó even though by then, one of the two American hostages had been decapitated.

"Laborer Mohammad Jassem. . .defended the right of Iraqis to kill and terrify Americans and those who work with them."

It will be the same in America unless the leadership calls Islam a killing religion rather than constantly referring to it as a "peace religion." Unless the US press gets with the reality check, the US will come under the same slicing and dicing as in other parts of the world.

Itís a matter of survival.  






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