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In Sura 2:23 Allah challenges anyone to produce a sura like it.  No one can write a sura like the suras of the Quran, so poetic and beautiful.  

The claim that the Quran is unique and no one can produce anything like it is a logical fallacy.  

All books are unique. Each person is different and unique. You can’t find two people alike. No two finger prints are alike, no two voices are alike, no two minds are alike, etc. No one can think and write in the exact same way that I do just as no one can think and write in the exact same way that you do. Of course many people can write much better than me, but not like it. So the challenge to produce a sura like those written by Muhammad is nothing but a fallacy.  

If the challenge was to produce a sura as beautiful as those in the Quran, it still would have been a fallacy. Aesthetic is subjective and it cannot be a measure of truth.  If you tell me find a woman as beautiful as the one I love, this challenge can't be met because you love only that woman.  She may not be the prettiest, but because you love her, you become blind to her defects. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.  

You read the Quran as a believer and remain in awe. You can’t see any errors in it because you are in love with it. I read the same book and find many errors in it.  To me it is a tedious and an ugly book.  Now you can say the translations are not good but the original in Arabic is very beautiful.  Let us agree wit this assumption for now. The fact remains that a non-Arab speaking person cannot see that beauty.  It is not the fault of people for being born non-Arabs, but because of this, they are deprived seeing the "beauty" of the Quran.  One can conclude that God has been extremely unfair to billions of non-Arabs. They can’t see the beauty of the Quran because they do not speak Arabic and consequently will go to hell.  Is this justice? To add insult to injury God chooses a language that according to Muslims  is impossible to translate in any other language and therefore we can’t even see the beauty of his work in translation. Is it our fault for being born non-Arabs? Certainly not! God made us non-Arabs and thus deprived us of seeing the beauty of his word and now he wants to burn us for eternity for failing to see what he deprived us to see. What kind of justice is this? It is like I tell you something in a language that you do not understand and then punish you for not understanding what I told you. This is just absurd.

The next problem with Muhammad's challenge is that it is not sincere. Look what he said right after he issued that challenge:

"But if ye cannot - and of a surety ye cannot - then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith". Qur'an 2.24

This is like someone saying give a speech as eloquent as mine and if you cannot – and of a surety you cannot – I will shoot you. With that kind of clause who dares to talk? Forget about the punishment of Allah, Muslims will behead any person who tries to meet this challenge.  

We recall Saddam Hussein used to hold “elections” where 99.98% of the population used to voted for him.  The elections were held open. The question was: Do you want Saddam? Yes or No? If you responded "No" then you could be killed.  This Challenge of the Quran is very much similar to Saddam’s elections.  In fact Muhammad was no different from Saddam.  He was a narcissist, like Hitler, Saddam, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il or Stalin.  All these monsters created personality cults around themselves and were loved by their foolhardy subjects.  Muhammad had also claimed to be the messenger of God. As such he can also be compared to Shoko Asahara, Jim Jones and David Koresh.  

However, there are some Arab-speaking non Muslims who say the Quran fails in grammar and aesthetic and they have produced several suras to meet this challenge. These suras are in comparison superior to the suras of the Quran (not my opinion, but the opinion of Arab ex-Muslims).  I can see the content of these suras are better than those of Muhammad.  Please take a look and tell me why you think the Suras of the Quran are superior to these. 


 If you can't, the challenge is met.  The burden of proof is on you.

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