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Dec 6, 2002


As a person of Iranian descent myself, I was very disappointed that a fellow countryman can hold such views about religion of eternal light. I am ready to face your challenge and want to know if you will keep your end of the promise, removing the site at once when you are proved wrong. I am a busy man, but have time to show thelight to a brother gone astray. Looking forward to your reply.



I am also very busy but since I live only once I want to do something meaningful with my life and I believe there is nothing more important than becoming an instrument of peace. My fight against Islam is due to the fact that I believe Islam is the major cause of hate in the world and if it is  weakened many lives would be saved and its billion victims will be happier and  peace will reign. 

Yes I agree to remove my site should you or anyone else prove my accusation against Islam and Muhammad wrong. I actually won't remove the site but I will replace the content of all the pages with one message. That message would be: I am hereby declaring that I have been proven wrong and Islam is a true religion of God. I will leave this page intact to show that you proved me wrong. 

I am curious to know what would you do if I prove that I am right and Islam is a false doctrine?  

Would you care to introduce yourself and tell the world what position you have? This is of course optional. You may remain anonymous if you wish so. Of course if you introduce yourself it proves that you are convinced of the superiority of your arguments. As you see I am publishing everything and promising to remove my site, what is your risk? 

Would you rather we continue this debate in a neutral forum such as 

Ali Sina 


Comments: I never heard of Zeeshan anymore. I hope he has realized that Islam is a false religion. 






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