Leaving Islam




Khairul Makerin: 

The Best Deceiver 


By Ali Sina

There is a verse in the Quran that says “they deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best deceiver.” (Q. 3:54

وَمَكَرُواْ وَمَكَرَ اللّهُ وَاللّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

Why would an all powerful God want to deceive, is something that only Muhammad can think of. Certainly, might and deception are oxymoronic. A God that resorts to deception, can't be almighty. The entire career of Muhammad was filled with deception, lies, manipulations and tricks. He even licensed his followers to malign him in order to win the trust of their victims and when they lower their guards assassinate them. 

I am on vacation staying at a friend's home. I showed him the story of Mr. Idris Tawfiq and how this poor man is delusional about Islam thinking it is “sweet and gentle”.  Now, one could not have come with a more inappropriate description  than these for Islam. I asked Mr. Tawfiq to explain which part of Islam is sweet and gentle. He refused to respond. Like a good Muslim, he has already learned how to hide his head in the sand and avoid using his brain.  

Anyway, I showed my friend the site of the terrorists  who, while gloating over Mr. Tawfiq’s conversion to Islam expressed their concern about his lack of understanding of it. He suggested we give them a taste of their own medicine and play a prank on the terrorists running that site,  posing as fellow terrorists for some fun.  Hey, I am in vacation and a little extra fun is always welcomed.  Furthermore, I thought it is a good opportunity to try to cast some doubt in the minds of some of these harebrained believers who think by killing innocent people they will be admitted into paradise for an eternal orgy. What a disgusting thought! I recall reading about a killer who used to mug people and kill them to lavish money and gifts on a stripper whom he had fallen in love with.  He destroyed tens of lives for having sex with a hooker.  This is what Muhammad is offering his brain-dead followers.  What a shameful religion. If you still call yourself a Muslim, aren't you ashamed?  You should be. If you had any dignity and pride you would be. Kill those who do not believe in me so you can have sex with 72 whores in paradise?  Is there any low, lower than this? And you call that fiend a prophet?   

Anyway, I thought if I can make even one of these terrorists rethink their faith, I may save tens of lives.  They don't have to leave Islam, only if they decide not to blow up innocent people and themselves for a bogus promise of sex , it would be a victory for me.  So I joined the heavily controlled discussion board of these terrorists and posted my message, pretending to be a Muslim.  To pretend to be a Muslim and confound even the best deceiver Allah, all you have to do is spew hate.  The chief terrorist there took the bait and we started to debate.  

I am publishing here the entire discussion that took place between him and I.  The importance of this discussion is in the fact that you can see two Muslims talking plain Islamic language.  Here no westerners are present and no one is trying to fool anyone about Islam meaning peace and other lies that we are all used to hear.  This terrorist and myself, posing as one, agree on the basic tents of Islam.  See how I define what true Islam means and he does not object. The only thing he disagrees with me is the fact that I insist we should provide logical arguments to defend Islam.  Actually I am trying to interject some new ideas to make them think.  He detects that and rejects it vehemently.  He is right. Muslims are not required to prove their religion.  They have believed in Islam blindly and they intend to impose it on others by force.  Compare that to the reaction we get from the apologists of Islam who scream their heads accusing me of fabricating lies against Islam.  I invite you to read this discussion and see for yourself what goes through the mind of a REAL Muslim. We are lucky that most Muslims are not the real McCoy.  

Let me give you a brief introduction.  This criminal Mujahid, who regards himself as the “Purest Among Muslims,” (and I agree) sees no need to prove Islam and to ascertain that the seventh century Arab for whom he is plotting to kill innocent people was actually a prophet of God.  He rightly says that Muhammad never bothered proving his claim.  He simply raided and killed people, and imposed his religion on them by the sword. Consequently, Muslims should do the same. You can't get a more truthful definition of Islam than this and at the same time there is nothing more diabolic than this. 

This brain dead murderer does not want to consider the possibility that Muhammad might have been a liar. Where is the proof that he was a prophet?  There is none.  Show me the proof and I will shut down this site and will give you $50 K.  On the other hand I have given hundreds of irrefutable proofs that he was a con man and a charlatan. 

Please meet your enemy. He is not alone. There are millions of them.  They are consumed with the thought of killing you.  These blood thirsty hounds have no brains and as such have abdicated their humanity.  They are more ferocious than beasts. Since they are not willing to discuss, there is no hope in saving them. They must be either locked up for good or killed.  Mercy to these beasts is cruelty to their innocent victims.   

Not all Muslims think like Mujahid, but no Muslim can argue with his Islamic logic. His interpretation of Islam is correct.  Mujahid is a true Muslim.  His satanic mind  is captured by his diabolic prophet.  In this exchange I used Zafar (victory) as my user name.


By: Javed H on July 19th, 2007
at 10:55 pm

I very much enjoyed this article. I am glad a Catholic priest has seen the beauty of Islam and has reverted. MashaAllah.

Googleing the name of brother Idris to read more about him, I found the site of ex-Muslims, faithfreedom.org and read the invitation that Ali Sina has made of brother Idris to explain why he has reverted to Islam. I am familiar with this site since a year ago. I know this site is not worth our attention but many people read it and if there is no response some youths may think that Islam is, Astakhfurullah defeated.

Ali Sina’s criticisms of Islam perturb me. He has managed to mislead many Muslims who at first joined his forum attacking him and now have taken his side and are attacking Islam. I wish brother Idris responds to Ali Sina’s charges. These two men have taken opposite paths. A debate between them would be very interesting. This will strengthen the faith in our youths. Even those who are not young can benefit. Because the site is very popular, ignoring him is not a good strategy. He must be silenced decisively. May Allah reward your efforts!



By: Mujahid مجاهد on August 20th, 2007
at 3:35 am

Efforts of Murtideen don’t need a “Debate” as a response. They should get what they deserve and what Shariah order us to do with such people. Beheading them. And Inshallah this Pig of Faithfreedom will soon meet this definite fate.



By: Ambivalence on August 20th, 2007
at 1:14 pm

He has posted about you, in case you did not know:




By: Mujahid مجاهد on August 20th, 2007
at 6:23 pm


Yeah i know about it, may Allah protect Brother Idris Taufiq from this daemon puppet of crusaders.

Indeed these are the people who bought disgrace by giving Hidayah and bought Hellfire by taking this worldly life.

Inshallah this Ali Sina, Salman Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen all of them there end will be a lesson to the world that what disgrace happened to such people at the end who leave the path of Hidayah.

They can’t live longer enough away from our sword sooner or later their heads will be beneath it Inshallah.




By: Zafar on August 24th, 2007
at 1:32 pm

Brother Mujahid:

I understand your anger and you have all the rights to be angry with the murtadeen. Insahallah you can get your hands on them and kill them.  However since they are hiding behind their computers and killing them is not possible at the moment we have no choice but to silence them in a debate.  Ali Sina is offering money to anyone who can prove him wrong and he is promising to remove his site.  Perhaps he is bluffing, nonetheless as long as no Muslim scholar accepts his challenge the general impression is that he is the winner.  I agree that we should do everything to find him and kill him.  This is what the Prophet (saw) said should be done to anyone who leaves the beautiful and peaceful religion of Islam.  However by avoiding his questions our scholars give the false impression that Islam has no answers.

Jihad is the duty of every Muslim.  However, Jihad is not limited to fighting the disbelievers and killing them, we must also destroy their arguments.  I read somewhere the Prophet (saw) said the ink of the scholars is better than the blood of the martyrs.  I don’t know whether this hadith is true or not.  Never saw it myself.  Here is where I believe our scholars are failing.  Their silence is not good.  It only emboldens the enemies of Islam.  Every time we want to make da’wa, someone throws Ali Sina’s challenge at our face.  Several uninformed Muslims have tried to rebut his arguments.  These rebuttals often are poor and not very strong.  We need to convince Islamic scholars to confront this pig and silence him once and for all.  I agree that he should be killed but even if we kill him without rubbing his nose to the ground in a debate, he will be still the winner. Everyone will say Muslims killed him because they could not debate him.  It is easy to kill someone, we must strive to prove him wrong.

Anyway, since I see your iman (faith) is great, I just thought I encourage you to respond to his charges as well so everyone reading them will also have strong iman.

Jizaka Allah


By: Mujahid مجاهد on August 25th, 2007
at 11:09 pm


If dogs start barking at you and you ignore them will that put any impression on the people that you are defeated by the dogs????

what do you think of Islamic scholars??? Are they don’t aware of the situation???

Zakir Nayk is always in debates but he never came to debate with this person

just see the examples in history

there are many Ullemahs who did debate with christian missionaries. Ahmed Deedat (RA) was famous in this regard

but can you find any Islamic scholar who answer to the stupidity of Salman Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen and this pigshit Ali Sina??

no ofcourse not

All the Ullemahs just give Fatwas that how important it is to kill them.

it is our insult to answer to these pigshits.

You don’t have any idea how much i am feeling my insult that this discussion about that pig is going on in my blog. I never raised topic about him here its just came into the comments and so i have to talk about it. But its really a Muslim insult to answer to these pigs.

I really feel angry on those young Muslims who start debating with this pigshit

its just like when dogs are barking on you, you start barking on them. it doesn’t make any sense

its necessary to kill the mad dogs like Ali Sina not to start barking on them in responce of their barking.






By: nx84 on August 26th, 2007
at 6:00 am  

Like Ali Sina, Salman Rushdie, Tasleema,,,

Same was Abu-Jehl…

Abu-Jehl used to say: “Why didn’t Allah made me a Prophet instead”

Can anyone find a logical answer to this … NO!

(Few days back, I was reading the translation of Qur’an and this Aayah came before me:

“And there are people with many questions in their heads.
Wait till Qiyamat, when Allah(swt) will answer ALL their Questions,
and make their mouths SHUT”.)

So, brothers,,, Allah will answer them.

You dont worry about their arguments.

(Coz, Arguing isn’t Fardh on us,
but eradicating the Fitnaa is a Fardh)



Note how these fools do not realize that the fact that Muhammad shied away from answering questions and warned his foolhardy followers not to ask them is proof that he was a liar.  How can the Almighty God demand people to be stupid and blindly believe in absurdities?  How, then can one distinguish between truth and falsehood?  

Muslims are unable to think like that. Their brains are paralyzed by fear and they dismiss any doubt before it even crosses their minds.  They are reduced into zombies, through fear.  


By: Mujahid مجاهد on August 26th, 2007
at 10:33 am  

Jazakallah Brother for your explanation.

Indeed beheading the Murtideen is the biggest fardh [obligation] of all.


By: Zafar on September 1st, 2007
at 5:04 am  

Not responding to the charges of ex-Muslims reflects poorly on Islam.  I agree that they should be killed.  Anyone that disrespects this gentle and peaceful message of God does not deserve to live.  However, this does not mean that their accusations should remain unanswered.  Many Muslims and reverts are leaving Islam because of the lies of ex-Muslims such as Ali Sina.  For how long can we tolerate this situation and ignore them?  I live in a non Muslim country.  Every time I try to make da’wa someone says go and respond to Ali Sina’s charges first that has proven Islam is false.  Truth is that I don’t know how to answer him and I fear that my lack of knowledge will be seen as weakness of Islam.  I wrote to a couple of scholars, who said what you said, that he should be ignored.  If he was not this famous I would have ignored him, but how can you ignore an elephant in a room?  This situation is becoming unbearable.  Yes he is a barking dog but the problem is that people listen to his barking and he is misleading many.

It is good that you feel so much anger in your heart. May Allah increase your anger. But you have no idea how much I feel angry when his name is constantly mentioned by people who want to put my religion down.  It hurts me more than it huts you.  You live in a Muslim country and have the luxury to ignore him.  I don’t.  A couple of weeks ago two colleagues were talking about Wafa Sultan so loudly so I could hear.  They expected a reaction from me and I pretended not listening and ignored them.  Nonetheless I felt very angry.

I agree with you. If someone does not know Islam very well he should not make a fool of himself trying to debate.  This “pigshit” as you call him, has learned a few hadith and a few verses from the holy Quran and can easily defeat these novices.  I don’t understand why these people try to debate him when they themselves know nothing about Islam.  If you are not a scholar do not go there.  You’ll be defeated and Islam will look bad.  Just having iman is not enough.  You must also have good knowledge. Now that these kids have made Islam look bad, it is the duty of the scholars to shut the mouth of that "pigshit" for good.

I completely agree that beheading is the answer. The question is how.  The coward hides behind his computer.  In a letter addressed to Dr. Suhail he has offered to surrender himself to Muslims should anyone prove any of his charges against Islam wrong. This is our opportunity to both answer him and kill him at the same time.  Do you know of any scholar who might be willing to respond to his allegations?  


By: Mujahid مجاهد on September 2nd, 2007
at 12:19 pm  

Brother the very first thing you should do is to leave the Non Muslim Country because it seems that you are totally unaware with the Islamic Concept of Al-Wala Wal Bara.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that he who don’t leave the land of Kuffar after becoming Muslim is not the part of my Ummah.

During Ghadwah Al-Badr Kuffar binded some Muslims who were living in Makkah with ropes and brought them to the Battle Field.

All those Muslims were got killed by the arrows of Muslims and Muslims become ashamed that they killed their own Brothers

at that time the verse came about this issue saying that

don’t be ashamed on killing them, When the angel came to them to take their lives he asked them why you are on the Kuffar side of battlefield when you are a Muslim

those Muslims said we didn’t have any choice.

The angel answered that wasn’t the land of Allah enough for you to migrate from the land of Kuffar ??

Allah send them to hell for this.

so brother the Imaan of a Muslim is always in danger when he is living in the land of Kuffar these things are pretty much normal in those lands you can’t stop it.

and about those people who became apostate due to this Ali Sina then those people already had disease in their hearts, firstly due to their weaker Imaan and secondly and more strongly due to living in the lands of Kuffar.

you said “In a letter addressed to Dr. Suhail he has offered to surrender himself to Muslims should anyone prove any of his charge against Islam wrong.”

do you really thing he’s gonna do that???

do you really think an apostate can stand on his words???

a person who left the truth after finding it what good you can expect from him???

I certainly don’t know any Alim who is willing to answer this fool and I still insist if any Alim will agree to do so that will be mere foolishness and nothing else.

you are not getting the point, arguing with them is not gonna stop them what we are already doing is gonna stop them.

It doesn’t matter that we can’t access this person right now but we are fighting with the source, these Super Powers of Kuffar. When we’ll destroy them and Allah is the witness that time is very near these things will also vanished.

Qitaal with Kuffar, Apostates and Hypocrites is Fardh-e-Ayen today on every single Muslim men and women so they must join it and come to the Jihad fields instead of arguing with these puppets.

Thats what actually Islam demand from us.



By: Mujahid مجاهد on September 2nd, 2007
at 12:24 pm

here is the resource of books which can be helpful for you for the Aqeedah of Al-Wala Wal Bara


download and read the books

A Call to Migrate From The Lands of Kuffar To The Lands of Muslims

Al Walaa wal Baraa - According to the ‘Aqeeda of the Salaf

they will be helpful



By: Zafar on September 2nd, 2007
at 6:49 pm

Assalamu aliakum Brother Mujahid:

May Allah reward you.  Thank you for publishing my message and responding to it.  You talk nice, but the reality is not as simple.  Yes I am familiar with what you say about Muslims killing other Muslims who did not immigrate and that Allah sent a revelation approving their action. Allah (swt) says:

“If they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever you find them, and choose neither friend nor helper from among them.” (Q.4:89)

This is about Muslims who go back to the unbelievers and associate with their non-Muslim family and friends.  So it is true that Muslims are instructed to kill those Muslims who do not abdicate their families and stay with them continuing to associate with them, whereas association with non-Muslims has been prohibited by Allah (swt).

“O you who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as friends (or protectors), - offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you.” (Q. 60:1)

However, do not forget that our prophet (saw) send the early believers to Abyssinia. Was Abyssinia a Muslim land?  No. It was a Christian land.

There are several ways to make jiahd.  Giving from our wealth to support the Mujahedin is one way.  Here in the west Muslims can make more money.  We use the infidels’ own money to fight them.  We are also gradually increasing in numbers. alhamdullillah Muslim families make three times more children than the non-Muslims and if this trend continues, before the end of this century inshaallah we take over the Europe by our sheer number.  This is jihad.  I call it “bed jihad.” Muslims also marry non-Muslim girls and either convert them or make their children Muslims.  In this way the non-Muslims have less chance to procreate while we increase our numbers.  masha Allah.

Don’t you agree that what our heroic brothers did in New York , London and Madrid was great?  This kind of jihad is possible only if we penetrate into non Muslim countries. Only by living among them we have the opportunity to stab them in the back and inshaallah destroy them.  Can you do this while living in Pakistan ? No!

We are not here to integrate with the kuffar or take them as allies and protectors.  If we swear to their flags our hearts is strong and inwardly we hate them.  This is only taqiyya in order to deceive them.  Do not look down at us for living in the West.  Our alliance with the infidels is only strategic.  Remember that our Prophet (saw) signed a treaty (in Hudaibiyyah) with the Meccans to cease hostility against them for ten year.  This allowed the Muslims to raid other towns such as Khaibar and become strong.  After two years Allah (swt) sent the Sura Bar’a ordering the Prophet to break his treaty and raid the Meccans.  The Prophet (saw) said.  War is deception.  In the Quran Allah (swt) said wallahu khairul makerin.  If Muslims leave the non-Muslim countries who will wage Jihad against the infidels?  Did you see what they did to our brothers in Afghanistan and in Iraq?  We cannot stand their military might.  Actually, in these two wars they were careful not to kill the civilians and that is why the wars lasted a few days.  If they don’t care about the civilians they can send any country to Stone Age in just a few hours.

Now let us talk about the “pigshit” Ali Sina.  You say ignore him.  It is easier said than done.  A couple of days ago a good friend of mine whom I know for years came to me with silly questions about the holy Prophet (saw).  I asked him where he has got them and he told me from the site of that “pigshit”.  I was angry and told him he should not read that stupid site and recited to him the verses 101-102 in Sura Maeda.

“(5.101) O you who believe! do not put questions about things which if declared to you may trouble you, and if you question about them when the Quran is being revealed, they shall be declared to you; Allah pardons this, and Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing. (5.102) A people before you indeed asked such questions, and then became disbelievers on account of them.”

He asked if Islam is from God, the more you ask about it the more your faith should grow. If the answer to some questions make you lose your faith, then Islam must be a lie. I told him we Muslims should not take the morality of the west as our standard and we do not follow the Golden Rule. The person who sets the standard is the messenger not the westerners and left him angrily.  All these stupid arguments that this “pigshit” has put forward are being circulated throughout the Internet.  Many Muslims with strong faith will ignore him but there are also many, particularly the youths who want to know the correct answer.  I think our ulama have a duty to respond to such accusations.  Their silence only gives the impression that he is right.  He should be ignored like a barking dog but our youths should be informed of the correct answers.  It is not easy to tell them have faith when we have failed to answer the accusations made against our holy prophet (saw). When they leave faith, it is not their fault, it is our fault.

You say that once proven wrong he is not going to present himself to be killed. You maybe right.  But that is not the point.  The point is to discredit him publicly.  Once he is discredited, then let Allah burn him in hell, inshaallah.  My concern is to save Islam.  You say that only people with weak faith will leave Islam.  This is not true.  Even people with strong faith have started to doubt and question Islam.  Many people are leaving Islam.  This is reported in Radio Islam.

You say Muslims should leave the non-Muslim land.  Will this end the problem?  Of course not! He and his ilk will continue slandering our beautiful and peaceful religion and shamelessly maligning our holy prophet (saw).  Unless he is silenced people will continue leaving Islam.  Not only he has poisoned the minds of non-Muslims against Islam, even Muslims who until recently were strong in their faith have started vacillating.

Jizaka Allah. Please continue guiding people to the right path and inshaallah we will be victorious soon, putting the enemies of Islam to shame.



[I must add that I am pleased to hear some of the jihadis are encouraging Muslims to leave the non-Muslim countries. Unfortunately not many of them think like that.  I believe this booklet that Mujahid is suggesting should be printed and distributed among all the Muslims. They are no threat to us if they live in their own Islamic countries.  There, they will tear each other apart and we don't have to worry about them.  Hopefully one day. When they have had enough of it, they will come to their senses and realize it is Islam that has reduced them into beasts. Then they will leave this cult of death. This is what happened in Iran. Do you see any Iranian terrorist? Very few! But remember that the Iranians were the ones who started it all. So why they are no longer terrorists? It is because they learned their lesson the hard way. Other Muslims have to learn theirs too in the same way. I give you my word that in less than five years after the mullahs are removed from power and freedom of press is established in Iran, Iran will be the first Islamic country to eschew this cult.] 


By: Mujahid مجاهد on September 3rd, 2007
at 4:07 am  


brother if you read the books i mention earlier then you will not going to say so.

After the Laws of Islam completed Prophet Muhammad (SAW) never sent anyone to the Kuffar land for Da’awah.

Not even before Prophet sent anyone to make Da’awah to common people

Even in the Makki period When Prophet himself went to different tribes, He didn’t spread Da’awah to common people but to the rulers only.

and Thats exactly the way of Da’awah is, first send invitation to the rulers, if they don’t agree on it then attack on them and remove that man made government and when the people of that land come under Khilafah then spread da’awah among those Dhimmis.

There is not a single incident in Islamic history During Prophet Muhammad (SAW) period or Companions of Prophet (SAW) period that Muslims ever spread da’awah in the land of Kuffar in common people

and as you said that there are many ways of doing Jihad and one can earn more living in west etc etc

then I think you are unaware with the Ghazwa Tabook

on Ghazwa Taboook Muslims were called for Jihad and every one left but just 5 Companions of Prophet didn’t left.

these were the companions wo never become absent from any of the Previous battles but due to one reason or another they didn’t participate in this one

You know what happened to them.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) announced 50 days social boycott of them and even their wives were not allowed to live with them

Muslims were not allowed to even Saying Salam to them or even replying to their Salam

Saying Salam and replying to the Salam is somthing very far Muslims were not even allowed to even look at them.

for 50 Days they were dead for Muslims just because they didn’t participate with sword in Jihad

your this statement that one can earn more while living in west and blah blah really disappoint me i wasn’t expecting that much of a silly statement from you.

Its better if you read a llittle more of Shariah and the books i mentioned earlier, I’ll try to load those books on my site too soon Inshallah.



By: Zafar on September 3rd, 2007
at 12:47 pm  

Br. Mujahid, I agree with your explanation that the Prophet (saw) never argued with the average people trying to give them logical arguments.  He issued warnings to their leaders to submit and if they did not he raided their cities and then demanded everyone to convert or he killed them and sent them to hell.  This was what happened in those days. But do you think it is possible to do the same today?  Are you sure we can issue an invitation to the president of the USA to convert and if he does not, attack America and force everyone into Islam?  I don’t see that very realistic at this moment.  Maybe inshallah one day the Umma will become strong enough to humiliate the kufaar, but as things are now, Muslims are the ones who are humiliated and dejected.

Assuming the president of a country converts to Islam. Will the rest of the citizens also follow?  In the past everyone did what their rulers told them to do. These days the rulers do what people tell them to do, and if they don’t they will be booted out of the office.  I don’t think if we manage to convert the president of a country the entire nation will follow suit.

There are two ways to deal with this situation, either through qital (fighting) or through reasoning.  The qital option must only be exercised when the Umma is strong.

Dr. Sobhy as-Saleh, quotes Imam Suyuti the author of Itqan Fi ‘Ulum al- Qur’an who wrote: “The command to fight the infidels was delayed until the muslims become strong, but when they were weak they were commanded to endure and be patient.” [Sobhy as_Saleh, Mabaheth Fi ‘Ulum al- Qur’an, Dar al-’Ilm Lel-Malayeen, Beirut, 1983, p. 269.]

Today the Umma is weak.  So, we must either postpone the qital and wait until the Umma becomes strong or make da’wa through reasoning.  I agree that this second venue has never been used in the past and it is not sunna.  The holy prophet never sat down with anyone to reason with them.  They had to submit or face qital.  But can we do the same today?

I read in the news that some of the Korean hostages taken by our brothers in Afghanistan were severely beaten when they refused to convert to Islam.  Do you agree with that?  I think it reflects poorly on Islam.  Assuming these hostages convert under duress and torture, will they remain Muslims when they return to their countries?

There are things that are sunna but this does not mean we can practice them today.  At the time of the Prophet there were no guns. Can we make jihad with swords because this was the sunna?  Of course we must adapt to the changing world and the changing world requires that we use reason as a means to defeat the enemies of Islam.  If we don’t use reason, we will not only fail to attract anyone to convert, we are going to lose many Muslims as well. You can pooh-pooh them and say they were weak in their faith or had a sickness in their heart, blah, blah.  However, the bottom line is that people are leaving Islam in large numbers. This link reports that nearly one million Iranians have turned to Christianity in recent years and this despite the persecution. There are perhaps more who have reverted to Zoroastrianism and even more who have become secular humanists. 

The Internet site aljazeera.net published an interview with Sheikh Ahmad Al Qataani who said: “In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Ever year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.”

It is not all because of Ali Sina and his lies but because Muslim scholars have failed to recognize the importance of reason and dialogue.  If our scholars shy from dialogue, how can we prove that Islam is a true religion of God?  Any gangster can put a gun to your head and say do as I tell you. This does not make him right.  When the holy Prophet forced people to convert it was a different time.  Now we can’t do that anymore. Like the case of the Taliban trying to force their Korean hostages to convert, we look silly and stupid.  These are the things that damage the image of Islam not the lies of Ali Sina and his ilk.

Anyway, this is my opinion. Allah knows best.

Ma'a Salam


By: Mujahid مجاهد on September 3rd, 2007
at 12:58 pm


I don’t think their left much to discuss with you after your statement that its not necessary to act upon Sunnah.

by saying so you just draw the line of extreme ignorance

The Ignorance of The Learned People

there are two type of ignorance

one that someone is ignorant of his history and Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and His Companions (RA)

Second is that Someone do know the History and Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and His Companions (RA) and don’t feel that following each and every step of them is necessary

well the second one is the height of ignorance

One can teach the person ignorant of his history and Sunnah

but no one can teach the extreme ignorance of learned people.

its just like they believe their act and their thinking is better then what Allah orders in Quran what Prophet Practiced and Ordered and what Companions of Prophet (RA) practiced.

You reallllllllllly need to learn a bit more of Islam otherwise you are not very much away from the thinkings of those apostates.

Ignorance of the True Teachings and Wisdom of it and just having the surface level knowledge and with this arguing with someone about Islam always lead to confusion and mislead the person towards Irtadaad

so be careful about that and first try to learn a bit more of Islam then come to argue

Follow the path of the Purest Among Muslims not your own defined path

and just for a hint about who are the Purest Among Muslims you should read this article it will help if you have a bit of wisdom.

May Allah show you the most righteous path.




By: Zafar on September 3rd, 2007
at 2:33 pm  

Br. Mujahid:

You think I am saying that it is not necessary to follow the sunna.  I think you misunderstand me.  That is not what I said.  I said we must advance with time.  We use AK47 and explosives in our fight against the disbelievers.  Is this sunna? Why don’t we just content ourselves with swords?  The prophet (saw) and his companions (ra) only used swords.  Why do we drive cars and fly jets? Why we have fridges in our homes and why we use the Internet to communicate?  Are these sunna?

Let us be honest.  The world is changing and we are adapting to it.  This does not mean we are putting aside the sunna.  The Umma is only selective. That is the problem.

You say if one with little knowledge argues about Islam it always leads to confusion and misleads the person towards Irtadaad.  Didn’t I say the same thing in one of my first message?  Didn’t I say those who know little about Islam should stay away from the site of the kuffar and not argue with them because their ignorance make Islam look bad?

The point that I tried to make and you missed is that we have no choice but to discuss our faith with our enemies and our critics.  In the time of the holy Prophet and the khulafa, Muslims had the luxury to have the upper hand.  The unbelievers were first reduced to dhimmis and after they were defeated and humiliated they had no courage to question Islam and Islam was imposed on them by force.  Today this is not possible.  The Umma is weak and it is becoming weaker.  Look how Muslims are killing one another in Iraq , Pakistan , Palestine , Sudan , Iran and elsewhere.  If you think that we can launch a Jihad against the west and subdue them and then force everyone into conversion you are not being realistic.  With the state of the Umma today this is impossible. We have no other option but to engage in dialogue.  Show me where it says dialogue is haram?

I can give you more links showing how people are leaving Islam by millions in the once Muslim countries of the old Soviet Union and in Europe . Why Muslims are leaving Islam?  You and I know that Islam is true.  But the reason these people are leaving is because they think it is not.  How are we going to convince them that they are wrong? We can’t kill all these people although that is the law.  So that option is out of question. It’s not possible to carry it out.  How else can we keep them in Islam?  Do you have an idea that works?  In my opinion we must start engaging in dialogue.  If Islam is true what are we afraid of?

You say through dialogue people start doubting their faith.  Why? I can’t believe you say such thing.  Are you implying that astakhfurullah Islam is a lie and once probed it cannot stand the test of reason?  May Allah forgive you.  Islam is true.  However, there are people who can’t see this.  In the past we could force these people to convert with the sword.  Today we can’t do that. It is not that we don’t want to do it. We just can’t. So what option we have except entering in dialogue?  That is why I say our scholars must start answering the false accusations made against Islam and our Prophet (saw). These accusations are serious.  If we leave them unanswered everyone will think that they are true.  Because the scholars have not responded to these charges, the enemies of Islam have become emboldened.  I am talking with many Muslims and I can see that doubt is creeping into the minds of many.  The question asked is: Can Islam defend itself logically or it cannot?  If it can’t then it is a lie and if it can then why Muslims are silent?  Why they shy away from dialogue when they are so courageous when it comes to qital and killing?  This is how animals behave. They do not reason but they fight.  These questions need to be answered.  Maybe they are not important to you and to me but they are obviously important to those who are leaving Islam.

You sent me a link to read about the Purest Among Muslims. I read that.  I do not disagree with that.  But I did not see the relevance of that in our discussion.  In your previous message you narrated the story of Abdullah’ibn Ka’b the poet of Medina who did not participate in the Battle of Tabook and the Prophet ordered everyone to shun him and not to talk to him for 50 days. Unfortunately I did not grasp the point that you were trying to make.

The point I am trying to make is simple.

Dialogue and reasoning are not sunna but they are not forbidden either.  Since we do a lot of things (like use AK47 instead of sword) that are not sunna we must also find a more effective way to defend Islam and today the only effective way is through dialogue. This does not mean we should put aside the qital. However, we must fight only when we are strong and today the Umma is not strong.

Millions of Muslims are leaving Islam. We must do something soon or Ali Sina’s prediction will come true and Islam will be defeated.

If Islam is true, then the scholars must be able to refute all the charges against it.  If they fail to do so, everyone will think that Islam has failed.  


By: Mujahid مجاهد on September 3rd, 2007
at 2:58 pm


The True Path, The True Solution was Qitaal at that time Is Qitaal today and WIll be Qitaal forever no matter how much the time will change.

its pretty stupid example saying that now we use ak47 at that time sword

the technology of weapon changed but it remain weapon.

that was pretty much silly comparison.

My point is clear in the last post and still the Path of Prophet (SAW) and His Companions (RA) is the only right Path, They never indulge themselves in such discussions neither in Da’awah with common people.

There path was Jihad and so is the Path of True Momineen Today

the article was not irrelevant

The thing is the purest ones today are on the way of Qitaal with Kuffar only

and those who are not doing so and goving lame excuses for living in the Kuffar land and calling it for the purpose of Da’awah are creating their own ways not the Islamic ways.

Its nothing else but the disease of Wahn Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Mentioned.

The Love of Life and Hate for Death.

This is the Disease of Wahan which keep such people away from Qitaal and so they make lame excuses of sitting behind.

My Point was always clear, The only way towards success is the way on which Prophet and Sahaba walked and that was the Way of Qitaal only.

Those who are on this path are the purest ones and those who are making excuse from coming to this path are creating their own ways other then Islam

Thats the point and this discussion is over here Nothing left in this topic.



This following  message that I posted before he went to bed, stayed in his site for about eight hours.  When he woke up, he deleted it at once.  


By: Zafar on September 3rd, 2007
at 4:33 pm

Br. Mujahid:

Here I am sitting with my friend who is also a Muslim.  What I am writing are mostly his questions and I do not disagree.

Your position is that there is no need to explain anything to anyone and that the Prophet (saw) did not do it either. You say, the only way to expand Islam is through qital. i.e. waging war against the unbelievers and killing those who do not submit at once. That is fair. This is how Islam expanded and that is how it should be. Nonetheless, we both know that at this moment there is no way for Umma to wage a war against the Kuffar and win it. We are a divided house and we will lose on every front. How ironic that the people in Qaza are begging Israel to occupy the Qaza again and restore peace.  Do you expect this Umma win in any war?  Will you explain how do you suggest doing it?  You call yourself a mujahid, so you should know.

The next question is even more important. If Islam is from God, why do you insist not to show its truth to others in a logical way?  If something is true, it should be also easy to prove it logically.  If you can’t prove it logically then it is not true.  So if you can’t prove Islam logically, why do you want to kill for it?  Do you see the inconsistency of your argument?

Let us say you and I argue about a mathematical truth.  You say that two plus two is four and I insist that it is five.  You ask for proof and I pull out my gun, point it at your head and say, this is the proof.  You are then forced to agree.  So now we both agree on something that is false.  Truth cannot be imposed by the sword or by the gun.  If something is true, one must be able to prove it logically.  How can God send a message without any proof?  There have been many impostors who have claimed to have come from God and some of them have used force and violence to make others believe in their lies.  Should we believe them and not ask for proof?  Wouldn’t that be foolish?

This approach is wrong. That is why Muslims are leaving Islam in such a large numbers. The scholars must wake up and realize that they have a duty towards the Umma and Islam.  They must accept the challenge of the kuffar and prove them wrong.  Their silence is interpreted as the failure of Islam.  This is more detrimental to our deen than anything the kuffar can do or say.

You say this discussion is over.  What does that mean?  Does it mean that you cannot respond to my questions logically?  Does it mean that you are going to delete my messages?  You can, but if you do that, I will post all this discussion elsewhere where it will blow your mind and millions be able to read it.

You have a site inviting Muslims to do qital and kill people.  Fine! I have no disagreement with that.  This is the sunna and the law of Allah (swt) and there is nothing we can do about it.  If you are a Muslim you must fight and kill those who disbelieve or you are a hypocrite and fuel for fire.  Do not think I am soft on the hypocrite Muslims.  I despise these fools who on one hand claim to be Muslims and on the other hand arrange “interfaith conferences” with the members of other faiths.  I want to expose these stupid Muslims and show what hypocrite liars they are.  I do not have any argument with your definition of the Purest Among Muslims.  If you are a Muslim you must hate the non-Muslims and you must be prepared to fight them and kill them and have no mercy for the infidels.  I am not arguing about the injunction of qital and fighting.  Allah (swt) has said:

Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it.  But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing, which is bad for you.  But Allâh knows, and you know not. (Q. 2:216)

The point I have been trying to make, and apparently in vain, is that if you don’t have any logical argument to back your claim and prove Islam why anyone should believe in Islam?  If all we can do is use violence and threat then anyone can do that and impose his will on others.  This is not how you reach the truth.  Our ulama must come up with logical arguments, or as the enemy of Allah Ali Sina (may he burn in hell) says, the end of Islam is near.  He even has given a date and has said within the next 25 years Islam will be eradicated.  This is already happening.  We are seeing how Muslims are leaving Islam everywhere and the culprits are the ulama who hide their heads in the sand and do not face the enemies of Islam to respond to their false accusations.  You are doing exactly the same.

You sign off your messages by saying “May Allah show you the right path.”  Why don’t you ask Allah to show YOU the right path?  Who said you have found the right path and I haven’t?  You think all it takes to make Islam dominant is fight and kill the non Muslims and that there is no need to prove its truth.  Well, I am sorry but this is foolish.  I live among the non-Muslims. They are tolerant but this tolerance will come to end once they see that Muslims want to shove their religion down their throat with force and without even trying to prove its validity.  Then they will squish us like cockroaches and not even Allah can help us.

So my brother, come to your senses and start proving Islam logically.  If you can’t defeat the kuffar logically you can rest assured that you can’t defeat them militarily.  If you don’t know the answer to the questions raised go and ask. That is what I am doing.  Go to all the ulama, if necessary, and tell them that it is their duty to stand against the kufr (disbelief) and prove the kuffar (disbelievers) wrong.  If no one can do that, then maybe you should postpone your qital just in case we are on the wrong side.  You don’t want to kill innocent people for a lie, do you?

If you think all you need is to do qital and you will be victorious, you are delusional.
Why anyone should believe in our deen (religion) if we can’t prove its validity logically?  Please answer this question if you can.

Ma’a Salam


This coward is afraid of words.  He is sitting in his rat hole encouraging other fools to become terrorists while he himself, like a vampire who is afraid of light is frightened by mere words.  

I publish this discussion so you can peer into the soul of the enemy and see the depth of his depravity, his evilness and his complete lack of conscience.  Like a programmed robot, all he knows is that his function in this world is to kill.  He is not willing to discuss and question his actions or his belief. What distinguishes humans from animals is our rational faculty. True Muslims have lost that faculty.  They are filled with hatred of mankind for no reason other than because their psychopath prophet told them they should. They are unable to distinguish right from wrong and unwilling to discuss or question the validity of their belief.  Do not assume that this depravity of mind and conscience is limited to Jihadis.  Idris Tawfiq, the British Catholic priest who converted to Islam and is now trying to portray that doctrine of hate as "sweet and gentle" is just as averse to discussion as this brain dead beast is. Few Muslims would agree to discuss their religion.  That is why I have such a high esteem for people like Mr. Ghamidi and his disciple Dr. Zaheer. They are gems and they deserve our respect.  The majority of Muslims know only one thing and that is Muhammad killed innocent people and therefore they should do the same.  There is no spark of humanity left in them.  They are reduced to ferocious and dangerous animals. (with my sincere apology to animals)  It is the sacred duty of every decent human to get rid of Islam.  People like Mujahid should be killed with no mercy.  Those criminals in Guantanamo Bay should have been executed.  They were let go and many of them rejoined jihad. As a recruiter of terrorists, this animal has the blood of many innocent people on his filthy hands.  But the ignorant Muslims have to be rescued before they too lose their humanity to Islam.  Islam is Devil's instrument to destroy mankind. There is no cause as sacred as fighting against this evil.   

Ali Sina 


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