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Mohammed Shameem

Nov. 27, 20001

"Mohamed Shameem" <[email protected]>


            I read you article on the numeric miracle of The Quran, I agree to the best of my knowledge that it is a hoax, but I do have questions regarding your attitude towards the authenticity of The Quran and Mr. Ali Sina's ignorant comments on the validity of the Teachings of The Quran. 

            ALLAH Challenges in The Glorious Quran "....produce a Surah like it..." . The challenge of the Qur'aan for man to produce its like is not, as some suppose, merely like the uniqueness of Shakespeare, Shelly, Keats, or Homer. The Qur'aan differentiated itself in its very structure. Poetry in Arabic falls into sixteen different "Bihar" and other than that they have the speech of soothsayers, rhyming prose, and normal speech. The Qur'aan's form did not fit into any of these categories. It was this that made the Qur'aan inimitable, and left the pagan Arabs at a loss as to how they might combat it as Alqama bin Abdulmanaf confirmed when he addressed their leaders, the Quraish: 

First of all Quran is not poetry therefore such statement is absurd. It is to a certain extend rhyming prose.  The fact that Quran does not fall into any established category of Arabic writing is no miracle. It just shows that Muhammad was ignorant of the Arabic grammar. A man who makes incoherent speeches that is disorganized and nonsensical is a stupid man not a prophet. There is nothing intelligent in Quran. A painter, a dancer, a musician or a poet can challenge his competitors to produce something as good as his, but Quran is a hodgepodge of gibberish and cogitations of a sick mind. Only another mad man can create such nonsense. What miracle is there in that collection of inanities? Only a fool or someone who is brainwashed by faith would think that Quran is a work of art and inimitable. 


"Oh Quraish, a new calamity has befallen you. Mohammed was a young man the most liked among you, most truthful in speech, and most trustworthy, until, when you saw gray hairs on his temple, and he brought you his message, you said that he was a sorcerer, but he is not, for we seen such people and their spitting and their knots; you said, a diviner, but we have seen such people and their behavior, and we have heard their rhymes; you said a soothsayer, but he is not a soothsayer, for we have heard their rhymes; and you said a poet, but he is not a poet, for we have heard all kinds of poetry; you said he was possessed, but he is not for we have seen the possessed, and he shows no signs of their gasping and whispering and delirium. Oh men of Quraish, look to your affairs, for by

Allah a serious thing has befallen you." 

Whose words are these? This is what Muhammad said about himself. He phrased them as if his imaginary god was the speaker. He was a pathological liar. He fooled people by his lies. What else do you expect a narcissist say about himself? It is a shame that 1400 years later still there are people who are so naïf as to believe a schizophrenic narcissist was a messenger of God. 


These are the sixteen Al-Bihar (literally "Seas", so called because of the way the poem moves, according to its rhythmic patterns): At-Tawil, al-Bassit, al-Waafir, al-Kaamil, ar-Rajs, al-Khafeef, al-Hazaj, al-Muttakarib, al-Munsarih, al-Muktatab, al-Muktadarak, al-Madeed, al-Mujtath, al-Ramel, al-Khabab. So the challenge is to produce in Arabic, three lines, that do not fall into one of these sixteen Bihar, that is not rhyming prose, nor like the speech of soothsayers, and not normal speech, that it should contain at least a comprehensible meaning and rhetoric, i.e. not gobbledygook. 

There are 16 right ways to compose poetry in Arabic and there are infinite wrong ways. Muhammad just wrote some meaningless prose that fall within the latter categories.


A simple, mostly objective - and admittedly partly objective - challenge. "...and if you cannot do it, and certainly you cannot do it, then fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones." 

These thoughts are the thoughts of a crazy man. How can the creator of this universe be so stupid to brag with a bunch of humans down in this planet to prove his Arabic is better? This is such a naïf mentality that baffles any sentient being.


This will therefore prove that it is from Allah, and thus that its contents are accurate, including the fact of its revelation to Mohammed (Peace be upon him). 

Does it really? If you are so adamant to fool yourself you are entitled to your thoughts. But this to me is proof that Muhammad was a sick man. There is no proof here. Open your eyes if you have eyes. In your mind Muhammad was a real messenger of God and Quran is the word of God brought to him by Gabriel. Now tell me if Muhammad was not the messenger of God but a liar would he have spoken about himself differently? Would you believe me if I tell you that I am a messenger of God and for proof I myself tell you few verses claiming these are the verses of God that are said in my support? Would it be enough proof if I said God would burn you in hell for eternity if you disbelieve in me and reject his words that only I can hear? Do you have any other proof except the testimony of Muhammad himself that he was a messenger of God? 


You need not be bothered about Avadhanis not knowing arabic, there aer a numerous set of Arab non muslims who are well versed and may come to your aid if you can request them, if you can really face challenges not human but Divine. Please go ahead if ye are truthful in feeling that the Avadhanis knowing Arabic can beat The Challenge. 

And you go ahead in believing that the gibberish of a sick man is an inimitable miracle!  


Regarding Mr. Ali Sina's most ignorant comments on the Validity of The Quranic Teachings, Shareeah demands that anyone who slanders a woman and fails to produce a proof should be whipped 80 lashes, no law in this world protects the right of a woman to this extent. We all know well what happened to Mrs. Diana as a consequence of media slanders against her, she even suffered from ailments as a dire consequence of the slanders. This event is evident enough for the Islamic law to outsmart any of your so called modern man made useless laws failed utterly in checking any sort of human crimes. 

It is sad that you think this barbaric and primitive injunction is so advanced. Obviously Muslims with this level of intelligence deserve nothing but Islam. It is beyond any civilized person to think whipping people is to exalt women. 

Muhammad told men to beat their wives if they are disobedient (Q.4:34) He said they are deficient in intelligence. He said their testimony is not worth in a court of law because they are prone to mistakes. All that does not denigrate women. But if a man is whipped 80 lashes that is what exalts her!  I admit that sometimes I lose hope and think you Muslims are subhuman. How and a 21st century man think this way is inconceivable.   

In civilized world Sir, the person who is being slandered can sue and if the defendant is found guilty, s/he would pay fines. Beating people, whipping or lapidating them are practices of very primitive societies.      

Not just that, do he really know the pre-requisites to cutoff a man's hand in Shareeah, please ask him learn that first. You know what, Saudi Arabia a land where Shareeah is practised at its minimum not even 25% (if iam right) managed to emerge as the best state when it comes to reduced crime rates, what if 100%?. 

Saudi Arabia is the most corrupt country in the planet. I lived in Saudi Arabia for a few months and visited Mecca. Yes petty thieves do not exist there but white-collar theft, bribery and corruption is rampant. Muhammad’s barbaric law of cutting the hand of a thief punishes small thieves who often have to steal to feed their family or themselves. But those thieves that still millions of billions of dollars are sitting comfortably in their palaces and no harm comes to them.   

I earnestly request not to publish unauthentic ignorant words from ignorant people that can hurt the feelings of genuine hearts, and please dont publish any article having half knowledge on the topic being discussed in that. 

awaiting your reply,


Mohamed Shameem. 


Despite your request “not to publish ignorant words from ignorant people” I decided to publish your letter so every one can see the level of intelligence of Muslims even those who apparently are schooled and know the Arabic categories of poetry






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