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"Mosab Rayan" <[email protected]>

Sun, 15 Apr 2001


I have read the reason why you left Islam and other articles and I can easily conlude that your are very ignorant in Islamic Law or Jurisprudence.

About Ahadiths (Sunnah):   
Their are alot of false and weak ahadith and according to Shariah Law, the authentic can only be legitimate, such as Sahih Bukhari.   

All the hadiths that I quoted are from Bukhari and Muslim and I gave the references. If you failed to even check that how objective can you be in judging the rest of my articles?


“Not all Islamic rulings can be implemented at any given time and place.  For example, the law of the cutting of the hands and feet due to theft, can not be implemented on society, until society has reached close to spiritual perfection (which is not the case today), and the reastablishment of the Islamic leadership (The Khilafah or Caliphate, which was destroyed in 1924).” 

Can you prove this by quoting from Quran or is it something that you made up? Who gave you the authority to pass such ruling? The problem with Islam is that in the course of it 1400 years of history any idiot has tried to re-interpret the Sharia and propose ideas that are not found in Quran. That is why Muslims are divided in so many sects. Your opinion is worthless unless you can back it up by Quran, which you can’t.


Their are many examples like the one just mentioned.  In Shariah, their is an order and way in how to implement specicifc rulings in society.  Since the Islamic Nation (Ummah) has lost the leadership (the Khilafah), we are not in the position to implement certain rules, whether foreign (towards non-Muslims, such as the Jizyah Law or Protection Fee) or domestic (towards Muslims, such as the penalty of adultry or theft). 

Whether you can or cannot implement the Islamic laws is irrelevant. The point is that these laws are barbaric in any time. Islamic laws are primitive and backward and wherever they are practiced that place has become a hell on earth. Examples: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, etc. The more a country is Islamic the higher is its index of human right abuse and barbarity.  


"The Qur'an:
According to a neutral perspective, it is a very well known fact by non-Muslims and Muslims that the Arabic Qur'an (not the English Transalation of the Meaning of Qur'an), is indeed 'extra-terriestial', that is, it is impossible for it to be of human source.  So we can conclude that the Qur'an was Divinely reaveled to humanity.  

You can fool yourself as much as you wish. I read Quran in Arabic and found it tremendously poor and bereft of any beauty. It is an extremely disorganized book and has plenty of grammatical, historical, scientific and logical errors. The English translators have tried hard to hide the brutal and savage language of the Quran. For example when Muhammad says beat your wives if they are disobedient, some translators like Yusufali have added the adjective “lightly”. This lightly does not exist in the original Arabic. There are many cases like this. If you knew Arabic and could read that book in the original language you would not have defended it so blindly. Who said that piece of garage is “extra terrestrial?” This is the stupidest lie that Muslims keep telling themselves for over a thousand years. I checked it out for myself and found that it is a lie.






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