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Dec, 23, 2001

Proving your site wrong

Mr/Ms. Alisina
I viewed your site and read its contents and I want to prove to you that it contains mistakes and misunderstandings.  First of all what you said at the beggining is all about your own personal oponion (ex. calling prophet Muhammad peace be upon him bad names) I will start urguing with you from the point you started quoting from the Quran and Hadeeth.  But before I do that as response for the point you made about prophet Muhammad marrying 9 years old girl, if you made enough research you would know that first she was his wife, second girls in hot climate countries reach the point of puberty along time before girls elsewhere so 9 years would be around the average time, third at that enviorment age does not matter when  marrying and that is apparent when prophet Muhammad married his first wife Khadija although she was much older than him.

As for the second point about killing the Jews, The vast majority and the learders of the the Jews were traitors who helped invading tribes to advance toward the Medina (city of the prophet) to slaughter and destroy all Muslims regardless of sex and age.  Second they were judged by a judge who was their ally before converting to Islam, and they promised to accept his judgment.  

Another point you discussed was the looting of carvans, well first of all these carvans belonged to the people who expelled the Muslims from their homes and took their money and they had to pay for that.  Second they had to recognize the power of Muslims and recognize their rights.

As for destorying wells and palm that was actually a temporarly military tactics to hasten the surrender of the enemies to avoid more bloodshed in battle.
Propeht Muhammad did not treat any prisoner of war baddly and please give correct quotes next time when making such claims.  As for the poeple who were the leaders of the enemy and wanted bloodshed to continue, it is a normal thing to be tried and punished.

You said the Quran has many scientific mistakes, sorry to tell you, you just fell into a trap.  Bring correct quotes from the Quran and we will be ready to discuss them.  But just saying and claiming that it has mistakes is an incorrect  method of arguing in the first place.
You metioned the verse 192 

in chapter 2 about kill them wherever ye catch them. First of all this if you read the verse from beggining to end you will reliaze the Muslims are instructed to react to an enemy's action and not start.  Second no law tells you to surrender your necks to the hands of the enemy, or else what happened to the Bosnians by the Serbs is a great evidence on the wrath and hatred of the unbelievers.

As for 9:123 I really advice you to read carefully what you use as an evidence, it is a verse narrating what was said by Pharoah (who is not a Muslims and is not liked by them for what he did) to the believers who beilieved in prophet Moses.
I will continue in another message the rest of the response,  becuase this one is getting too long.

(No name given) 



Dear ???

I already said please do not start writing before you read at least few of the articles in my site. There is nothing new in your “refutation” that is not already answered.

To defend Muhammad from his shameful sexual relationship with a 9 year-old child Muslims say: "children in hot climates mature faster". I was in many hot climates even in Saudi Arabia and 9-year old children are children. The thought of a 53 year-old man wobbling naked in bed with a 9 year-old child and fondling her is disgusting. It is unbelievable that so many people can follow a man so despicable and low.  I have spoken in detail on this subject in this article.

As for the assassination of the Jews I already have explained that here. You should have read that before trying to respond. It is a shame that you do not see anything wrong in Muhammad’s massacring all the men of Bani’ Quraiza and other Jews whom he murdered.

You say that Muhammad did not treat any of his prisoners of war badly. Isn’t massacring the people who surrendered without a fight and selling their women and children treating them badly?

I am happy that you acknowledge that Muhammad destroyed water wells and burned palm plantations. But alas your value system is so low that you do not see anything wrong in that. For you and other Muslims ends justify the means. Hence thought all Muslims denounce terrorism by their mouth, deep down inside they sympathize with the terrorists who give their lives killing more innocent people to promote Islam. Islam is indeed the religion of double standards, lies and deceits. That is why you see nothing wrong in Muhammad acting as a gangster and a highway robber when he attacks the merchant caravans of the Meccans stealing their goods and killing their guards or taking them as hostage threatening to kill them and forcing their families to pay ransom.

You say I fell in trap for saying Quran has many scientific errors. Where I made this statement I made the word scientific a hyperlink. You should have at least clicked on it to see my proof before putting your foot in your mouth.

And finally your claim that the verses of Quran that call for the killing of the unbelievers are for defense. This is one of the most obvious lies of the Muslims. The history is the proof that Muslims were the ones who initiated wars everywhere. Muhammad was the aggressor in all the wars and so the Muslims after him following his sunnah. Even in our recent days, the war in Afghanistan was initiated by Muslims who killed thousands of innocent people in USA, the war in Israel was initiated by Muslims who wowed to drawn all the Jews in the Mediterranean sea. The war or the troubles in Kashmir is due to the activities of the Islamic terrorists. Everywhere there is a problem where Muslims are an end of it Muslims are the cause of it. Only one who is blinded by faith is incapable to see that.

I am very busy and will not continue responding you if you keep playing the same broken disk that Muslims play in defense of their failed paradigm. There is nothing new in what you write and I do not wish to waste my time and the time of my readers. I will gladly answer you if you read at least few of my articles. Almost everything you said was already discussed in detail. 

If you want to prove that Quran is scientific you should at least read all the articles on this subject collected in this site.

If you want to say Muhammad’s wars were defensive and condone his killing of the Jews or his raid at merchant caravans you should firs read this article.

If you want to talk about Muhammad “holy” character you have to read the articles that are written about him and his wives.

There is much more in this site. Go though the list of the articles and read them before starting to write.



Ali Sina


Dear Mr/Ms Alisina

This is the scond part of the response to your site.
In the first part we reached the part where you mentioned   chapter 9:5 of the Quran.
and I see nothing hateful about that verse, I mean humans have the choice to believe in the TRUTH or not to believe I see nothing about violence in that verse.  But for sure every action has consquences and those who do not believe must face them and will be asked by God.

As for chapter 8 verse  65 I see nothing absolutly nothing about even fighting.  You know I would stop here and God willing I will prepare even a more powerful response to you based on quotes.
and May God make you judge things by your brain with a clean heart.
Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.


Dear YmMasalkhi

The reason you see nothing wrong in these verses of Quran  means only one thing: Your value system is very low. These teaching are inhumane but first you have to know what is humanity or humanness. Obviously you have a long way to go before seeing the evil in these verses. This site is not going to help you. But there are many Muslims who are decent people and who believe Islam is a religion of peace. It is for them that I write. I was among that category. My relatives and most of my friends also belong to that category. I always condemned the Islamists extremists for abusing and misinterpreting the "peaceful" teachings of Quran. It was when I read that book that I realized that I am the one who is misunderstanding the Quran. The extremists and the terrorists have it right. The good Muslims who constitute the majority have no idea what Quran teaches. Then it became clear to me why there are so many terrorists among the Muslims and why those who are more religious are more violent and have murderous thoughts. 



Ali Sina 





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