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Jack Angel

Augost 8,  2001

[email protected]


Mr .Ali 

After reading you’r accusations about Islam, I asked my self about rational thinkin, What (was) is free thinking ? If you look at the meaning of (free thinker), it logically comes to my mind is completely OPEN MINDED! 

Read pls => Secular Humanism is a non-theistic way of thinking and living that draws its knowledge from science, its inspiration from art(!), and its motivation from compassion. It is based on the belief that each person is unique and valuable, and that we must all rely on each other to improve the world and the condition of humankind. 

Secular Humanism asserts that we must each take responsibility for ourselves and for the communities in which we live, not relying on beliefs in supernatural forces or gods to intervene in our behalf(!). Secular Humanism emphasizes reason, scientific inquiry, individual freedom, human values and the need for tolerance(!)(could be that respect?) and cooperation. 

So I couldnt help but asking to my self, is he open minded?? ( no he ain’t) How can he call him self a rational thinker when he is not ?!!! Taking side and being one perspective to the subject can not define or can be meaning of this word, so go ahead ask your self this; Am I a free thinker?? ( are you? )


I am a researcher not a believer. I base my beliefs on facts and not my facts on  my beliefs. If you think I have made a mistake in my assessment of Islam, you can disprove me. The challenge is open to anyone.


(Just go to yahoo and search on rational thinking, lets c if you can find any other web pages who hates or so angry at any religion. )


I aim to fight the hate that is being imparted by Islam. As a humanist and a freethinker this is the way I chose to help the humanity. It is my firm belief that Islam is the cause of the hate that separates Palestinians from the Jews and kills so many of them in terrorist attacks. It is Islam that encourages the Philippine Muslims to kidnap their Christian countrymen and murder them. It is Islam that divided India in three pieces and caused the massacre of millions of people. It is Islam that has plunged Afghanistan in utter barbarity and desolation. It is Islam that made Iranians to reverse the clock and go back 1400 years in time with so much human suffering. It is thanks to Islam that women's rights are being violated in all Islamic countries and they are being abuses in every possible way.  It is Islam that is responsible for ALL the miseries of the Islamic countries. Millions died because of this cult throughout the history and millions are suffering and dieing to keep this cult alive. Why?

Was Muhammad a messenger of God? No. I have demonstrated that clearly in my site. I challenge anyone to disprove me. Muhammad was not from any god but a narcissist man who, like his peers; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Saddam, Pol Pot and other sick men of the history had no conscience. As a narcissist he was a pathological liar. He lied and he believed in his own lies. This is how the brain of narcissists works. They are bright but they have a very distorted notion of reality and they manipulate and use everyone to dominate and supply their narcissistic crave for power.  

My job is to show to the Muslims that Muhammad was not a messenger of God. He was a sick man. He was a liar; a narcissist and we should not kill each other because of the lies that a sick man told 1400 years ago.

I am a humanist and I love humanity above anything else (god, Allah, Yahweh or any imaginary deity) I want humanity to survive and peace reign. Unless you prove that what I say about Muhammad is not right, my diagnosis of him stays unchallenged. I have an article demonstrating that Muhammad was a narcissist and I am in the process of writing a book on this subject.

This is my contribution to humanity. If Islam is abolished most of the hate that exist among the Muslims and the rest of the world will also disappear. This world will become a better place to live. With Islam the unity of humankind is impossible. How can Muslims embrace the rest of humanity when their prophet tells them that the unbelievers are najis 9: 28, that Muslims should fight them 2: 193, kill them 9: 5 and subdue them 9: 29 and do not befriend them even if they are their own brothers and fathers 9: 23



If you really are the free thinker as u claim why dont you lightning the others ? why not give examples of the other religions? Why only ISLAM? IS that because you are a X Muslim?? ( are you?? ) all you learned about Islam? And such a smart person like happened to not know other religions ?..

if you were Muslim as you claimed to be, how come you no nothing about christ or christianity ? or jews ?? and you claiming to be intellectual person??!!!

If you had doubt on your original faith which you grove up with ,how come you didn’t look at the other religions ?? YOU DID ?? really ??? If you did, what is your prove that you dont believe any of em? How come you don’t mention any of em ? If you are a FREE THINKER or rational as you think you are , can you name a few absurd thing from other religions that makes you not believe any of them ? As a Free thinker why don’t you make a section of Christianity or Jews ? ??? .... Why don’t you lightning people with such things that you believe wrong, like you did with Islam?

So as a “FREE THINKER” with your own words you said ( As far as attacking the beliefs of the Christians and the Jews, I can do that freely and without fear of being killed )so we can also discuss this matter about Christianity? (and among others ? ) for the sake of Freee thinking ?? so why don’t you??


My purpose in writing is not to criticize people’s beliefs. I do not care if people want to worship cows, rats, snakes, a black stone or the hocus-pocus of the Quran and the Bible. I am not here to right everyone’s beliefs.  I am not an arrogant man like Muhammad who insulted all beliefs and ordered his brainwashed followers to kill those who did not like his concoction of lies and outlandish claims. The reason I fight Islam and want to eradicate it is because it is a doctrine of hate. It promotes disunity and war. People are dying in the name of Islam. Islamic terrorism is menacing the peace and stability of the world. Islam today is as dangerous as Nazism in 1930s. Do you want me to sit there and criticize other religions? I think you have misunderstood the whole propose of my fight. I don’t give a damn that Quran says Earth is flat, or the Jinns are real creatures. What concerns me is that it demands its followers to hate others and kill them. This is what Muslims are doing. Islamic terrorism is inspired by Quran. I campaign to kill Islam in order to save lives. I do not care about false beliefs, my concern is hateful beliefs. We lived with false beliefs since the dawn of humanity and we can live even longer. But we cannot survive with doctrines that promote hate. Islam must go not because it is false, but because it is very dangerous. The same people who go killing innocent civilians in Israel by blowing their own bodies believing that in this way they go to Allha's paradise and receive 72 houris to make love to, could easily blow up cities in America. An atomic bomb can be placed in a suitcase and the technology is now available to the Muslims. These people have no conscience.  They are brain washed. They are full of hate. They would not hesitate to kill millions of innocent people in the West and it does not bother them if some Muslims die in the process too, as they believe that Muslims will go to paradise. 

Islam is a real danger. Today nothing is more dangerous for the survival of humanity than Islamism. The world has not yet waken up to this dreadful reality. 

The MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) deterred the East and West to blow up each other during the cold war. But we cannot rely on MAD with Muslims. They are fanatics and death to them mean nothing. They can kill millions of people and lose their own lives in the process will do that with utter delight.   



Isn’t it the whole idea behind you’r free thinking is that, you think faith is harmful and must go is due to the fact that Holy books says such such things ? If so can we say same thing about Christianity or Jews?


Christianity and Judaism are as false as Islam, and there have been many freethinking scholars among the Christian and Jews that have criticized and rejected these beliefs. These critics have been freely exposing these religions for at lease two hundred years. In Islam however the voices of criticism were silenced by brutal force. That is why the people of the West are much more enlightened and humanists than those affected by Islam.


What is your comments on I.e. Jews' hatring to Jesus: Their Holy Scripture, the Talmud, says: Jesus is burning in hell in "boiling hot semen. (The Talmud, Gittin 57a)" or how about Jesus being GOD ? or dying for humans sins ? can we say if he was a god? If so, why he didn’t punish them ?? why he was not saying, o my self , my self, help me ???? so he was god , and he died for humans sins ? but he is god !!!!! so god is dead !!!!? so wouldn’t be logical to believe that or say Christianity(and other) is harmful and must go due to the fact that Jesus claiming to be god ??? or insane ??????

(If ya look at the christian and other religions not only Islam, you will find yourself 50k error, which i have no intention of making any more examples like you do with islam!)


Although I know as much about the Bible as I know about the Quran and Hadith, What these religions teach is none of my business. Theology is not my cup of tea. My interest is humanism, peace and unity of humankind. As far as Christianity and Judaism are concerned they are de-fanged.  Islam, on the other hand like a poisonous snake is still killing people. For the peace of the world Islam must be splayed. Other religions and crazy doctrines hurt no one except waste the time of those who believe in them and dims their intellects. That is fine with me as long as they like it. 


When I read your article(s) , i can clearly see that you saying; “You do not believe on any religion” , but you are not atheist? ??!?

you wrote; “To begin, let me tell you that I am not an atheist. I simply reject the notion of the God presented by primitive religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam (including Hinduism and Zoroastreianism). I believe in a higher reality that I call the Single Principle. This is the same God (!!!?!) that Einstein, Espinosa and Hawkings talked about”. ( but rational thinking as I descripe before, it clearly means ,; Secular Humanism asserts that we must each take responsibility for ourselves and for the communities in which we live, not relying on beliefs in supernatural forces or gods to intervene in our behalf(!).

Make your mind would you ? do you believe or you don’t ?? oh I forgot ,you just happen to believe same “being a single principle ” as Einstein ( etc.) happened to believe.


What is that ?? how can you descripe it ? Where is your prove ? How come someone who created all a “Force a single principle ” Could possibly the author of this Universe without a single prove? How ” it” could be so ignorant ?? , a such a being shouldn’t warn anyone ?? shouldn’t create or choice someone to say something about it? Or leave some “ prove” or a signature that he is the author ? yes ?? No..??

If the answer is yes, then all this content of your website is bullshit you do not even believe your own thoughts or have respect to your self and i have nor you have any clue what the hell are you talking about it !!! ( if you dont get it;

A )yes: yes he should have !! and has.

B) No –If you say, No!! we can at this point describe this as “You'll be shooting yourself on the foot, if not in the head. Which brings the question to our heads that,How can you believe some “Force” who you not happened to believe to leave a single prove ??????? (keep reading pls.)

If you think otherwise pls. explain That a such force of yours and Einsteins (and.etc.) happened to believe doesn’t leave a single prove or say anything about that he is the creator ?? But you can claim, make a home page,insult, write and say such a things about islam,(not the mention not really being rational by taking side) cuz you are a free thinker ?? How on earth the author of this Universe should be so ignorant?? How can he create the universe with this ignorance and without any single prove to his creations?.

What are you trying to say ? are you trying to say that “you’re smarter then the ONE being you claimed to believe ?? Is that what we should understand from all this ??. Is it only smart people believes the FORCE who no needs any prove at all ?

In this case, any answer you will receive is ,I believe what you been looking and asking for!!


In the first place the concept of the Single Principle is my personal views and I have no interest making people believe in my views. However, from your question I gather that you have not understood this concept yet. I do not believe that the universe has a creator; therefore saying that the author of this universe is ignorant is meaningless. I said I believe in a higher reality not a higher force. Force is the manifestation of energy and energy is convertible to mass. Force is a quantifiable physical entity. The anthropomorphic god of religions is even more absurd than the theory of the original force. When I say that God is the Single Principle underlying the creation it does not mean that the Principle is the creator. It is the law of creation. The Principle is not a being. It is not a thing. It is a reality, just as love and the laws of the universe are realities. The Principle exists without the need of any creator. I have explained this whole concept along with why I reject the notion of the religious god in a number of articles that you can find in my site under the heading “GOD”. Nevertheless, this is not the subject I would like to talk about. I am not here trying to introduce a new philosophy. If you do not think it makes sense to you; you should not accept it. May be one day someone will teach me some new idea and I too will abandon this concept.


I have to admit that all this contents you been “trying to tell is nothing to do with being Free thinker or islam religion. If you are such a intelectual a “ FREE THINKER” you would post my message and explain to me as well as everyone who share interest. Looking forward to read your reply if you of course can.

and oh.. plss try to take a look at this page(s) a REAL RATIONAL" thoughts, who does not take side or has anger of One religion nor has any personal anger.


http://listen.to/thetruth   http://human.st/ttbr/NXRated.html  http://humanists.net/

Have nice day and greetings to your "single principle".


A true Rational thinker - jack.


Let the readers decide whether you are a “true” rational thinker or not. I have yet to find someone who does not believes to be one. 


Dear Mr.

I’m really happy to read your reply and I am truly glad that we can have this discussion as a human and humanist. If to be honest i do not reject or dont believe that you’r a good person. I can not judge, insult, disrespect you, because the way you think and analyse the religion.

But i have to admit you have misunderstood my content and my questions. When i read your answers it doesn’t comes logical and answers directly what i was asking and looking for. It does not satisfy or proof’s , besides INSULTING anything i was questioning .

My purpose for replying is not to criticise people’s beliefs like you or disrespect anyone, however I do intend to correct you and your mistake(s), with an intelligent debate. As much as you try to prove Islam is wrong.

Why is so hard for you to except that you are a human being and your thoughts not necessary correct. (You will see many examples). However as a TRUE” Rational thinker, as a humanist, I have right to think and say about you (being rational) ,life ,religion anything, which people believes excepts or don’t. Without insulting directly or indirectly, Which i believe you fail to do so.(!)

So pls. try to give a seconth to yourself and think,  before you become a irrational or any conclusion about me or my thoughts about you and your contents.

As i said, I have no intention to insult but disprove anything you believe in this matter (or not believe ). However  as you descripe i do not care neither, “if people want to believe in cows, rats, snakes or  Bible, torah , holy scriptures , single principles  and Quran or i care that you think Muhammad was arrogant  and Islam is poisonous snake is still killing people.

I am a Free thinker. Yes I am. ! My purpose is to show people being “Free thinker” not hating any religion, any race, colour , language,  disrespect, insult, but discuss anything, freely in a “Rational” debate.

My idea of being rational maintance “LOVE” individual freedom, human values,  emphasises reason. And happened to belief that each person is unique and valuable,which need for tolerance and cooperation. Even rejects “any” beliefs in supernatural forces or gods to intervene in our behalf it does without hate, insult. ( so ask how many of this content you believe can best descripe you and your rational thinking, before you calling me irrational).

This is the way it is, you may except or not, But do not claim to be someone when you do not fit in this category !!

When you replied as “Let the readers decide whether you are a “true” rational thinker or not. I bet you already remove my article.(!!!) But however, I will answer this same as you do here on your site with this contents. (e.1)

If people has a problem of my saying that Jews are irrational blood thirsty people and they kill with no conscience., not only that, they also dying with passion of revenge by killing innocent unarmed civilians without hesitation by any change they get (i.e. look at Palestine.)

Or Christianity is same as Judaism ,who kills, tortures, rapes,inocent people, woman and children ( i.e. Europe.azerbejian etc..).

If People wants to believe that Jesus is insane ,god , gay, etc. Or  god being one hell of a sick pappy for engaging , chosen a “9”—year- old -baby Mary, for having child and poisoning peoples mind for claiming to be god after his born. Its fine with me !!! Maybe this facts fulfilled with Anger, disrespect  and hate even is sad and true.!!!! But this description has nothing, but nothing to do with being” Rational thinker”, besides being ignorant and arrogant.

I think is much correct to say that all religions are  a poisonous snake which been killing for centuries and still killing people. I believe that would be the correct “rational thought” which applies the meaning of Free thinking.!!!!  Get it ?!?!?!!

If anyone analyse everything contents here in you’r web page, will conclude ONLY “Islam is cult and throughout the history millions are suffering and dying to keep this cult alive. But not Christianity or Judaism or most importantly GOD!!!

One think i dont understand, and reject  is that, very intellectual well educated (!) person like,you can sit there, and reply me with fully ignorance like Christians and Jews are de-fanged(!) and Islam a poisonous snake is still killing people!!?!.... ( read my examples again and again and then think for a minute!!!)

Now if really to be rational or if anyone who has no sense of reason “NO BRAIN”! but a little education will easily prove that, in our life time from the beginning till now , no human being caused so much suffering or killed, raped as much as Christians and Jews did and do. ( After all ISLAM exist  no more then 1400 years. You know that better don’t you?)

You quoted “My purpose in writing is not to criticize people’s beliefs. I do not care if people want to believe in cows, rats, snakes or in the hocus-pocus of the Quran and the Bible” isn’t that just being ignorant?,( and arrogant )because then all this discussion we been having is nothing but empty talk waist of time, if you do not care!!!!!.

And Mr. Ali if you are X- Muslim , you should easily know, that  there is no one in ISLAM does believe or expects hocus-pocus from Quran, but they believe God, listen they’re prophet and read Quran for guidance.(!) ( and you are a researcher ? )

You continue ( as you wrote) ;  Although I know as much about the Bible as I know about the Quran and Hadith, What these religions teach is none of my business. ..................... ???

Look brother, i do not mean to insult you as i said before, But before anyone can except and give you any prove which you have Challenging people for. I think people have to understand you (Which I don’t), When i read carefully felt your weaknesses , and can’t help but felling sorry for you.

Its how strange to see such a person like you points out Muhammad being a narcissist (which is very funny). Its okay to give examples, which doesn’t make sense to you, But insult, with out sense of proof ?... 

Hitler was narcissist, he killed millions of people ,because he hated the Idea of Jews being in control was the main issue, that’s why he HATED Jews, and killed them without hesitation, just like you hate Islam and spreading hatred through your page to humanity. Yes its obvious example of ,how the brain of narcissists works.

You hate god, blame prophet and reject Quran for your own reason’s. You accuse and ask people to disprove you but you dont care and don’t listen. This is seems more like you are looking for an answer and hoping to find it by insulting your (x) belief.  I don’t think anyone can prove you anything the way you think. It was nice of you to say “what this religion(s) teaches none of my business”, then you get irrational !!! ...............

If you really think you should warn people from being ignorance, stupid belief’s as you claim then do it proper or don’t.

This looks like obvious Christian (etc.) propaganda  & conspiracy against Islam.  Specially most links containing + providing Christian beliefs.(!) This is very bad and funny idea as the day  people claimed Jesus to be god. (um.. if you ever going to tell me same story as the others, don’t....  I believe i have research and know about religions more then you could ever imaging + there is so many pages which provides correct information through science. Not Islam Vs Christianity Vs Judaism Vs etc.. etc, There is not ONE PAGE not a SINGLE one within millions of Rational thinkers, who provides information through other religion to prove them self to be right. DANG!!!!!)

“I think this is the most brilliant idea to let people desired whether I am a “true” rational thinker,or “you” are” !! ( I would love to recive respond from you or anyone who thinks otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am looking forward to receive and "see"your answer and wish you good luck with you’r book.

Peace – Jack 





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