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Hosam, Mustafa, 

Hosam Mostafa <[email protected]>

I chosed to reply to you on my private email. Because this message too was nothing but a heate feeling rolling over. 

You can say that the prophet of Islam is not saying the truth. And I say that all your bibles were changed and re-written by a bunch of liers who were just after money and power. An obious example came into life when the crussaids took place. This was the ONLY time the state listened to the church...Science was forbidden.


 Dear Hosam, Mustafa, , 

There is not a single serious scholar who would doubt that the Bible is not authentic. There are several books that have demonstrated the old and the New Testament are not original. Everybody knows that. This is not new. As a matter of fact there is no Christian who would say that the Bible is the textual words of God. They all say that it was written by "inspired" men.

The problem is with Muslims who are incapable to open their eyes and scrutinize the Quran the way the Christians and the Jews have done with their holy books. This is the source of all the problems. Muslims are blind to truth. The result is obvious. We are the most backward, the most uncivilized and the most barbaric people in the world. Thanks to Islam we are bigots and savages.  

Alexandreia Library so many other libraries across the Islamic cities were burned...just to shut down any attempt to learn and know the truth. This was the ONLY time christianity took control of the life of modern history....!! and you call 'us' violent !!

 You are narrating the historical barbarities of the Christians to justify the present brutalities of the Muslims. The west has come to term with its own errors. They have adopted secularism. Most of them do not believe in the mumbo jumbo of the Bible. Some of them who still call themselves Christians go to church and do some charity work and there is no harm in it. But we Muslims kill innocent people, hate the humanity and have become terrorists just because we follow the teachings of the mad man of Arabia. This madness must stop. We have to open our eyes and see where are we going. This road is taking us to destruction and death. 

Anytime I mention anything about Islamic violence, Muslims are quick to count the barbarities of the crusaders as if this exonerates them to commit all the crimes against humanity prescribed in Quran. Are we in competition with the barbarians of history?  What kind of excuse is that? It is like a thief trying to defend his crimes by telling about other thieves who had stolen even more. This is an absurdity. In the first place let me assure you that no group, including the Nazis committed so much brutalities as the Muslims have committed throughout these 1400 years of their history. But even if that were the case, why is it that 90% of the terrorist groups are Muslims? Don’t you think this has to do something with the teachings that they profess?   

I read my Quran every night, and everynight I cry when the feeling of truth comes to my heart...I bit if you get the same feeling when you read your bible...I read the bible, or at least parts of it. GIVE ME A BREAK! no way this was revealed from God! No way God, the most sacred intity in this universe can ever say such nast words...and you know what I mean.  

I read the Bible once but I do not read it anymore. There are so many books that describe the Biblical errancies that it would be a waste of time for me to dwell on what is common knowledge. But I read the Quran constantly. Each time I find more errors in it. This book is a hoax. You say that by reading this book you are moved to tears. Have you heard of Pavlov and his experiment with his dog? He sounded a bell before feeding his dog. He did this for a long time. Then he started to sound the bell but did not feed the dog. The dog salivated just by hearing the sound of the bell. The reason reading Quran moves you to tears, is because you subconsciously prepare yourself to get spiritual inspiration. In your mind this book is the world of God. You read those words and think God is talking to you. So you get emotional and cry. This is all in your mind. If you read the verses of Quran without knowing they are from Quran you would laugh at them. I did this experiment with several of my Muslim friends. I quote them the verses of Quran and tell them such and such impostor has written these verses to defy the Quran. Since not even one in a thousand of Muslims have read the Quran, they do not know that the verses are actually from Quran. They mock the verses and become angry that someone has been so insolent to attempt to “produce a verse like Quran”  But when I tell them that these verses were actually from Quran and show them the proof, they bring excuses of the most ridiculous nature to justify their reaction. 

I too used to be moved to tear by reading the Quran. I loved the sound of it, the way it rhymed, and especially I loved it when it was chanted. It reminded me of my childhood when my dad used to chant it and I used to wake up with the melody of his prayers in the dawn. But when I put aside the sentimentalism and read the Quran with rational thinking I realized that it is nothing but a cogitation of a sick mind. Every sentence in this book is an error. How can the author of this universe be so stupid to write a book like Quran?   

All prophets of God mentioned in your bible (which I am sure is different from the bible that was originally revealed from God) have slept with other women...committing the sin of adultry. Just like that...all prophet of God had this filthy and dirty sin...just like that!! This is the big lie that you and your alike are living in.  

I don’t know where you got this information. The Bible never says that Jesus, e.g. had sex with anyone. But let me see! Are you saying that adultery a sin? Wow! That is such a great step forward. If you know that much why are you still a Muslim? Do you know that Muhammad slept with 20 women, some he married, some were his maids, some he enslaved in wars after killing their father husband and many of relatives and some who just “gave” themselves to him and he fornicated with them with no ceremony? If you are in doubt, read about the Wives of the Prophet

I am no apologist for other prophets. In my opinion ALL prophets were liars and charlatan but I challenge you to find one instance that another prophet was as pervert as the Prophet of Arabia.   

Quran has no sinlge mstake. Its funny when someone who never knew Arabic can claim that there are many grammer misakes in Quran. Let me tell you something.  

Of course it does not have a “single” mistake but hundreds and thousands of mistakes. These articles explain some of those mistakes.   

My mother language is Arabic. And I have never ever seen such fluency in Arabic as Quran. Don't make a fool of yourself by saying such lies. Don't just repeat what "they" told you. Quran has nothing worng in it. And I'll make it clear: Please bring me one (just one) error in Quran. This is the chalenge. Don’t refer me to more silly articles. 

Hmme :-) I think you are being unreasonable here. You “challenge” me to show you one mistake of the Quran and do not want to see it when I already have demonstrated not one but many of them. Well my friend what else I can expect from a Muslim?   

 Jsut answer to this email with a reference to a verse in Quran that you 'think' carry any error. And to make it easier for you, I'll take any error: scientific, grammer, historical...just anything.


Okay this is just one.

And know the protocol of discussion. If a story is mentioned in Quran different than in your Bible, it will be extremly silly to claim that the Quran is worng just because you Bible said so. This is a void argument, as I say that your Bible was re-written by untrusted people...furthermore, you don't have the original copy of your Bible....Jesus did not speak in English, latin nor Italian...  

waiting for your claimed error!

Hosam Mostafa


This kind of thinking of course satisfies only a Muslim but no rational person will give any importance to it. I recall telling someone a dream of mine. After a while in a meeting he started to narrate my dream to other friends. But that was not my dream, when I corrected him he said no I am wrong and what he says is the right version.*smile* This reminds me of you Muslims who say that Muhammad knew what was written in the Bible better than what is actually written in the Bible. Of course this is the same Muhammad who said the earth is flat, the Moon is above the stars, the sun rises from murky waters and sits in muddy waters and shooting stars are missiles that is thrown at the Jinns to scare them off. Such a man with this level of intelligence knew the Bible better than its original writers. So in your opinion, Maria the mother of Jesus was the sister of Aaron and Moses and as the consequence Moses was the maternal uncle of Jesus. This is what Muhammad said. Believe it or not!

 Ali Sina


You should have asked me before putting my words in public...but this is your untrsudted way and I know it. First: You mentioned grammer mistakes...none of course. Then: Lets take the first lie that you mention, and try hard to make t a true. In howm many days did Allah creat the heavens and the Earth? The exact translation of the verses are 2 days for the Earth (41:9) and 2 days for the Heaven (41:12), then there are 2 days left, which Allah mentioned as creating the rest of the system on Earth (41:10) - How living creatures can interact - How supply (food, water, air...etc.) for those creature are divided - How Earth itself will interact with each other (mountains and seas...etc.) But when someone like you tries to make a clear truth looks like a lie, you follow a cheap way: Allh mentioned that he created heaven in 2 days (41:12) and Earth (with all creatures and the system that can serve them) in 4 days. then He (Allah) divided those 4 days in 2 days for Earth and 2 days for everything else. You then calculated 2+4+2 just to fool any one how never learned Quran....a very old cheap way to lie... This is only one...the ret is just like the same. Can you defeat this, or not?

Another funny note from your silly web site: Zul0Quraneain when reached "The Sun Set" was from his point of view as an old traveller. Just like Colombus reached the end of Earth. Whenever a traveller travels west (for example) and then reaches land, he will consider this an end to his Journey not to land!! But of course someone like you makes this funny comment and if you are finding a scientific error!! This was history by the way! God was describing a historical journey by Zul-Quranain! not a scientific note! Can you defeat that! Where is the error?

Hosam Mostafa   






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